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A Supposedly Fun Thing

  1. a supposedly fun thing
    6 Hours of Extreme Catharsis With the Women of The BachelorJewel tones and pretty cry-face at the “Women Tell All.”
  2. a supposedly fun thing
    Jihadis Are Now Taking Cruises to Get to SyriaThere’s just too much focus on Turkish airports.
  3. a supposedly fun thing
    Hospital Worker Tests Negative for Ebola; Caribbean Vacation Still Ruined The unnamed woman left her Carnival cruise ship on Sunday morning.
  4. a supposedly fun thing
    Ebola Hospital Worker Should Probably Not Have Gone on That Caribbean CruiseThe individual is healthy, but in quarantine just in case.
  5. milquetoasts
    ABC Announced Next Season’s BachelorCurveball: He’s white, wholesome, and a fan of hair gel.
  6. a supposedly fun thing
    Cruise Ship Captain Allegedly Abandoned Rescue and Refused to Return to Ship“Damn it, go back onboard!” said one member of the Coast Guard.
  7. a supposedly fun thing
    Captain Blamed for Cruise Ship AccidentAnd the rescue operation’s been suspended.