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2012 Us Open

  1. u.s. open 2012
    How a Historic U.S. Open Set the Stage for 2013That was a fun one.
  2. anyone for tennis
    Slideshow: Famous Faces at the U.S. OpenCelebrities love/love their racquet sports.
  3. u.s. open 2012
    Andy Murray Makes HistoryIt’s the first British major win in almost eight decades.
  4. u.s. open 2012
    Murray Sneaks Past the Rain in Semifinal Win Everything’s delayed, but it’ll get done.
  5. 2012 us open
    Serena Williams Vs. Somebody Else in US Open FinalSerena is off to the final.
  6. u.s. open 2012
    David Ferrer, Winning in SilenceBigger names are gone, but he keeps plugging.
  7. 2012 us open
    A Glum Federer Says Good-byeThat’s all for Fed.
  8. 2012 us open
    The Rain Is Ruining the U.S. OpenStop it, stupid rain.
  9. Where Novak Djokovic Goes for a Pre-Match TrimWhere Novak and Rafa go for pre-match trims. 
  10. 2012 us open
    Andy Murray Beats the RainHe’s playing tennis!
  11. 2012 us open
    Venus Williams Makes an Early U.S. Open ExitShe’s out, too.
  12. andy roddick
    Good-bye, Andy RoddickThis’ll be it.
  13. 2012 us open
    That’ll Be All for Kim ClijstersIt was a nice run.
  14. tennis anyone?
    Andy Roddick Has Patriotic FeetAmerica!
  15. 2012 us open
    U.S. Open: Down Goes Wozniacki!The U.S. Open gets its first upset.
  16. 2012 us open
    A Rainy, But Substantial, First Day at the OpenNo major upsets on the first day.
  17. 2012 us open
    Your U.S. Open Women’s PreviewWho’s going to win the U.S. Open?
  18. 2012 us open
    Your U.S. Open Men’s PreviewThe men’s draw is missing Rafael Nadal.
  19. 2012 us open
    What We Learned From the U.S. Open DrawRemember, no Nadal this year.