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    Ebony L. Haynes Was Obsessed With the Encyclopedia Britannica As a KidThe director of 52 Walker answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  2. 21 questions
    Duke Riley Once Owned H.P. Lovecraft’s Front ToothThe artist answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  3. 21 questions
    Joseph Guerra Is Obsessed With ‘Italian Red’The industrial designer answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  4. 21 questions
    David Rockwell Has a Collection of 75 KaleidoscopesThe architect answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  5. 21 questions
    Anne Pasternak Rearranges Every Hotel Room She Stays InThe director of the Brooklyn Museum answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  6. 21 questions
    Architect Michael Chen Sneaks Fluorescent Yellow Into Every ProjectThe Design Advocates co-founder answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  7. 21 questions
    Magda Sawon Is Always Too EarlyThe co-founder of Postmasters Gallery answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  8. 21 questions
    Chella Man Wants to Redesign Headphones As ArmorThe artist and activist answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  9. 21 questions
    Qualeasha Wood Wants to Get Crab Legs With Cardi B.The textile artist answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  10. 21 questions
    Design Gallerist Jean Lin Used to Bedazzle Skullcaps for J. LoThe owner of Colony answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  11. 21 questions
    At 90, James Wines Never Goes a Day Without DrawingThe architect answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  12. 21 questions
    Ruoyi Jiang Hates the Lower East Side’s Bad Public ArtThe founder of Chop Suey Club answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  13. 21 questions
    Dario Calmese Misses His Jean Paul Gaultier CorsetThe artist answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  14. 21 questions
    Laura Raicovich Thinks Museums Should Have Fewer Shows a YearThe writer and curator answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  15. 21 questions
    Signe Nielsen Thinks 5G Towers Will Be a ‘Horrible Imposition’ on Our StreetsThe landscape architect answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  16. 21 questions
    Coco Fusco’s Best View of the City Was From a Birthday Boat RideThe artist answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  17. 21 questions
    Architect Hani Rashid Goes to Bear Mountain, or the Metaverse, to Be AloneThe architect answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  18. 21 questions
    Deborah Berke Wants to Live in the 79th Street Boat BasinThe architect answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  19. 21 questions
    The Worst Career Advice Lynn Yaeger Ever Got Was ‘Try to Look Normal’The fashion writer and editor answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  20. 21 questions
    Ifeoma Ebo Wants Eric Adams to Appoint a Public Realm CzarThe urban designer answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  21. 21 questions
    Justin Garrett Moore Gets Inspired by Watching Judge Judy Yell at PeopleThe urban designer and architect answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  22. 21 questions
    Suchi Reddy Lives Happily in Her 375-Square-Foot Micro-ApartmentThe architect and artist answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  23. 21 questions
    Glenn Adamson Is Still Drinking From the Mug He Got at His First JobThe design historian and curator answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  24. 21 questions
    Nari Ward Wants to Build a Giant Coffin Around the Columbus Circle MonumentThe artist answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  25. 21 questions
    Robert A.M. Stern Was Called ‘Yellow Socks’ By George W. BushThe architect, historian, and educator answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  26. 21 questions
    Dong-Ping Wong Is Proud (and Ashamed) That He Lived in the McKibbin LoftsThe architect answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  27. 21 questions
    Legacy Russell Wants to Live in the Whitney’s Tiny Adobe HousesThe Kitchen’s executive director and chief curator answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  28. 21 questions
    Jamel Shabazz Will Always Ask Before Taking Your PictureThe street photographer answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  29. 21 questions
    Mabel O. Wilson Has Been Collecting Black Plastic Snow Globes for 25 YearsThe historian and designer answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  30. 21 questions
    Laurie Simmons Would Love to Live in a New York Department StoreThe artist answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  31. 21 questions
    Murray Moss Wants to Live in the Harvard ClubThe director of Moss Bureau answers Curbed’s 21 Questions.
  32. 21 questions
    Zoe Fisher Loves a Goofy Gallery NameThe director of Salon 94 Design answers Curbed’s 21 Questions.
  33. 21 questions
    Paula Scher Thinks New York City Needs a Skyline CommissionerThe Pentagram Partner answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  34. 21 questions
    Emmanuel Olunkwa Wants to Redesign New York City WindowsThe new editor of PIN-UP answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  35. 21 questions
    Billie Tsien Wants Someone to Go Eat a PB&J in the Middle of Hudson YardsThe Obama Center architect answers Curbed’s 21 Questions.
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    Here’s What Happens When You Let Siri Be the DJ on Apple MusicHey, Siri, play a song for my funeral.
  37. 21 questions
    Jason Biggs Sometimes Waits for Ashton Kutcher to AppearThe actor takes our 21 questions challenge.
  38. 21 questions
    Allison Williams Is Friends With the Dinosaurs at the Natural History MuseumThe Girls actress takes on 21 of our questions.
  39. 21 questions
    Amanda Peet Almost Burned Down a Restaurant One TimeThe actress answers 21 of our questions.
  40. 21 questions
    Michael Urie Doesn’t Trust a First-Floor LobbyThe actor, director, and producer takes a stab at our 21 Questions.
  41. 21 questions
    Vijay Iyer Really Hates the Toys ’R’ Us Ferris WheelThe composer and musician answers our signature 21 questions.
  42. 21 questions
    Vice Co-founder Suroosh Alvi Thinks New York Is ‘BOOOORRRINGGG’The Vice co-founder takes on our New York questionnaire.
  43. 21 questions
    ‘Handsome Dick’ Manitoba Once Peed on the Subway PlatformThe punk front man, bar proprietor, and radio host answers 21 of our questions.
  44. 21 questions
    Doug E. Fresh Appreciates His Massage TableThe rapper and producer takes a stab at our 21 Questions.
  45. 21 questions
    Kevin Corrigan Once Had a Very Special Subway Moment With Gilbert GottfriedThe actor takes a crack at our signature questionnaire. 
  46. 21 questions
    Billy Porter Has a Thing for White Lady PillsThe actor and playwright answers our signature questionnaire.
  47. 21 questions
    David Johansen Will Not Let NYC Become CincinnatiThe New York Dolls frontman answers our 21 Qs.
  48. 21 questions
    Jim Jarmusch Is Suspicious of All PoliticiansThe filmmaker and musician answers 21 of our questions.
  49. 21 questions
    Dapper Dan Can Ballroom Dance All NightThe hip-hop fashion icon answers our signature questionnaire.
  50. 21 questions
    Anna Sui Would Ban Weird Elmos From Times SquareThe fashion designer answers 21 of our questions.
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