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  1. late shifting
    Stephen Colbert’s Late Show Will Remain in New YorkHe’ll take over the Ed Sullivan Theater when Letterman retires.
  2. late shifting
    Stephen Colbert Talks Network and the ‘Anger of Conservatives’Like everyone on TV, he’s “wanted to move people like Howard Beale does.”
  3. late shifting
    Watch Jon Stewart Play Tribute to Colbert“We would send him to the field, usually with some type of fruit, and see where the day took us.”
  4. late shifting
    6 Questions About Stephen Colbert’s DepartureAlso, will a non-white, non-male ever get a network late-night gig?
  5. late shifting
    Paul Rudd’s Next Tonight Show Appearance Is Going To Be Pretty UncomfortableHe wears his Team Coco badge proudly.
  6. Leno on Conan’s Emmy Nominations: ‘There’s No ‘Me’ in Emmy’“I guess Dave and I will be watching at Oprah’s house.”
  7. late shifting
    Leno and Letterman Have Fallen On Tough TimesKimmel’s is the only show that isn’t sinking in the ratings.
  8. conan
    Vulture Learns the Location of Conan’s New StudioTeam Coco is headed there right now.
  9. late shifting
    NBC: Conan LiedEven for NBC, this is pretty cold.
  10. conan
    Conan Slams Leno As Much As He’s Legally Able on 60 Minutes“I’m happy with my decision. I sleep well at night. And I hope he’s happy with his decision.”
  11. late shifting
    Max Weinberg Not Gone Yet, Says Team Conan“No details for the TBS show have been set as of now, none at all.”
  12. conan
    Conan to Break His Silence This Sunday on 60 MinutesAgreement with NBC banning interviews expires May 1.
  13. late shifting
    Leno on Conan’s TBS Deal: ‘I Knew He’d Land on His Feet’His first comment on O’Brien’s new gig.
  14. late shifting
    Did TBS Strong-arm George Lopez Into Supporting Conan?“Page Six” says yes.
  15. late shifting
    We Found Funny Stuff From Lopez TonightSeriously!
  16. conan
    Seven Things Conan Can Do on Cable That He Couldn’t on NBCOn sex-friendly, expletive-filled basic cable, the gutter’s the limit.
  17. george lopez
    George Lopez: ‘I’m Team Coco … and Now I’m Team Loco’The Lopez–O’Brien team will be like “a same-sex Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball.”
  18. late shifting
    Rickey Minor to Replace Kevin Eubanks on Tonight’Idol’ music director joining Leno.
  19. late shifting
    Why Conan’s TBS Deal Left Team Coco UnsatisfiedThey wanted him to blow up the comedy status quo. They got the home of ‘Friends’ reruns.
  20. conan
    Rundown: Conan’s First Tour Stop“Mom! Daddy smells like pee!”
  21. late shifting
    Kevin Eubanks to Leave the Tonight Show After Eighteen YearsHe’s going to do “other things” and spend some time with his family.
  22. conan
    George Lopez Demanded Conan Take His Slot“George called Conan to sell Conan on this idea. He was all for it.”
  23. last shifting
    Jay Leno Has the Oldest Audience in Late NightGeorge Lopez has the youngest.
  24. late shifting
    Affiliates Might Keep Conan From Going to FoxThey’re really committed to those ‘Seinfeld’ reruns.
  25. late shifting
    Slash is With Coco….Even While on LenoThat pin!
  26. late shifting
    Does Max Weinberg Want to Work for Leno?Can nobody in the E Street Band stay faithful these days?
  27. late shifting
    Jay Leno the New King of Late NightHe’s beating Letterman again.
  28. Jay Leno: ‘I Got Screwed. Conan Got Screwed.’“Conan will come back and he’ll be strong.”
  29. late shifting
    Chevy Chase: Conan Should ‘Go to the Beach’Conan O’Brien is still in talks with Fox for a new late-night show at the network, but according to Chevy Chase, he might as well just enjoy an early retirement.
  30. late shifting
    Is Late Afternoon the New Cone-Zone?Could Conan O’Brien end up replacing Oprah?
  31. late shifting
    Letterman and Kimmel Reflect on Tonight Show Wars, Rag on LenoKimmel: “It’s fun to be Jay — it’s easier.”
  32. team coco
    Conan O’Brien May Go From Lazy Twitterer to Movie StarO’Brien’s comedy tour may get the doc treatment.
  33. conan
    Artist Behind ‘I’m With Coco’ Image Gets PaidMike Mitchell’s unofficial “I’m With Coco” graphic has been purchased by Conan’s “The Legally Prohibited From Being Funny on Television Tour.”
  34. late shifting
    Conan Tour to Benefit Starving Conan EmployeesTMZ reports that Conan O’Brien stands to make exactly zero dollars from his upcoming live shows.
  35. late shifting
    Conan Announces Tour Dates!Conan’s “The Legally Prohibited From Being Funny on Television Tour” will touch down in 30 cities between April 12 and June 14.
  36. tv
    Andy Richter Speaks Out Against NBC and Jay Leno“Do you have any ill will toward NBC and Jay?” “Yes!”
  37. chat room
    Meet Conan O’Brien Twitter Friend Sarah KillenThe 19-year-old student (and only person whom Conan O’Brien follows on Twitter) talks to us about her new life as an Internet celebrity.
  38. late shifting
    Conan Live Tour Kicking Off in Mid-AprilNo word yet on whether he’s keeping the beard.
  39. late shifting
    Get Your Conan TicketsSometime this morning, Ticketmaster posted a since-pulled listing for tickets to see Conan O’Brien do something (no word on what) at Phoenix’s Dodge Theatre on April 30.
  40. jon stewart
    Jon Stewart Hopes for a Palin-Leno ‘Bare-Knuckle Brawl’’Daily Show’ host had previously held back on the blatant anti-Leno sentiments.
  41. late shifting
    Lorne Michaels: O’Brien Will Prevail ‘Again’’SNL’ creator used to exec produce O’Brien’s ‘Late Night.’
  42. late shifting
    Jay Leno the New King of Late Night!Ratings for Jay Leno’s return to the ‘Tonight Show’ last night were good enough to beat ‘Letterman.’
  43. late shifting
    Jay Leno’s Depressing Return to the Tonight ShowBut hey, Betty White!
  44. late shifting
    What Joke could Leno Tell to Win People Back?We polled New York comedians.
  45. late shifting
    Jay Leno Makes Fun of Curling in New Tonight Show PromoSo this is why they brought him back.
  46. late shifting
    Letterman Books Guests, Leno Talks in a GarageJerry Seinfeld to stop by Letterman’s ‘Late Show.’
  47. late shifting
    Leno Books First GuestsJay Leno’s world-anticipated return to 11:35 happens next Monday, and today NBC released the list of guests for his first two weeks.
  48. late shifting
    Conan Live?“There’s nothing to stop him doing his show in front of an audience at venues like Radio City.”
  49. late shifting
    First Ad for Leno’s Tonight Show UnderwhelmsWatch Leno drive, smirk.
  50. late shifting
    Carson Daly Gets a New Producer, Lease on Life’Last Call’ hired away Stewart Bailey, from ‘The Daily Show.’
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