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Advice Week

  1. icymi
    All the Things You Missed From Advice Week Tips on everything from embracing your worst self to buying the perfect jean shorts.  
  2. advice week
    Reshma Saujani Says: Be Shameless About Asking for Help Talking to the founder of Girls Who Code about failure, resiliency, and how to finance your ideas.
  3. star treatment
    Cherry Jones Saved My LifeFrom ages 10 to 16, I would write letters to the cast members (and not just the stars) of every Broadway show I saw, asking them how they did it and what advice they had for me.
  4. advice week
    Why Is It So Hard to Take Your Own Advice?Here, take it, I’m not using it.
  5. advice week
    My Struggle: Finding Shorts When You Aren’t Sample SizeThe struggle is real.
  6. am i dying
    How Long Is Too Long to Take the Pill?What you should know about hormonal birth control and blood clots, fertility, and cancer.
  7. hotlines
    Kate Bolick Was My On-Call Dating-Advice Guru Could 48 hours of her wisdom fix my love life?
  8. advice week
    Amy Heckerling Says: Ignore What’s Popular and Concentrate on What You Love“There’s a big advantage to being the outsider.”
  9. advice week
    Pilar Guzmán Says: Taste Isn’t About Money, It’s About Training Your EyeWe asked the editor-in-chief of Condé Nast Traveler for advice on how to cultivate good taste.
  10. advice
    Ask Polly: Should I Dump My Oldest Friend?Set some boundaries.
  11. advice week
    Vera Wang Says: Know When to Walk Away … and Start Something New “There’s an old skater’s metaphor — don’t be afraid of falling. It’s 90 percent falling; otherwise, you don’t master anything.”
  12. advice week
    25 Famous Women on the Best Advice They’ve Ever Given — or Received“Don’t drink all the drinks just because they’re free!”
  13. advice week
    Tracee Ellis Ross Says: It’s Okay to Be Your Worst Self“Give yourself permission to actually be a human being.”
  14. advice week
    Get Some In-Person Advice From Gwyneth Paltrow and Ava DuVernayAt the #BlogHer15 conference, happening July 16–18 in New York.
  15. advice week
    What Do You Do When You Hate Your Best Friend’s Boyfriend?We’ll let you know in the first installment of our “Ask the Cut” video series.
  16. advice week
    Turns Out All the Advice My Father Ever Gave Me Was RightAfter 20 years of disagreeing, I’m on a steady diet of humble pie where my father’s concerned.
  17. advice week
    Sallie Krawcheck Says: You Need a Personal Board of Directors“I never lost sleep when I ran Merrill Lynch. I didn’t. I slept like a baby. I lose sleep over being an entrepreneur.”
  18. advice week
    Tell Me What to Do: Confessions of an Advice Addict Asking around (and around and around) is my version of measuring twice and cutting once.
  19. advice week
    How Do You Know When a Beauty Product Is ‘the One’?With virtually endless options, settling down and committing is a bit radical — but so satisfying.
  20. advice week
    Madeleine Albright Says: Learn to Interrupt“I’ve said this many times — there’s plenty of room in the world for mediocre men, but there is no room for mediocre women.”
  21. advice week
    Diablo Cody Says: Walk in Like You Own the Place“I do have a tendency to retreat when I’m embarrassed. I try to remind myself, ‘These other people don’t deserve to be here any more than you.’”
  22. advice
    Ask Polly: I’m Panicked That He’ll Leave Me. They Always Do!Put your hopes and dreams first and hold back some of what you’re thinking.
  23. advice
    Ask Polly: How Can I Stay Happy When Tragedy Surrounds Me?Remember, WINTER IS COMING for all of us.
  24. advice
    Ask Polly: How Can I Forgive My Husband?You are both flawed. Accept it and embrace it.
  25. advice
    How to Live, According to One Very Pretty Rich Person Always pack a party dress, don’t fight your inner Wasp, and more!
  26. advice
    Ask Polly: Help, I Feel Like I’m Drowning!The challenge here is to show yourself how strong you are.
  27. advice
    Ask Polly: I’m 25 and My Life Has Been Great, So Why Don’t I Have a Passion?Because passion takes hard work, and you’ve had it easy.
  28. careers
    Where Did Penelope Trunk Go Wrong?She used to be the career guru my friends and I trusted.
  29. love and war
    Is the First Date Too Early for Couples Therapy?“Getting into a relationship is like putting Miracle-Gro on your character defects.”
  30. advice
    Ask Polly: Why Doesn’t My Family Understand Me?Spending time with your family means compromising. EVERYONE compromises.
  31. advice
    Ask Polly: Why Are the Guys I Date So Boring?Think of it this way: They’re potatoes, and you’re a radish.
  32. advice
    Ask Polly: How Do I Act Normal?“Normal” is just the language spoken by socially smooth UltraNormals and Sort-of-Normals and Abnormals alike.
  33. love and war
    Winning the Breakup in the Age of InstagramA generation defines itself by post-relationship peacocking.
  34. memorials
    ‘Cut Off His Hominy Grits’: Vintage Advice From Dear AbbyThe late Abigail Van Buren in her own words.
  35. parenting
    Why Straight Moms Should Parent Like LesbiansMy straight friends need a gay liberation.