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2010 World Series

  1. interview
    A Conversation With Chris ‘Mad Dog’ Russo About the World Series Champion Giants“It wasn’t like I drank a bottle of Champagne or anything, or dumped Champagne over my kids’ heads.”
  2. good things come to those who wait
    Here’s Yesterday’s Chris Russo Giants Monologue“Hey, I’m a lucky guy. I got four good kids … I’ve got a nice job. And now I’ve got a world’s championship.”
  3. good things come to those who wait
    Chris ‘Mad Dog’ Russo Is a Happy Guy Today“ONE TIME” has arrived.
  4. cliff lee watch
    Believe It or Not, Cliff Lee Didn’t Really Hint at His Intentions Last NightThat said, you probably shouldn’t be looking for clues.
  5. 2010 world series
    The San Francisco Giants Are Finally World ChampionsA 3-1 victory in Game 5 seals the championship.
  6. 2010 world series
    The Baseball Season Could End TonightThe Giants are a game away from winning the World Series.
  7. 2010 world series
    The Giants Go Up 2-0After a big eighth inning, they defeat the Ranger 9-0.
  8. 2010 world series
    Cliff Lee Is HumanThe Giants hit Lee about as hard as Lee can be hit in Game 1 of the World Series last night, en route to an 11-7 victory.
  9. a grown man watching his video game play itself
    Our PS3 Likes the Giants in the World SeriesOur PS3 says Giants in seven.