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  1. r.i.p.
    Robert Michael Morris, Actor in The Comeback, Dead at 77He was also a main cast member in Running Wilde.
  2. Talking to Mitch Hurwitz About ‘Arrested Development’ and Why It’s Okay If […]It would be nearly impossible to overstate the influence of Arrested Development on today’s TV comedy landscape. While the original three […]
  3. chat room
    Keri Russell on Her Racy Spy Show The Americans“I was like, Blow job in the hotel room: What?”
  4. FX Switches Up the Final Running Wilde Air DatesA slight programming change: the final three unaired episodes of Running Wilde will now be running at 11pm on Friday, May 6th, Saturday, May […]
  5. FX to Run the Last Four Unaired Episodes of Running WildeFox never ended up running the last four episodes of Mitch Hurwitz’s Running Wilde, including an episode that featured Jeffrey Tambor playing […]
  6. chat room
    Community Directors Joe and Anthony Russo on Tonight’s Mockumentary Episode and Outdoing ‘Modern Warfare’“I think there will be something as interesting and ambitious as ‘Modern Warfare’ hitting the air soon.”
  7. wishful thinking
    Mitch Hurwitz Made Running Wilde for the BritsOh, that explains everything!
  8. Peter Serafinowicz: Inside Running Wilde’s Too-Short RunPeter Serafinowicz is not a household name here in the States, but he’s been a major part of Britain’s comedy scene for years. In addition to […]
  9. Fox Pulled the Last New Episodes of Running Wilde“The news is about to get worse for FOX’s Running Wilde. In addition to last night’s installment being dropped in favor of a repeat, FOX has […]
  10. Fox to Run Remainder of Running Wilde on SundaysFox hasn’t “officially” cancelled Mitch Hurwitz’s Running Wilde, but between shelving it for reruns of Raising Hope for a couple weeks and this […]
  11. pickup lines
    Good News for Christian Slater Is Bad News for Running WildeSlater’s show lands on Fox’s mid-season schedule, where it will probably replace ‘Wilde.’
  12. Fox Is Just Screwing With Running Wilde At This PointThings are not looking good for Running Wilde, which has yet to be cancelled but is going on another 2 week hiatus so Fox can show more reruns […]
  13. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Starz Does NoirPlus: Fox is officially stalling ‘Running Wilde.’
  14. clickables
    See Jeffrey Tambor Play Will Arnett’s Dad Again on Running WildeCo-star Peter Serafinowicz let the cat out of the bag on Twitter.
  15. Jeffrey Tambor Is Playing Will Arnett’s Dad AgainJust like in Arrested Development, Jeffrey Tambor is going to be playing Will Arnett’s dad in a Mitch Hurwitz sitcom. This time, however, it’s […]
  16. memory lane
    David Cross on All His Roles: Mr. Show, Arrested Development, and More“Yeah, I was super-high at the Emmys. We were all pretty shocked. I think I was chewing gum.”
  17. Running Wilde Deathwatch Continues With Another Ratings SlipRunning Wilde’s ratings slipped again last night, down to 3 million viewers. It’s pretty much 100% done for, the only question is when Fox is […]
  18. your tv ratings explained
    Your TV Ratings Explained: CBS Can’t LosePlus: More bad news for ‘Running Wilde.’.
  19. Peter Serafinowicz Makes Stock Traders Acutely Uncomfortable on Behalf of […]Every day, the NASDAQ invites a new person or group in to ceremoniously ring the opening bell in order to help promote whatever it is they’re […]
  20. Will Arnett and Peter Serafinowicz Take It From Running Wilde’s RatingsThe prospects for Running Wilde aren’t great, but at least the cast is keeping their senses of humor about it.
  21. Running Wilde Is Done ForSad news: Running Wilde, which needed a bump in its ratings last night to stave off cancellation, lost 17% of its viewers compared to last […]
  22. Just How Many Cross-Show References Happened Last Night?Last night on Community, Britta and Annie got in a fight after spilling a can of oil on themselves. The logo on that can? Wilde Oil, the […]
  23. Running Wilde’s Ratings Slip AgainRunning Wilde lost some more viewers last night, dropping from about 4.7 million viewers last week to 4 million last night. Things ain’t […]
  24. the vulture transcript
    The Vulture Transcript: Arrested Development Creator Mitch Hurwitz on His Struggles With Running Wilde“What I’m working hard on now is trying to accommodate other people’s visions.”
  25. Mitch Hurwitz and Will Arnett Have Regrets About Running WildeThe New York Times’ Dave Itzkoff visited the set of Running Wilde and found a group of people working on a show with not-great ratings that’s […]
  26. your tv ratings explained
    TV Ratings: Oops! … Glee Does It AgainYou’re a slave for ‘Glee,’ America.
  27. Will Running Wilde Have a Chance to Gain Momentum? Last night’s Running Wilde was pretty good, but it clearly still needs some time to solidify these characters and their relationships to each […]
  28. With Lone Star Gone, Which Shows Will Get Canceled Next?We’ve autopsied the early Nielsen data and come up with six more shows most in danger of joining ‘Lone Star’ in TV heaven.
  29. fugging it up
    The Fug Girls Suggest Ten TV Cameos Guaranteed to Boost RatingsClooney and Marguiles reunited! And who wouldn’t want to see an unofficial ‘L.A. Law’ reunion?
  30. Running Wilde: What Did You Think? The pilot of Running Wilde got some pretty lousy reviews, and then it was reshot/recast before getting some more lousy reviews. Which is too […]
  31. the industry
    Your TV Ratings Explained: Let’s Hear It for GleeWe’ll take a rain check on that backlash.
  32. video
    Vulture Video: Will Arnett Gives Acting TipsWatch and learn!
  33. How Much of a Chance Will You Give to Running Wilde?Running Wilde should be great, right? It was created by Mitchell Hurwitz, the guy behind Arrested Development, and it stars Will Arnett and […]
  34. Mitch Hurwitz and the Burden of ExpectationsCollider has a great interview with Mitch Hurwitz about Running Wilde and the Arrested Development movie he claims to be halfway finished […]
  35. The New York Post Knows a Thing or Two About RacismThe swamis at the New York Post think they know which three shows will be canceled first this fall: NBC’s Indian call center comedy Outsourced, […]
  36. exclusive
    More Cast Changes on Running WildeFox recasts two parts.
  37. chat room
    Peter Serafinowicz on Joining the Arrested Development Crew for Running WildeIt’s the ‘AD’ creators, Will Arnett, David Cross, and him.
  38. the industry
    Industry Roundup: David Cross, PeggPlus: Draco Malfoy joins ‘Apes’ prequel.
  39. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Kathryn Morris, ThomasPlus: ‘Running Wilde’ gets a new regular.
  40. upfronts 2010
    Upfronts Review: What We Loved, What We Didn’tAnd don’t forget the best mustaches: Selleck’s back!
  41. upfronts 2010
    Your Vulture Upfronts: Judge the New Fox ComediesOne from the ‘Arrested Development’ team, one cartoon, and two horrible puns.