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  1. a long talk
    August Alsina Untangles Everything“People look at me as this problematic guy who was super reckless, like I’m pushing up on someone’s wife.”
  2. primers
    Everything to Know About August Alsina, Jada Pinkett Smith’s Alleged ExFor everyone wondering more about the singer and supposed “other man,” here’s who he is beyond the headlines.
  3. red table goss
    Jada Denies August Alsina’s Claim That They Had an Affair With Will’s ‘Blessing’Reps for Jada Pinkett Smith say Alsina’s claims are “absolutely not true.”
  4. #metoo
    Matt Lauer Denies Rape Allegation: ‘It’s Outrageous’A response to an accusation in Ronan Farrow’s new book.
  5. investigations
    What’s Going on With All This Bizarre Giuliani-Affair Drama?I’m so tired of having to imagine him doing it!
  6. affairs
    Rudy Giuliani’s Wife Says He Had an Affair With a Married Woman“My husband’s denial of the affair … is as false as his claim that we were separated when he took up with her.”
  7. affairs
    Former Playboy Model Now Free to Speak About Alleged Donald Trump AffairKaren McDougal has been released from her agreement to stay quiet about the affair.
  8. media
    Michael Cohen Reportedly Got a Donald Trump Jr. and Aubrey O’Day Story KilledIt appears Us Weekly was planning to publish something on the alleged affair in 2013.
  9. affairs
    Donald Trump Jr. and Aubrey O’Day Were Reportedly ‘Trying’ for a BabyNew details about their dramatic (alleged) affair.
  10. affairs
    Aubrey O’Day Reportedly Refuses to ‘Kiss and Tell’ About Donald Trump Jr. Affair“She doesn’t kiss and tell and isn’t looking to hurt people.”
  11. stormy daniels-donald trump scandal
    The Most Shocking Details From Stormy Daniels’s First Full-Length InterviewHer highly anticipated 60 Minutes interview didn’t disappoint.
  12. stormy daniels-donald trump scandal
    Stormy Daniels Says Working in Porn Helped Prepare Her to Be in the Public EyeThough she admits that “nothing could truly prepare someone for this.”
  13. affairs
    Ex-Playboy Model Says Donald Trump Tried to Pay Her After SexTrump reportedly said she was “really special” when she turned down the money.
  14. affairs
    Donald Trump Jr.’s Wife Reportedly Found Aubrey O’Day Sexts on His PhoneVanessa Trump reportedly discovered them when he was in the shower.
  15. affairs
    Donald Trump Jr.’s Wife Reportedly Confronted Aubrey O’Day Over AffairDon Jr. apparently cheated on his wife with the singer.
  16. sex diaries
    The Interior Designer Cheating on Her Husband With an ActorThis week’s sex diary.
  17. scandals
    The Most Shocking Details From Stormy Daniels’s InTouch InterviewFrom Donald Trump’s fear of sharks to his allegedly boring sex with the porn star.
  18. scandals
    Two Florida State Senators Admit to Extramarital AffairThis is the latest sexual scandal to rock the Florida Capitol.
  19. reckonings
    Being on the Right Side of History in 1998 SuckedDefending Monica Lewinsky did not make me any friends.
  20. sex diaries
    Sex Diaries: The Woman Taking Off Her Wedding Ring Before a DateThis week’s sex diary.
  21. politics
    A.J. Delgado Says Jason Miller ‘Disappeared’ When She Got Pregnant During AffairThe ex-Trump staffers confirmed that they had a child together last week, with Delgado coming forward with her side of the story for the first time.
  22. sex diaries
    The Divorced Executive Romancing Her NeighborThis week’s sex diary.
  23. what your therapist really thinks
    Is My Husband Having an Affair?An affair isn’t the only way spouses betray each other.
  24. advice
    Ask a Boss: What Should I Do About My Employee’s Affair?First assess how comfortable you are with your employee.
  25. crime
    A ‘Serial Mistress’ and a Cheap Bouquet Lead to a Vengeful MurderOne week before Sadie Hartley was murdered, a woman came to her house with flowers.
  26. today in donald trump
    Trump: ‘Most of the Powerful Men Running Companies Are Having Affairs’According to newly released transcripts from the candidate’s early-aughts radio show.
  27. today in donald trump
    Donald Trump Calls Hillary Clinton ‘Nasty, Mean Enabler’ of Husband’s AffairsThe presumptive GOP nominee is trying to resurrect the ’90s.
  28. cut cover story
    ‘I’m Having a Friendship Affair’A look at the intensely obsessive, deeply meaningful, occasionally undermining, marriage-threatening, slightly pathological platonic intimacy that can happen between women.
  29. first person
    Why I’d Never Be ‘the Other Man’ Again: A ConfessionA cautionary tale.
  30. love bites
    Is 49 the Age Guys Are Most Likely to Cheat?According to one study, yeah. 
  31. exchange rates
    Up With Adultery! An Italian Woman’s Manifesto“Women are the real cheaters now,” says Guia Soncini, author of Other Women’s Husbands.
  32. quotables
    To Consider: The Underwood Model of MarriageThe affairs make you more powerful.
  33. scandal-stained wretches
    Wendi Deng Allegedly Had a Crush on Tony BlairOr something.
  34. affairs
    Johnny Carson Gossip From 40 Years Ago Somehow NewsOkay, world.
  35. the most important people in the world
    Tony Blair Is Not Currently Sleeping With Rupert Murdoch’s Wife, He SaysWendi Deng rumors swirl.
  36. Lists
    Where to Eat When You’re Getting a Piece on the SideSeems the site’s users like a taste of beef before they get porking.
  37. covert affairs
    Eight Essential Lessons on Co-worker Flirting“He’d send me calendar invites to meet in a conference room to make out.”
  38. celebrity memoirs
    Schwarzenegger on His Affair: ‘Stupidest Thing’He thought Condi would make a better California governor.
  39. slideshow
    Mad Men’s Saddest AffairsThe show might not be a ringing endorsement for monogamy, but its affairs seem just as tragic.
  40. our crabbiest mayor
    Florence Henderson Reveals Her One-Night Stand With ‘Friend’ John LindsayAlso: The former mayor gave her crabs, and she found him unattractive. Friendship!
  41. weinergate
    A Brief History of the Sex-Scandal Press ConferenceWho cried? Who brought a date?
  42. affairs
    Is Cheating Worse If You Do It in the Bed You Share With Your Spouse?Apparently so.
  43. school daze
    York Prep Principal Canned Over Inappropriate Relationship With Recent GradHe was 39. She was 18.
  44. dirty sexy politics
    Blogger Who Claims to Have Had ‘Physical Relationship’ With Woman Is Talking About Alleged Physical Relationship AgainThe alleged Nikki Haley affair is back in the news, three weeks before Election Day.
  45. awkward
    ‘Killer Karofsky’ Used ‘Magnetic Personality’ to Seduce Co-worker’s WifeAwkward.
  46. an inconvenient truth
    Star: Al Gore Cheated on Tipper With Larry David’s Ex [Updated]And we thought this affair story was going to be boring.
  47. early and awkward
    Nikki Haley, Candidate for South Carolina Governor, Denies Affair With BloggerHa! A blogger!
  48. the most important people in the world
    In What Way Does Jesse James Doing a Tell-all Interview Make Anything Better?Except ABC’s ratings, of course.
  49. early and awful
    Congressman Admits Affair, Yet Blames Washington for ResignationMark Souder, we hardly knew ye.
  50. tiger catches tail
    Tiger Woods Had Affairs With 121 WomenThe ‘Enquirer’ has done the necessary research to determine this number.
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