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  1. bernie sanders
    Bernie Praised Fidel Castro’s Education System. So Did Obama.Sanders’s kind words for Cuba’s literacy program make him a “communist” only if George W. Bush’s praise of the Saudis makes him an Islamist.
  2. oprah winfrey voice
    Oprah Has ‘Removed’ Herself From 60 Minutes GigThey tried to tell her how to say her name.
  3. #metoo
    What Was the Washington Post Afraid Of?About to publish an investigation of a powerful executive’s alleged sexual misconduct, the newspaper pulled back. Irin Carmon tries to understand why.
  4. #metoo
    What Was the Washington Post Afraid Of?About to publish an investigation of a powerful executive’s alleged sexual misconduct, the newspaper pulled back. Irin Carmon tries to understand why.
  5. howard schultz
    Howard Schultz’s Austerity Rhetoric Is a Bad Omen for Black AmericaHoward Schultz’s time at Starbucks was marked by his support for racial equality. But black Americans would suffer from the austerity he preaches.
  6. the industry
    Susan Zirinsky Named New President of CBS News, Becoming First Woman in the RoleCurrent president David Rhodes will step down in March.
  7. tweets
    Elon Musk Is the Physical Embodiment of a Reddit PostHe does not respect the SEC, by the way.
  8. politics
    The Dumbest Moments From Trump’s 60 Minutes Interview“I’m not a baby,” Trump insisted, twice.
  9. cbs
    60 Minutes Chief Jeff Fager Out at CBSFager’s departure is “not directly related to the allegations surfaced in press reports.”
  10. tca 2018
    Top CBS Exec Defends ‘Welcoming and Safe Culture’ Despite Moonves AllegationsThe head of CBS Entertainment says they’re committed to a “collaborative, inclusive and safe workplace.”
  11. sexism
    Meredith Vieira Says There Was ‘Sexism’ on 60 MinutesWhile working on the CBS show in the 1990s Vieira called it a “difficult time.”
  12. scandals
    Here’s What Donald Trump Reportedly Thinks of the Stormy Daniels InterviewThe president is reacting privately to her 60 Minutes appearance.
  13. The Stormy Daniels Interview Gave 60 Minutes its Biggest Audience in a DecadeThe numbers are in.
  14. scandals
    How Melania Trump’s Spokesperson Reacted to the Stormy Daniels InterviewStephanie Grisham weighed in on Twitter.
  15. politics
    Stormy Daniels’s Boring Interview Was Actually BrilliantOnce again, she proves she’s a worthy adversary for Trump.
  16. pressing questions
    Does Stormy Daniels Have Donald Trump’s Nudes?Our most pressing question following her 60 Minutes interview.
  17. the stormy daniels interview
    Stormy Daniels Alleges Trump Tried to Entice Her With Celebrity Apprentice Gig“That’s why I want you. You’re gonna shock a lot of people,” Daniels says Trump told her about her potential involvement with his NBC show.
  18. Stormy Daniels’s Lawyer: My Client Has Been ‘Physically Threatened’Lawyer Michael Avenatti wouldn’t say whether the threats came from President Trump himself.
  19. gun control
    Parkland Shooting Survivor Explains Why Arming Teachers Is ‘Stupid’Emma González slams the proposal to give educators guns.
  20. an education
    Betsy DeVos Gets Brutally Owned After Painful 60 Minutes InterviewThe best responses to the Education secretary’s excruciating interview.
  21. Quiz: What’s the Worst Part of This Betsy DeVos Exchange?Apparently the Education secretary thought her 60 Minutes interview would be open book.
  22. video feed
    José Andrés Says Puerto Ricans Deserve ‘One Plate a Day of Hot Food’The chef tells 60 Minutes that his World Central Kitchen’s paella is cheaper than an MRE.
  23. politics
    Steve Bannon Says He’s Trump’s ‘Wingman’He also says he’s a “street fighter.”
  24. immigration
    Deported Restaurateur’s Wife Says She Regrets Voting for Trump“I should have listened closely to those debates.”
  25. Oprah Will Grace 60 Minutes With Her Presence As a Special ContributorShe’ll be a special contributor starting this fall.
  26. Obama Talks Trump and His Legacy on 60 Minutes Watch clips from Obama’s last 60 Minutes interview as POTUS.
  27. the gender pay gap
    U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team Spoke on 60 Minutes About Fight for Equal PayThe team filed a complaint earlier this year alleging U.S. Soccer is in violation of Title VII and the Equal Pay Act.
  28. Ivanka Trump Is Already Trying to Use the Presidency to Sell ThingsHer company sent the press details about what she wore on 60 Minutes.
  29. the media
    60 Minutes, SNL, and the Normalization of Donald TrumpThis is what the mainstream media does.
  30. abortion rights
    Donald Trump Hints at the Future of Abortion in AmericaTrump tells 60 Minutes he’s “pro-life” and wants state-by-state laws.
  31. roll clip!
    Watch Donald Trump’s Interview on 60 MinutesWatch the full interview here.
  32. roll clip!
    Watch a Clip From Trump’s 60 Minutes InterviewThe full interview airs Sunday evening.
  33. donald trump
    Trump to Do Post-Win Interview on 60 MinutesWith the whole Trump brood, absent Barron, joining.
  34. nate parker
    Nate Parker Doesn’t Apologize on 60 Minutes “I was falsely accused. I went to court. And I sat in trial. I was vindicated,” Parker said.
  35. nate parker
    Nate Parker Addresses Rape Accusations in 60 Minutes ClipHe went on the record with Anderson Cooper.
  36. early and often
    Tim Kaine Doesn’t Mind Being Third Wheel to Two President ClintonsKaine didn’t look like Clinton’s hostage on 60 Minutes, so compared to the Trump-Pence interview, it was wildly successful.
  37. the vulture tv podcast
    Remembering Morley Safer, America’s StorytellerWith a few of Safer’s old colleagues.
  38. Morley Safer Once Sent Me His Strange PaintingsI didn’t hate them.
  39. obits
    60 Minutes’ Morley Safer Dead at 84The veteran journalist retired earlier this month.
  40. longevity
    Morley Safer Is Leaving 60 MinutesAfter 46 seasons!
  41. your daily dose of canada
    Kim Cattrall Is Not Justin Trudeau’s MotherWill the real Margaret Trudeau please stand up?
  42. roll clip!
    S. Penn’s Best 60 Minutes Quotes About El Chapo“I feel complicit in the suffering that is going on, because I’m not thinking about it everyday.”
  43. hamilton
    Hamilton Cast Blown Away by ‘Wait for It’From a 60 Minutes outtake.
  44. When Johnny Carson Opened Up, BrieflyTo be a star in the world today is to make yourself available to outside eyes, constantly. One must maintain a social media presence, be open […]
  45. Charlie Rose Tries, and Fails, to Figure Out Larry DavidCharlie Rose sat down with Larry David over the weekend to talk about his Broadway debut in Fish in the Dark, and he attempted to understand […]
  46. r.i.p.
    60 Minutes Correspondent Bob Simon Killed in Manhattan Car CrashThe award-winning reporter was 73.
  47. 60 minutes
    Watch a Joyful Mandy Patinkin Play With His Model TrainsBeep beep.
  48. international affairs
    Obama Admits U.S. Underestimated ISIS, Blames Iraq’s Prime MinisterOn 60 Minutes.
  49. tv news news
    Lara Logan Returns to 60 Minutes After Bogus Benghazi ReportAnd a seven-month leave of absence.
  50. Jay Leno Talks Conan O’Brien, Jimmy Fallon, and His Future on ‘60 Minutes’ Last night, 60 Minutes aired the above Tonight Show exit interview with Jay Leno. Highlights include Leno jokingly considering a History […]
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