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  1. as told to
    ‘I Was Adopted by Forced Birthers’An adoptee wishes their birth mother had been given a choice.
  2. roe v. wade
    Amy Coney Barrett’s Adoption Myths“What’s happening at the Supreme Court is that people are using us to further their own agenda. They’re co-opting our lives and our stories.”
  3. nuclear families
    The Necessary Will of Lesbian MothersThe queer family in the 1980s lived under threat of siege.
  4. the cut podcast
    Transracial Adoptees Are Tired of TVFinding characters and story lines that reflect the complexities of growing up in white families is almost impossible.
  5. it’s a dog’s market
    It’s a Dog’s MarketAdopting used to be a good thing that good people could do. These days, you’re probably not good enough.
  6. family
    Why Did These YouTubers Give Away Their Son?Myka and James Stauffer adopted a toddler from China and shared every step of the process with their online audience. Except the last.
  7. influencers
    Popular Mommy Vlogger Admits She ‘Rehomed’ Her Adopted SonYouTuber Myka Stauffer is facing backlash after announcing the decision in a new video.
  8. lgbtq rights
    Trump Continues Drive to Protect Religious-Based DiscriminationThe administration is fighting to repeal health-care protections and adoption rights for LGBTQ people, on behalf of his Christian right backers.
  9. parenting
    Hoda Kotb Has Adopted Another Baby Girl!She shared the happy news on Today.
  10. new mom
    How We Got These BabiesTwenty women tell their stories.
  11. how i got this baby
    The Mom Who Thought She Was Finally PregnantInstead, her symptoms meant something very different.
  12. how i got this baby
    The Mom Who Wasn’t Sure a Birth Mother Would Choose Her Family“When the mother has an obvious disability, she’s probably not the mother you would pick for your child.”
  13. how i got this baby
    How I Got This Baby: The Mom Who Didn’t Go Into Foster Parenting BlindlyIn this Week’s How I Got This Baby, a couple who made a tough decision about their first foster daughter, then adopted four children.
  14. how i got this baby
    The Trans Man Who Didn’t Expect to Enjoy Being PregnantThis week’s How I Got This Baby.
  15. how i got this baby
    The Birth Mom With No RegretsThis week’s How I Got This Baby.
  16. how i got this baby
    The Mom Who Didn’t Want to Try IVF AgainIn this week’s How I Got This Baby, a woman whose foster kids made her yearn for a child.
  17. celebrity babies
    Younger’s Sutton Foster and Husband Welcome a Baby GirlEmily Dale Griffin was born on March 5.
  18. Madonna Has Adopted Twin Girls From MalawiShe’s adopted 4-year-old twins Stella and Esther.
  19. a chance at a family
    IVF and Adoption Costs Will Finally Be Covered for Wounded VeteransVeterans Affairs is finally covering the costs.
  20. motherhood
    I’m White. My 4-Year-Old Son’s Black. How Do We Talk About ‘Bad Guys’?Why did my preschooler ask if a black biker were “bad”?
  21. mothers day 2016
    Getting a Foster Mom Was the Best Thing That Ever Happened to MeHow a teenage African refugee and a California mom built a relationship from scratch.
  22. Sandra Bullock Adopted Another Kid, and It Still Wasn’t YouShe’s now mom to 3-year-old Laila.
  23. feature
    ‘Do You Know How Your Daughter Died?’When Gloria Huang was declared dead in a Doha emergency room, her parents had no time to grieve before they were caught up in a legal nightmare.
  24. Chris Gethard Gets a Billboard; Still Finds a Way to Self-Deprecate IFC recently adopted Chris Gethard and like all adoptions, that meant they had to get him a 30 ft. x 30 ft. billboard. Sounds great, right? […]
  25. gays
    Florida Court Finds That Gay-Adoption Ban Violates the Equal Protection ClauseStarting now, gay couples can now adopt in the state after a 30-year block.
  26. surprise twist
    Sandra Bullock Adopts Baby, Audience SighsThis movie has a happy ending!
  27. the most important babies in the world
    Malawi High Court Officially Rules in Madonna Adoption CaseApparently they get it.
  28. the most important babies in the world
    Madonna Wins Ownership Over Soul of Human ChildWhat, like you thought the entire nation of Malawi was some sort of match for her?
  29. the most important adoption in the world
    Madonna, Predictably, Does Not Accept Ruling of Mere Malawi CourtShe’s already filed an appeal.
  30. the most important adoption in the world
    Malawi Court Rejects Madonna AdoptionAccording to a witness when the ruling was announced, an incredulous Madonna “kept wringing her hands.”
  31. the most important adoption in the world
    Malawi Caves to MadonnaAGAIN.
  32. the most important babies in the world
    Madonna’s New Baby Wannabe Is Kind of Winning Us OverLook at that face! And that distressed-denim jumper!
  33. the most important people in the world
    Madonna Files Papers to Dilute Lourdes’s Fame With Yet Another Adopted BabyMalawi officials report that the Material Mom has officially requested another child from their country.
  34. the most important people in the world
    Malawi Gets a Little Judgy About Madonna’s Personal LifeAccording to one African adoption official, Her Madgesty’s love-life travails may get in the way of her newest adoption.
  35. oh dear
    Barbara Corcoran’s Children Came at a PriceOh, dear.