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  1. Explaining the Cult Popularity of N.E.R.D.They were breaking genre boundaries before it was cool.
  2. Rihanna and Kendrick Lamar Perform Together at TDE’s Annual Christmas ConcertWatch pop’s leading bad gal take over South Central L.A.
  3. songs of the week
    6 Best New Songs of the Week: Rihanna and N.E.R.D, Nicki Minaj, Selena GomezBelieve it or not, both Nicki Minaj and Rihanna are vying for rap of the week.
  4. Rihanna and N.E.R.D. Evolve on ‘Lemon’They keep advancing.
  5. videology
    Rihanna Rapping on N.E.R.D’s First Song in 7 Years Is the Antidote to EverythingMake sure you have an emergency contact in place before the Rih verses hit.
  6. How Rap Reveals What a ‘Rock Star’ Really MeansThe dark reality of rock stardom, explored.
  7. male gaze
    Male Gaze: Pharrell Williams Turned 40 TodayAge doesn’t mean a thing.
  8. Pharrell Williams Had to Lecture Art Basel Goers on the Virtues of PatienceWhile presenting an award, he had to ask the audience to quiet down.
  9. clickables
    Watch N.E.R.D.’s Preachy But Pretty ‘Life As a Fish’ VideoIt’s both a worldwide aquarium tour and a Nature guilt trip.
  10. clickables
    Listen to a Smooch-Intensive New N.E.R.D. Track, ‘Nothing on You’From the forthcoming ‘Nothing.’
  11. clickables
    Download an Instrumental of Daft Punk’s N.E.R.D. Collaboration, ‘Hypnotize You’Something relaxing to take with you into the holiday weekend.
  12. tv
    See N.E.R.D. Debut a New Song Live, ‘Hypnotize You’Complete with a passel of “hypnotized” young women in white tank tops.
  13. party chat
    Pharrell on the New N.E.R.D. Album: ‘Like the Doors Meets America’He’s not joking, we don’t think.
  14. song of the summer
    Song of the Summer: Who’s Next?Miley Cyrus? T.I.? Jenny Lewis?
  15. music
    Watch N.E.R.D. and Nelly Furtado’s ‘Hot N’ Fun’ VideoA desert bonfire?
  16. music
    Hear a New N.E.R.D. Song, ‘Hot N’ Fun,’ Featuring Nelly FurtadoIt’s a sweaty, mid-tempo dance track.
  17. questionable moves
    N.E.R.D.: The New Black Eyed Peas?Be forewarned! They’re adding a female singer!
  18. news reel
    Fast-Thinking Alex Kapranos Saves the Year’s Best Party From Overzealous Fire MarshalAddressing revelers on the balcony, the Franz Ferdinand singer’s voice took on the tone of an angry schoolmarm: ‘The Fire Department wants to shut the party down.’
  19. leak of the week
    Leaked: New N.E.R.D. Album Not Nearly As Annoying As First Single Might SuggestApart from the fingernails-down-a-chalkboard lead single, “Everybody Nose,” it’s actually pretty great.
  20. apropos of nothing
    ‘Umbrella’ Watch 2008: Is N.E.R.D.’s ‘Everybody Nose’ the Song of the Summer?Until a song displaces “Umbrella” from the top of our iTunes most-played list, we’ll be judging the contenders for this year’s Song of the Summer.
  21. right-click
    N.E.R.D. Encourage Your Social IneptitudePlus: What are the Fratellis up to these days?
  22. gossipmonger
    Chloë Sevigny Down! We Repeat, Chloë Sevigny Down!The indie actress is felled by a viral infection, Salman Rushdie would vote for Barack Obama, and writer Peter Davis cares too much about a socialite contest. All that and the rest of the gossip from New York’s tabloids today.
  23. quote machine
    Pharrell’s Metaphors Are Beyond ReproachPlus: John Mayer is trapped in an infinite loop, and David Schwimmer is Ross.
  24. the industry
    ‘Cloverfield 2’ Is Coming; Dramamine Stocks SoarPlus industry news on Laurence Fishburne, Katherine Heigl, and Kanye West.
  25. right-click
    R. Kelly Makes Great Song at Least 100 Times BetterPlus: Dizzee Rascal!