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  1. 2018 midterms
    Dave Brat Takes Pelosi-Bashing to Its Apotheosis Against Anti-Pelosi OpponentDemocrat Abigail Spanberger had to remind her Republican opponent of her name after he mentioned Pelosi 21 times in a debate.
  2. Women Win Two More Democratic House Primaries in GeorgiaIn two suburban districts near Atlanta, demonstrably strong women candidates will carry the Dems’ banner in potentially competitive House elections.
  3. Get Ready for More Pelosi and San Francisco–Bashing by House GOP CandidatesTying her opponent to culture-war boogeymen helped Karen Handel turn out conservatives in Georgia. There will be copycats.
  4. How the Democrats Can Make Inroads in the SouthThe landscape is tough, but demographic change, voter-registration efforts, and a little luck could go a long way toward reviving southern Democrats.
  5. It’s Time for Term Limits for Congressional Party Leaders — Even Nancy PelosiNancy Pelosi has done good work. But in an era where Congress is chronically unpopular, 16 years in leadership is too long.
  6. After Ossoff Defeat, Georgia Democrats Are Looking for Some AnswersShould Democrats in places like Georgia keep trying to rebuild white support? Or should they focus on minority mobilization? The debate goes on.
  7. the body politic
    Ossoff’s Loss Has a Silver Lining for DemocratsThe emergence of a new game plan, from persuasion to motivation.
  8. one step at a time
    This Week Is a Reminder: It’s the Long Game That CountsChange is slow. That’s why we have to keep working.
  9. Nancy Pelosi Didn’t Cost Jon Ossoff the ElectionThe Democrats aren’t going to take back the House by winning voters who recoil at the thought of a liberal woman from San Francisco holding power.
  10. 6 Takeaways From the Very Special Election in GeorgiaDemocrats again outperformed historical markers — but disappointed those looking for a breakthrough. What does that mean for 2018?
  11. This Might Be the Worst Democratic Freak-out EverWhy do Democrats keep losing special elections? (The answer is actually much simpler than you think.)
  12. Trump Team Says Narrow Special-Election Wins Vindicate ‘MAGA Mandate’Republicans will likely be emboldened by the results, though they only held the traditionally red districts by single digits.
  13. Republicans Win Georgia’s Special Election, Democrats Search for a Moral VictoryBy dominating early voting and convincing GOP voters that her opponent was outside the mainstream, Karen Handel posted a comeback victory.
  14. Karen Handel Gets Last-Minute Endorsement From Weather GodsOn the day of Georgia’s special election, rain is flooding Democratic sections of the district — while leaving GOP areas relatively unscathed.
  15. media
    Reporters Say Jon Ossoff and Karen Handel Banned Them From Campaign EventsOn the eve of Georgia’s special election, two journalists claim the campaigns denied them access, hours after they published unflattering stories.
  16. the body politic
    Can the New Activist Passion of Suburban White Women Change American Politics?Jon Ossoff’s race against Karen Handel in Georgia is the first test.
  17. Georgia’s Extra-Special Election Enters the Final StretchIn a race that’s too close to call, both parties are seeing a potential harbinger for what will happen in the 2018 midterms.
  18. Somebody Put Crude, Crazy Letters in Mailboxes in Karen Handel’s NeighborhoodThe most expensive House race in history just got weirder and more heated.
  19. Jon Ossoff Pulls Ahead in Polling As the GOP Tries to Link Him to Kathy GriffinThe nation’s most expensive House race just keeps getting pricier.
  20. How Bad Was Georgia Republican Karen Handel’s ‘Livable Wage’ Gaffe?In the nation’s most expensive House race, Jon Ossoff’s opponent stepped in it.
  21. Paul Ryan Super-PAC Tries to Tie Ossoff to Kathy Griffin VideoThe campaign ad is as despicable as it is stupid.
  22. Heading Into Stretch in Georgia Special Election, Money No Problem for OssoffNor is it for his Republican rival in what is already the most expensive House race in U.S. history.
  23. 6 Takeaways From Montana’s Special ElectionMontana’s special election has many lessons, but it’s unclear if it tells us a lot about the remaining contests of 2017, much less the 2018 midterms.
  24. In Most Expensive House Race Ever, Ossoff Takes the LeadPolling shows Democrat Jon Ossoff with a significant lead over Republican Karen Handel in Georgia’s special election. That defies conventional wisdom.
  25. Republicans Must Think Georgians Really Hate San FranciscoAn effort by the GOP to tie Jon Ossoff to Nancy Pelosi may be too clever by half in evoking the City by the Bay.
  26. Judge Overturns Early Voter Registration Deadline for the Ossoff-Handel RaceIn rough justice for GOP candidate and voting-rights pariah Karen Handel, a judge has extended registration for her runoff contest with Jon Ossoff.
  27. Democrats’ 2018 Millennial Turnout ChallengeIn 2018 Democrats can take advantage of millennial antipathy toward Donald Trump. But first they must address millennial antipathy toward voting.
  28. Ossoff Race Shows Democratic Turnout at Levels Needed for Midterm WaveAn analysis of Georgia’s special election shows Democrats turning out more than Republicans — which is unusual.
  29. Democrats Are Winning the First Round of the 2018 FightThe midterm battle begins with recruitment — and Democrats have a bumper harvest while would-be Republican candidates are getting cold feet.
  30. the national circus
    An Ossoff Victory Would Not Have Saved the Democratic PartyThey still face the intensely urgent matter of finding a new generation of leaders.
  31. 8 Key Facts About Georgia’s Special ElectionJon Ossoff created an unusual and telling moment in American politics. Also: Don’t count him out yet.
  32. Ossoff Falls Short of a Majority in Georgia House Race, Heads to RunoffThe Democrat disappointed those hoping for a knockout win in Tom Price’s old district, but he’ll get another shot on June 20.
  33. Trump Warns Georgians That Ossoff Will Take ‘Your Money and Your Safety’The president’s last-minute robocall aims to turn out Republicans for Tuesday’s special election. But it may have backfired.
  34. It’s White-Knuckle Time in Georgia for Tomorrow’s Red-Hot Special ElectionCan Democrat Jon Ossoff steal a seat from the Republicans? It’s looking like a coin toss.
  35. The Ad War Is Getting Nasty — and Expensive — in Georgia’s Special ElectionThere hasn’t ever been anything like it in Georgia politics, with $14 million spent so far — $5 million by Jon Ossoff.
  36. GOP Gets Scare in Kansas Special Election, But Holds OnIn a district Trump carried by 27 points, the Republican won by seven, starting what could be a difficult string of elections for Republicans.
  37. New Polls Show Democrat Ossoff Still Doing Well in Georgia Special ElectionDespite GOP claims that their negative ads had knocked him down a peg, Ossoff is still within reach of a majority in the latest public polls.
  38. midterm elections
    Will Anti-Trump Fury Help Flip the Electoral Map for Democrats?Democrats are donating millions in the hopes that a special-election win for Jon Ossoff in Newt Gingrich’s old seat rattles the White House.
  39. Democrat Gaining Ground in Georgia Special Election to Replace Tom PriceA new survey shows well-funded Democrat Jon Ossoff ahead of or even with his most likely GOP rivals in a second-round runoff in June.