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  1. accidents
    Software Glitch Causes Lime Scooters to Lock Up Mid-RideNew Zealand officials suspended the company’s license after the scooters’ brakes activated without warning more than 150 times.
  2. accidents
    A Killing Eve Scene, No Hyperbole, Almost Killed Jodie Comer“I was full-on crying.”
  3. dangerous cliffs
    Instagram Travel Couple Fell to Their Death While Taking a SelfieThe bodies of Meenakshi Moorthy and Vishnu Viswanath were found on the side of a cliff at Yosemite National Park.
  4. movies
    Suki Waterhouse Actually Shot Someone While Filming Assassination NationBut they’re probably fine!
  5. accidents
    George Clooney Involved in Motorcycle Crash in ItalyThe actor was hit by a car on the island of Sardinia.
  6. super bowl 2018
    Kris Jenner Face-Planted at Chrissy Teigen’s Super Bowl PartyAnd left a “very valuable” makeup stain on Teigen’s couch.
  7. Amtrak Points Finger at Freight-Train Firm After Another Deadly CrashExperts say the long-overdue installation of positive train control technology could have prevented the crash, Amtrak’s third in seven weeks.
  8. One Dead After Train Carrying GOP Lawmakers Hits Trash TruckThe train’s passengers were largely unharmed.
  9. 3 Missing After U.S. Navy Plane Crashes Near JapanIt’s the latest accident for the beleaguered Seventh Fleet.
  10. Navy Ends Its Search for Missing Sailors From the U.S.S. McCainIt’s an acknowledgement that the sailors are not expected to be found alive.
  11. Divers Discover Remains of Missing U.S. Sailors As Navy Orders Safety CheckAll ships will have a one-day “operational pause” this week after the U.S.S. John S. McCain collided with an oil tanker.
  12. 42 Injured in Train Crash Outside of PhiladelphiaA high-speed train hit another train parked at the station in Upper Darby.
  13. 10 Sailors Missing After U.S. Navy Destroyer Collides With Oil TankerThe incident comes two months after seven sailors died in a similar collision.
  14. accidents
    Deadpool 2 Stuntwoman Dies in Motorcycle Accident on SetThe incident occurred during a motorcycle-stunt sequence.
  15. accidents
    Church Security Guard Describes Justin Bieber’s Paparazzi Accident“I think the tire just hit the side of his leg. I don’t think he ran over him.”
  16. accidents
    Church Security Guard Describes Justin Bieber’s Paparazzi Accident“I think the tire just hit the side of his leg. I don’t think he ran over him.”
  17. Selfie-Taking Teens Rescued After Falling Through Ice in Central Park PondNo one suffered life-threatening injuries.
  18. accidents
    Madam Secretary’s Tim Daly Injured While SkiingThe actor was visiting Sundance when the accident occurred.
  19. flying the coop
    Semitruck Spills Hundreds of Live Chickens on Doorstep of KFCThe whole mishap was captured by a vegan passing by.
  20. video feed
    Overturned Budweiser Truck Showers BQE in BeerBeer once again gets in the way of a productive morning.
  21. accidents
    America’s Got Talent Arrow Act Goes AwryThat’s going to be one awkward plane ride home.
  22. vine
    Vine Star Hayes Grier Hospitalized After Bike CrashHe’s reportedly doing well.
  23. Accidents
    Beer Truck Crashes Into Chip TruckNobody was hurt, and junk food spilled everywhere.
  24. 24-Year-Old Dies After Trying to Climb the Four Seasons HotelHe may have been trying to take pictures.
  25. staggering numbers
    There Have Been 38,000 Hit-and-Runs in NYC This YearThe shocking finding has prompted a bill in the City Council that would boost penalties.
  26. terrible things
    Cabbie Hits and Kills 88-Year-Old Woman After Driving for 16 Hours StraightThere’s been an uptick in pedestrian fatalities in the last week.
  27. bad things
    One Dead, One Injured After Midtown Roof Collapses Additional victims are still pinned under the rubble in the West 38th Street building.
  28. petsmart
    Getting Shot by a Dog Is Actually Pretty CommonIt’s impossible to stay mad at them when they give you the sad eyes.
  29. accidents
    Whale-Watching Boat Sinks Near British Columbia, Killing at Least 5The cause of the crash in unclear.
  30. news in 10 headlines
    Fatal ‘Duck Tour’ Accident in SeattleAn amphibious “duck tour” boat collided with a charter bus in Seattle, killing at least four people.
  31. accidents
    Crane Crashes Into Mecca’s Grand Mosque, Leaving at Least 65 DeadAt least 154 people were injured.
  32. accidents
    Construction Worker Dies After Falling Down Elevator Shaft in ManhattanThe accident occurred in Hell’s Kitchen. 
  33. whoopsies
    This Kid Punched a $1.5 Million PaintingOops.
  34. freak accidents
    30-Foot-Tall Inflatable Minion Gets Loose, Rampages Irish HighwayGusts of wind freed an inflated Minion from its earthbound clutches.
  35. deaths
    Demi Moore ‘in Absolute Shock’ After Man Drowns in Her PoolHe drowned at a pool party thrown by Moore’s assistant while Moore was out of town.
  36. accidents
    Texting Driver Decides His Future Lies Beyond the Yellow Paint RoadEnough yellow paint spilled across a Maryland highway to fill a swimming pool.
  37. scary things
    Crane Crashes Into Midtown High-rise Several injuries have been reported.
  38. accidents
    Derailed Amtrak Train Wasn’t Hit by a BulletBut the FBI hasn’t ruled out the possibility that something else hit the windshield.
  39. accidents
    Something Might Have Hit Amtrak Train Just Before Deadly CrashSeveral people have said that unidentified objects struck other trains in the area on the night of the accident.
  40. accidents
    Could Better Infrastructure Have Prevented the Amtrak Crash?As the investigation into Tuesday’s deadly train wreck continues, the debate over America’s outdated railways is intensifying.
  41. accidents
    Amtrak Train Was Going at Least 100 MPH Before CrashThe speed limit was 50 mph.
  42. Construction Worker Killed After Freak Crane Accident in MidtownIt happened before noon around 44th Street and Second Avenue.
  43. accidents
    Florence Welch Breaks Foot at Coachella, Is a ChampThe show must go on, but it’ll be “stripped back.”
  44. Awful Things
    ‘Like a Bomb’: An Exploding Food Truck Nearly Destroyed 20 HomesThankfully, there were no injuries, but the Mötley Crüe-themed truck is toast.
  45. accidents
    Details of Deadly Metro-North Crash Emerge The accident was the deadliest in the commuter rail’s history.
  46. accidents
    TransAsia Jet Clips Bridge, Crashes Into River in TaiwanAt least nine people died in the crash.
  47. accidents
    6 Dead After Metro-North Train Collides With SUVIt’s the deadliest crash in the railroad’s already-troubled history.
  48. Ramen
    Ramen Truck Blocks Highway in World’s Trendiest Car AccidentYour favorite flavor was probably involved.
  49. Unsalted
    An Avalanche of Morton Salt Just Totaled 11 AcurasWhen it rains, it pours, and when it pours, watch out.
  50. accidents
    Jose Canseco Shares Photos of Shooting Injury“Hope I can keep my finger,” he writes.
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