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  1. underrated
    Can a Boneless-Chicken Commercial Be Art?Late Night writer Ben Warheit shares his love for “I Ate the Bones.”
  2. remembrance
    George Lois, the Impossible Ad ManThe madman (but not a Mad Man, he was quick to tell you) behind Maypo, MTV, and Muhammad Ali’s Esquire cover has died at 91.
  3. political drama
    Disney Says It’s Cool With Political Ads on Hulu After AllBut don’t expect any on Disney+ later this year.
  4. tough breaks
    We Know a Little Bit More About Netflix’s Advertising PlanPrepare to be interrupted.
  5. buffering
    Why Commercials Are Coming to the Biggest StreamersHigher subscription rates for some, ads for everyone else.
  6. choose your own dystopia
    MoviePass Is Back, and This Time, It’s DystopianAnything that scans your eyeballs to make sure you’re paying attention to an ad … can’t be good, right?
  7. advertising
    Megan Thee Stallion and Fast Food’s Ongoing Pursuit of Black Buy-inCan Hottie Sauce rise above the industry’s complicated past?
  8. advertising
    Oatly’s Super Bowl Ad Was Awful — But Oat Milk Is GreatFeaturing Oatly’s CEO, the ad received instant backlash online.
  9. we’re talkin’ pull tab
    Richard Lewis Revisits His ‘Trippy’ BoKu Fruit-Juice Commercials“Quite frankly, I thought I was having a nervous breakdown watching them all at once.”
  10. black lives matter
    Lego Pulls Advertising for Cop-Related Toys, Donates $4 Million to Fight Racism“We stand with the black community against racism and inequality.”
  11. the zucc
    The Real Reason Facebook Won’t Ban Political AdsThe company has made it impossible for brands and campaigns alike to reach Facebook users through posts.
  12. books
    How Richard Avedon Shaped the America in Your HeadWe all know the his style of portraiture, but Avedon also shot thousands of advertisements, most very different from his editorial work.
  13. vision 2020
    September Democratic Primary Debates: Who’s in, Who’s OutThe good news is that there will probably be only one debate in September. The bad news is that there might be two in October.
  14. media
    Is Google Really Skimming Billions of Dollars in Revenue From the News Industry?A flawed new study claims that Google is raking it in while journalism fights for scraps.
  15. the city
    Barging In: City Suit Seeks to Sink Sailing SignageA new lawsuit from the de Blasio administration aims to ground a Florida company that has been floating billboards in New York waters since last fall.
  16. podcasts
    Are We in a Podcast Bubble?Podcasting is suddenly more than a mission; it’s an industry.
  17. life in pixels
    Can Subscriptions Save All Media Companies, or Just the New York Times?After weeks of grim news out of the media industry, the Times’ revenue numbers are a bright spot.
  18. advertising
    MRAs Outraged After Razor Company Asks Men to Show Common DecencyThe brand’s new ad campaign asks men to stand up against bullying and harassment; MRAs are predictably not happy about it.
  19. facebook
    Facebook Risks Losing the Trust of Its Only Real CustomersFacebook can stand to piss off every group except one: the advertisers who actually spend money on the social network.
  20. good dogs
    Ranking the Very Good Dogs in 13 Ralph Lauren AdsIn honor of Ralph Lauren’s 50th anniversary, let us consider these sweet doggies.
  21. sports
    Nike Debuts Colin Kaepernick Ad, Conservatives Protest by Burning Their Own GearNike’s move appears less risky when you consider that Kaep’s protests are most unpopular with older white Republicans – not their core demographic.
  22. select all
    How to Succeed in Advertising (and Transform the Internet While You’re At It)Programmatic built the modern internet. And Right Media, inventors of the first ad exchange, built programmatic advertising.
  23. select all
    You Can Now See Who’s Paying for Political Ads on Facebook and InstagramFacebook starts attaching disclosure statements to political advertising.
  24. select all
    The Man Who Invented the Pop-up Ad on the Original Sin of AdvertisingA conversation with the inventor of the pop-up ad on the web’s lost decade.
  25. Why Those Fake-Poetry Subway Ads Are So AnnoyingRoses are red / Violets are blue / Imitating poetry / Is a bad look for you.
  26. select all
    Did Facebook Really Charge Trump Less for Advertising?Did they?
  27. YouTube Reportedly Resumes Running Ads on Logan Paul’s ChannelEarlier this month YouTube suspended Paul’s ability to run advertisements due to a pattern of “unsuitable” behavior.
  28. late capitalism
    15 Other Mascots We’d Like to See Turned Into Women, for Some ReasonNow that brands are obsessed with this move, we have a few suggestions. (For feminism.)
  29. things that happen in europe
    Stockholm Prepares to Ban Sexist and Racist AdsThe Swedish capital is the latest European city to tackle stereotypes in advertising.
  30. advertising
    Reba McEntire Is KFC’s First Female Colonel SandersThanks, we guess.
  31. advertising
    Peeing on This Ikea Ad Will Get You a Discount If You’re PregnantHere’s some, uh, innovation.
  32. horny elves
    Here Are the Dirty Holiday Elf Toy Ads That People Are Calling MisogynisticOne ad has an elf holding a tea bag over a lady doll’s face.
  33. niche drama
    This Ice Cream Shop Is Changing Their Controversial Sexy Cow LogoTheir manager also quit over the whole affair.
  34. niche drama
    This Sexy Cow Logo Is Tearing a New Jersey Town ApartResidents are not happy with Dairy Air Ice Cream.
  35. Twitter Bans Marsha Blackburn’s Ad, Giving Her Senate Campaign a BoostThe company objected to a line about “baby body parts” because it’s “inflammatory.” The real issue is that it’s false.
  36. advertising
    Croatian School Hoping Everyone Wants to Grow Up to Be Melania Trump“Imagine how far you can go with a little bit of English.”
  37. whoops
    Walmart Is Sorry They Advertised Guns As Back-to-School ItemsWhoops.
  38. oof
    Spotify Admits Calling Justin Bieber ‘Latin King’ in an Ad Was a Bad IdeaSpotify says it wanted to “celebrate ‘Despacito’ as a key cultural moment when music genres crossover.”
  39. news you can booze
    Smirnoff Schools Trump on How to Handle ‘Ties to Russia’“Made in America, but we’d be happy to talk about our ties to Russia under oath.”
  40. badvertising
    Facial-Recognition Ad Assumes Men Want Pizza and Women Want SaladThe future of advertising, everyone.
  41. select all
    How Facebook Advertisers Exploited Teens Who Felt ‘Worthless’The company helped advertisers to target “moments when young people need a confidence boost.”
  42. roll clip!
    Saturday Night Live Takes on Pepsi Ad, Kendall Jenner“We’re just kind of using them to sell soda? Right. Gonna be bad.”
  43. badvertising
    An Extra From Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi Ad Kind of Defended the Commercial“It’s like, I was just doing my job. They asked me to be in the commercial.”
  44. the revolution will be branded
    Pepsi Is Pulling Their Controversial Kendall Jenner Protest AdThe spot was widely criticized as being tone-deaf.
  45. the revolution will be branded
    Kendall Jenner Uses the Trump Backlash to Sell PepsiTone-deaf advertising reaches bold new heights.
  46. labor
    Carl’s Jr. Is Desperately Trying to Escape Its Sexist PastThe company unveiled a new ad that diverges from their typical scantily-clad-woman-eating-a-burger trope, all while acknowledging it.
  47. Paris Is Banning ‘Sexist and Discriminatory’ Outdoor AdsThe Council of Paris voted on a new outdoor-ad contract.
  48. advertising
    Billboard Suggests It’s Cool to Throw Rocks at Girls As Long As They’re DiamondsIt reads, “Sometimes, it’s OK to throw rocks at girls.”
  49. select all
    YouTube Scrambling After Big Brands Drop Ads Over Extremist VideosThe ads were running alongside offensive YouTube content.
  50. select all
    Snapchat Asked Anti-Gun Organization to Pay to Keep NRA Ads Off Its VideosThe debacle happened while trying to create content for National Gun Violence Awareness Day.
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