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  1. 44 last day on earth
    Watch Willem Dafoe in the Trailer for 4:44 Last Day on EarthCritics are calling it “deeply depressing, probably.”
  2. 4-4
    The Jets Are in Some Serious TroubleThe Jets drop to 4–4 going into their bye week.
  3. Restroom Report
    Secret Stalls and Wacky Waterfalls at 44We didn’t think it got much more futuristic than the automated Japanese toilets at Morimoto, but then we heard of a stainless steel urinal that triggers a waterfall when you step up to bat. We were so intrigued that we ordered a $15 mint julep at the Royalton hotel’s 44 bar and waited until the coast was clear. Were these facilities worthy of being showered with praise?