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  1. fun with words
    A Lot of People Want to Ban the Word SelfieDon’t tell James Franco.
  2. good riddance 2013
    Watch Vulture’s Julie Klausner Recap 2013 on TodayOur hilarious correspondent reflects on the year that was with Matt Lauer and Erica Hill.
  3. the way we tweet
    The 2013 Twitter Glossary: Tabs, Hatereads, Doge, and MoreRemembering why we tweeted the way we did in 2013.
  4. Paleo Was the Most Googled Diet of 2013Lots and lots of bison.
  5. The Year in Comedy Movies: A Few High Points in an Otherwise Disappointing […]Let’s just get this out of the way: 2013 was a crummy year for comedy films. A passing glance over the Golden Globe nominees for Best Comedy or […]
  6. 2013
    The Year in Weird, 2013: Lowlights From All 50 StatesAn interactive map!
  7. year in culture 2013
    Watch This Tribute to TV Shows and Characters We Lost in 2013R.I.P. Guys with Kids.
  8. A Look Back at 2013, Billy Joel StyleStuff that happened this year as recalled via “We Didn’t Start the Fire.”
  9. the year in cara
    Cara Delevingne Wins Most Reblogged Model of 2013Surprise?
  10. search terms
    Kim Kardashian Had 2013’s Most Googled PregnancyAnd Miley had the most Googled breakup.
  11. this is why we can’t have nice things
    2013 Was a Big Year for Naming Your Baby ‘Cheese’What about Milk? Table is a good name, too. 
  12. supercuts
    Watch a Beautiful Supercut of Some of the Year’s Best FilmsSpring Breakers, Inside Llewyn Davis, The Great Gatsby, Frances Ha, and everything in between.
  13. selfies
    Selfie is 2013’s Word of the YearTwerk, binge-watch, and bitcoin were short-listed.
  14. the racie for gracie
    Ask Joe Lhota Anything!Submit questions for the Republican mayoral candidate.
  15. the racie for gracie
    Ask NYC’s Mayoral Candidates Anything!Submit your questions now.
  16. early and awkward
    Weiner, Spitzer Still Winning the ‘Devil You Know’ VoteNew Yorkers: Shrug.
  17. the most important people in the world
    Lena Dunham Is Just Not That Into Eliot Spitzer or Anthony WeinerShe endorsed Scott Stringer and Christine Quinn on Twitter.
  18. the racie for gracie
    Bill de Blasio Would Like You to Know He Got Arrested, Is Running for MayorThe public advocate was protesting, noticeably.
  19. the racie for gracie
    No One Bought Christine Quinn’s BookFirst-week sales topped out at 100.
  20. the racie for gracie
    Joe Lhota, Everyman, Wears Costco ClothesThe mayoral candidate prefers $18 shirts.
  21. the racie for gracie
    Joe Lhota Learning Slowly Not to Call Police ‘Mall Cops’ If He Wants to Be MayorThe Port Authority is not pleased.
  22. weinergate forever
    Anthony Weiner Is Not Very Good at HockeyMaybe he was distracted by the photographer.
  23. weinergate forever
    Anthony Weiner Can’t Rule Out More Dick Pics From Sexting PastThey must be out there somewhere.
  24. weinergate
    What It’s Like to E-mail With Anthony Weiner These DaysFor a reporter.
  25. the racie for gracie
    What the Anthony Weiner Poll Means for the Mayoral RaceHe’s in second place, but is he really?
  26. early and awkward
    10 Moments of Self-Reflection From Anthony Weiner and Huma AbedinThe comeback is really upon us.
  27. crimes and misdemeanors
    Bipartisan Bribery Plot to Rig the NYC Mayoral Race Foiled by FBIMalcolm Smith, Dan Halloran, and four other local politicians have been arrested.
  28. Are Christine Quinn and Michael Bloomberg Breaking Up Over NYPD Oversight?A new proposal for more oversight might be putting too much distance between them.
  29. 2013
    Bill Thompson Makes Stop-and-Frisk a Personal Issue in Mayoral RaceHe got unusually heated on the subject last night.
  30. the racie for gracie
    Tom Allon Drops Out of Mayoral Race AlreadyHe was never going to win, but he served a purpose.
  31. the racie for gracie
    Christine Quinn Only Has Lo-fi Endorsement From Dead Ed KochAwkward.
  32. the racie for gracie
    Are Everyday New Yorkers Open to Another Billionaire Mayor?We checked in with John Catsimatidis’s dream constituents.
  33. the third terminator
    Don’t Make Michael Bloomberg Run for Mayor AgainHe called the candidates “ridiculous.”
  34. 2013
    Despite Loud Critics, Ray Kelly Is More Popular Than EverThe NYPD commissioner hit 75 percent approval in a new poll.
  35. 2013
    Joe ‘Who?’ Lhota Has a Long Way to GoNew Yorkers don’t know the MTA chief or any other Republicans who want to be mayor.
  36. Here’s the 11 Minutes of the 180-Minute Golden Globes Broadcast Worth […] The Golden Globes were held last night, with hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler doing every bit as amazing as you’d expect them to and raising the […]
  37. Mike Lawrence Has Words of Wisdom for Comedy People in 2013“Women are funny, podcasts are here to stay, the internet is your friend, L.A. is full of awesome comics and fun shows, clubs need to embrace […]
  38. the third terminator
    Mayor Bloomberg Won’t Waste Money on Lackluster SuccessorBloomberg’s super-PAC will likely be idle in 2013.
  39. Catch Your First Glimpse of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler as Golden Globes Hosts Your 2013 Golden Globes co-hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler cut this promo for the ceremony today, proving they’ve already nailed down the title […]
  40. ‘Girls,’ ‘Louie,’ ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ Win 2012 AFI AwardsThe American Film Institute just put out the AFI Awards, its annual list of the 10 best movies and TV shows of the year, and a few comedies […]
  41. 2013
    Bloomberg Assures Christine Quinn He’s Not Into Hillary Clinton for MayorHe snapped at journalists today who dared ask about the report.
  42. jesus christie
    Chris Christie Riding Hurricane Approval Into Reelection BidA new poll puts the governor’s approval rating at 77 percent.
  43. 2013
    Republicans Gladly Taking Democratic Leftovers for 2013 Mayoral RaceManhattan Media publisher Tom Allon is the latest to switch parties to give himself a shot.
  44. the third terminator
    Bloomberg Not Ready to Endorse in 2013 Mayoral RaceHe gave reporters a little lecture today.
  45. the third terminator
    Bloomberg Suddenly Thinks Raising Taxes on NYC’s Rich Is ‘Dumb’The billionaire mayor has changed his tune from a few years ago.
  46. 2013
    As Bloomberg Gets Richer, New York City’s Income Gap GrowsNew figures provide a preview of a major issue in the upcoming mayoral race.
  47. 2013
    Why Democrat Malcolm Smith Might Run for Mayor As a RepublicanDesperation.
  48. 2013
    Justin Bieber Day Declared by Scott Stringer in ManhattanThe pop star and the “Hipster Cop” were both on hand.
  49. 2013
    Scott Stringer Backs Bloomberg’s Taxi Plan in Outerborough OutreachDirectly in opposition to Bill de Blasio.
  50. 2013
    Racial Politics Likely to Reemerge As a Major Theme of the 2013 Mayoral CampaignSix mayoral hopefuls got the ball rolling at an NYU conference today.
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