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  1. the show must go on
    If You Liked Their Oscars Set, Adam Lambert and Queen Hope You’ll Love Their DocBased on his reaction at the Academy Awards, Javier Bardem is about to go nuts for The Show Must Go On.
  2. oscars 2019
    The Oscars Open With Zero Intro, 100 A-List Actors Losing It for QueenYou don’t need an intro when you have Adam Lambert’s 100-percent commitment.
  3. kennedy center honors
    Cher Cries, Doesn’t Ruin a Bit of Makeup, During Adam Lambert’s ‘Believe’ CoverCyndi Lauper’s little white lie also moved Cher.
  4. american idol
    Adam Lambert Returned to American Idol One Last TimeHe performed “Welcome to the Show,” which is the exact opposite of what he was doing.
  5. vulture lists
    Every American Idol Finalist, Ranked From Worst to BestFrom Justin to Kelly, and 14 (!) more seasons of belters.
  6. rocky horror picture show
    Hot Patootie Adam Lambert Joins Fox’s Rocky Horror TV RemakeDammit, Lambert.
  7. cliques
    A Who’s Who of Katy Perry’s CrewFrom Jeremy Scott to Jiff the dog. 
  8. reality rumble
    The 8 Worst American Idol MomentsKara DioGuardi in a bikini. The bizarre sponsored engagement. Randy Jackson.
  9. furry situations
    Joe Namath, Kanye West, and More: A Brief History of Men in FurThe caveman look. 
  10. party dump
    Party Pics: Post-VMA Bliss and Lots of ChampagneThe worlds of music, fashion, and tennis collide.
  11. casting
    Adam Lambert Is Joining the Cast of GleeSays Ryan Murphy.
  12. bridge over troubled idol
    Former Contestants May Judge Next Year’s IdolKelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson have already been approached.
  13. best of
    43 of the Best Non-Punk Mohawks EverAnd its less cool step-brother, the faux-hawk.
  14. american idol
    American Idol Mulling Adam Lambert As New Judge?But whom would he replace?
  15. adam lambert
    Watch Adam Lambert’s New Video for ‘Never Close Our Eyes’Glambert leads the uprising in a future Holocaust or something!
  16. Celebrity Settings
    Wolfgang Puck Eats at ink.; Dr. Dre Visits KatanaJust when we were starting to worry the chef only ate at his own places!
  17. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: Fleshy Fun and Lil’ Kim at The BlondsWe saw everything from a man with eight-inch hair spikes in all directions to a woman wearing black nipple pasties and a g-string.
  18. Adam Lambert Gets Sassy With Reporter Who Started Queen Rumor“Oooh them clever reporters takin my quotes outta context,” Lambert recently tweeted.
  19. rumors
    Adam Lambert Might Be the New Queen SingerMaybe!
  20. adam lambert
    Watch Adam Lambert’s Video for ‘Better Than I Know Myself’Two moods, one tube of eyeliner.
  21. adam lambert
    Watch Adam Lambert Kill on The Tonight ShowAmerican what now?
  22. Mediavore
    Food Startups Big News in Online World; Moms Blamed for Fat KidsMario Batali and black garlic inspires Culina’s Vic Casanova, moms are blamed for their fat kids, look for more online food startups, and more in our daily news roundup.
  23. adam lambert
    Listen to Adam Lambert’s ‘Better Than I Know Myself’Adam Lambert and Dr. Luke make a beautiful music baby.
  24. loose threads
    Karl Lagerfeld to ‘Edit’ a Newspaper Again; Gilt Groupe Mulls Going PublicPlus, Adam Lambert would like to design clothes, shoes, and accessories.
  25. awards
    Lady Gaga Wins the Night at MTV Europe Music AwardsWalks away with four wins at the Belfast-hosted award show.
  26. beefs
    Lawsuit: Adam Lambert Was Ineligible for American Idol Already had a recording contract.
  27. Celebrity Settings
    Maria Shriver Lunches With Her Kids at Taiko; Ludacris Munches at GreenleafThe biggest star in celebrity dining this week wasn’t a person, but the place where Arnold went to make babies.
  28. clickables
    Check Out Adam Lambert’s Remarkable New Beehive-Goatee ComboWho do you see?
  29. Celebrity Settings
    Lady Gaga Celebrates Her B-Day at La Cita; John Hamm Feeds His Dog at LittleAdam Lambert managed to get himself kicked out of Downtown L.A. bar for partying too hard on Gaga’s 25th.
  30. grammy awards 2011
    See All the Red-Carpet Looks From the 2011 Grammy Awards
  31. Celebrity Settings
    Angelina Jolie Shops at Whole Foods; Elton John Hits E. BaldiA star-packed week for restaurants after The Golden Globes.
  32. three-person trend stories
    The Coming Celebrity UprisingAn uptick in violent celebrity attacks suggests … something.
  33. Celebrity Settings
    Adam Lambert Enjoys a Late Supper at LafitteThe glam rocker dined at Pier 5, makeup and all.
  34. adam lambert
    Adam Lambert Does Not Just Peck, He LicksThe ‘Times’ corrects itself.
  35. hairy situations
    Adam Lambert Shaved Some of His Hair OffHe looks like Boy George.
  36. slideshow
    May’s Best and Worst Celeb PhotosSee Tracy Morgan in tightie-whities, Sarah Jessica Parker in ‘Vogue,’ Christina Hendricks sucking watermelon, and more.
  37. slideshow
    May’s Best and Worst Celeb PhotosSee Tracy Morgan in tightie-whities, Sarah Jessica Parker in ‘Vogue,’ Christina Hendricks sucking watermelon, and more.
  38. Celebrity Settings
    New Kids Party at King’s; Tyra Smiles with Her Eyes at WoodwardPlus: Neil Young gorges at Legal Sea Foods, and Adam Lambert parties on Lansdowne, all in our weekly celebrity dining roundup.
  39. gossipmonger
    Russell Brand Made Out With Someone’s GrandmaDon’t tell Katy Perry.
  40. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Shiloh Fernandez, Adam LambertPlus: Adam Lambert to embark on Glam Nation Tour.
  41. overnights
    American Idol Recap: Mediocrity Minus TwoIn the midst of a double elimination, Adam Lambert demonstrates what he meant by “performance.”
  42. overnights
    American Idol Recap: Adam Lambert Is Officially Anointed the New ElvisLast year’s runner-up comes back to mentor the contestants in singing the King’s songs.
  43. men are the new women
    Adam Lambert Has a Karl Lagerfeld Approach to Men’s Jewelry“I just take it as far as I can take it.”
  44. american idol
    Adam Lambert to Mentor Undertalented YouthHe’s coming back to ‘American Idol’!
  45. beauty marks
    Gisele to Launch Skin-Care Line; Spa Week Appointments Now AvailableAnd Mel B shaved off half her hair.
  46. daily male
    Adam Lambert in Talks to Launch Man Makeup for Cosmetic-Curious Straight DudesHe is very good at applying smoky eye makeup.
  47. money
    Kris Allen Is Fine on Money, ThanksThe minimum an ‘Idol’ winner can earn is $650,000, with performance fees, album advances, and merchandising royalties factored in.
  48. quote machine
    Kate Winslet Knows What You’re Doing in Her BathroomPlus: Adam Lambert no fan of crappy Rolling Stones covers.
  49. gossipmonger
    Elton John Thinks Jesus Is a Gay ManAnd we’re not even talking about Madonna’s boyfriend.
  50. party chat
    Adam Lambert Would Like to See Chace Crawford in the Next Calvin Klein Underwear CampaignWe had the same thought.
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