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    The CEO of the Texas Rangers Doesn’t Think Much of Yankees Fans, Either“I thought they were an embarrassment.”
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    The Yankees Season Ends Meekly, QuicklyThe Yankees lose 6-1 in Game 6 of the ALCS to send the Texas Rangers to their first-ever World Series.
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    The Season’s on the Line, Once AgainPhil Hughes starts tonight’s do-or-die Game 6.
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    A Reason to Fear Cliff Lee Slightly LessIn case you’re feeling optimistic about tomorrow night’s Game 6, but less so about facing Cliff Lee in a potential Game 7 on Saturday.
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    Something to Pass the Time Before Game 6Find yourself, and celebrities, in the stands at Yankee Stadium.
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    And Thus Begins Life Without Mark TeixeiraLance Berkman, first-baseman. Robinson Cano, No. 3 hitter.
  7. 2010 alcs
    The Yankees Survive By Living EasyThe Yankees beat the Rangers 7-2 to win Game Five of the ALCS and stay alive.
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    Someone Was Selling Tickets to Game 5 for One Cent Each on StubHubIn case there was any doubt that playoff fever had subsided.
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    Is This It for the Yankees?The Yankees face playoff elimination for the first time in three years today.
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    In Sixteen Minutes, Hope Disappeared AgainMark Teixeira’s injury was just the beginning.
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    The Yankees Are in Serious Trouble, FolksThe Yankees lose Game 4 of the ALCS 7-3 to the Rangers, and are now behind in the series 3-1.
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    If Only A.J. Burnett Were the Yankees’ Only ConcernThe Yankees’ bats have been awfully quiet in this series, at least outside of the top of the eighth on Friday.
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    Might That Have Been Andy Pettitte’s Last Career Start?It’s possible.
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    Cliff Lee Baffles The Yanks, AgainThe Yankees lose Game 3 of the American League Championship Series 8-0 to the Texas Rangers.
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    Have You Heard? Cliff Lee Is Pitching Against the Yankees TonightThe lefty pitches Game 3 tonight, against Andy Pettitte.
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    Three Reasons the Yankees Are Right to Start A.J. Burnett Tomorrow, No Matter What Happens TonightPitching Burnett is a risk they have to take eventually, and taking it tomorrow is the smart move.
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    History Didn’t Repeat ItselfThe Rangers defeat the Yankees in Game 2 of the ALCS.
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    Another Casually Devastating Yankees ComebackThe Yankees beat the Rangers in Game One of the American League Championship Series.
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    Game 1, FinallyAfter five full days off, the Yankees-Rangers ALCS begins tonight.
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    Get to Know the Rangers’ Starting Pitchers Not Named Cliff LeeBecome re-acquainted with C.J. Wilson, Colby Lewis, and Tommy Hunter.
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    Our PlayStation 3: Yankees in Seven!Our simulation shows the Yankees beating the Rangers in a nail-biting series.
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    The Yankees Set Their ALCS RotationSabathia, Hughes, Pettitte, Burnett.
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    The Yankees Are Off to ArlingtonCliff Lee pitches the kind of game you now assume he’ll pitch in the playoffs.
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    Should the Yankees Care Who Wins Tonight?They played .500 ball against Texas, and finished 8-10 against Tampa Bay.
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    So How Will the Yankees Line Up Their ALCS Rotation?CC Sabathia starts Game 1. Then what?
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    Things Keep Getting Better for the YankeesThe Rays-Rangers series goes the distance.