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The Voice Of The Yankees

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    Breaking Down All of John Sterling’s New Home-Run CatchphrasesAmong them: “The Bronx is Vernon.”
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    Let’s Talk About John Sterling’s Ichiro Home-Run Call“The Yankees’ rising son says ‘sayonara’ in the second deck in right.”
  3. the voice of the yankees
    It’s Like John Sterling Isn’t Even Trying Anymore“That’s a very Wise man” is not Sterling’s best work.
  4. the voice of the yankees
    What Will John Sterling’s Catchphrase for Raul Ibanez Be?We think he’ll use alliteration.
  5. the voice of the yankees
    Wait, One of John Sterling’s Catchphrases Is a Reference to a Black Panther’s Rallying Cry?“Bern, baby, Bern.”
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    The Seven Types of John Sterling Home-Run CallsThey range from simple rhymes to elaborate productions involving Broadway lyrics and sometimes even actual singing.
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    Hart Seely on How the Man Is Keeping Down His John Sterling BlogOne of the writers behind It Is High, It Is Far, It Is Caught on losing all of the site’s audio to a copyright claim.