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  1. CBO: Obamacare Premiums Are Rising — and Trump Is to BlameThe nonpartisan office confirms what was already clear: Trump’s sabotage of Obamacare is causing a spike in premiums.
  2. LePage Insists Medicaid Is ‘Welfare’With Maine voters having a chance to expand Medicaid over Paul LePage’s objections, he wants the ballot to call the venerable program “welfare.”
  3. Obamacare Is Officially Not CollapsingWeeks ago, nearly 50 counties had no insurer selling Obamacare plans. Despite Trump’s many acts of sabotage, that number is now zero.
  4. politics
    Senator With Kidney Cancer on Health-Care Battle: ‘It’s Not Over Yet’Hawaii’s Mazie Hirono on the ongoing health-care fight, the fumbling Trump administration, and John McCain’s dramatic 11th-hour vote.
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    The Best Arguments for Obamacare Are on TwitterTwitter threads have taken a turn for the emotional as health care for millions across the United States is threatened.
  6. CBO Score of Senate Health Bill Is Grim — But Gives McConnell Wiggle RoomOn one hand: 22 million people losing coverage. On the other: extra deficit savings to fund sweeteners.
  7. As Senate Prepares to Attack It, Obamacare Now Favored by Majority of AmericansObamacare’s popularity seems to be peaking just as Republicans get closer to taking it down in legislation that is not popular at all.
  8. How the Senate Might Do Even More Damage to MedicaidThe upper chamber is reportedly eyeing an approach to cutting the program that could be more draconian than what passed the House.
  9. Trump’s Sabotage of Obamacare Is WorkingBy engineering uncertainty, Trump is chasing insurers from rural marketplaces — and making it politically easier for Republicans to repeal the ACA.
  10. Aetna to Scale Back Its Participation in Obamacare (Again)The insurer is still losing millions on the ACA’s health exchanges, and will pull out of Iowa’s individual marketplace in 2018.
  11. White House Refuses to Promise Insurers That It Won’t Sabotage ObamacareInsurers came to Washington seeking reassurance that Trump wouldn’t abruptly cut off subsidies for low-income Americans. They left disappointed.
  12. Conservative Governors Still Not Ready to Accept Free Medicaid MoneySome observers hoped the crash of Trumpcare would convince 19 holdout states to expand Medicaid. No such luck.
  13. Key House Republicans Move to Stabilize ObamacareTrump has promised Obamacare’s imminent demise. But two powerful House Republicans plan to make the law harder to sabotage.
  14. Obama Chimes In on Health-Care Debate: ‘America Is Stronger’ Because of ACAThe former president is pushing back against claims that the ACA is a disaster.
  15. House Republicans Unveil Their Bill to Repeal and Replace ObamacareThey offered no estimate of how much the plan would cost, or how many people would lose coverage.
  16. WATCH: Congresspeople Are Getting Pummeled in Town Halls NationwideA lot of constituents are concerned — and vocal — about their health coverage.
  17. Republicans Accuse Protesters of Organizing for Political ChangeConservatives are now arguing that protests are illegitimate if they’re planned in advance by activists.
  18. ACA Repeal Is Forcing Republicans to Choose Between Conservatism and CompassionThe GOP realizes it can either throw sick people off their insurance (which is cruel) or retain government mandates (which isn’t conservative).
  19. Draft ‘Religious Liberty’ Order Would Offer Vast Protections for DiscriminationIt would let anyone dealing with the federal government violate anti-bias policies at will.
  20. IUD Insertions Have Increased by 19 Percent Since the ElectionThe increase was seen in both conservative and liberal areas.
  21. the national interest
    The Republicans Own Obamacare Now. How Many People Will They Let Suffer?The extent of the damage remains to be seen, but one way to calculate it, should the ACA be dismantled, will be in American lives lost.
  22. last night on late night
    Stephen Colbert Resurrects ‘The Werd’The lighter side of losing coverage.
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    The GOP Just Took a Step Toward Making Birth Control More ExpensiveIn a “vote-a-thon” that lasted until 1 a.m. Thursday morning.
  24. New York Is Fighting to Keep Birth Control Free for New Yorkers, No Matter WhatIf the ACA were to be repealed, there’s a chance New Yorkers could be protected.
  25. Obamacare Repeal Might Have Just Died TonightRepublicans need 50 senators to repeal the law. They don’t have the votes.
  26. the pill
    We’re Only a Few Years Away From Over-the-Counter Birth-Control PillsComing soon to a drugstore shelf near you.
  27. hear us out
    Pro-Choice Policy Actually Reduces the Abortion RatePresenting some enlightening stats.
  28. the trump effect
    How, Exactly, Could Trump Get Rid of Free Birth Control?Obamacare’s contraception mandate could be on the chopping block.
  29. things that pay off
    Why Birth Control Should Be FreeIt’s powerful preventive care unlike almost anything else in medicine.
  30. Obamacare Premiums to Rise 25 PercentBut most consumers should be able to avoid the price hike if they browse the exchanges for the best deal.
  31. Bill Clinton Says Obamacare Is Imperfect. Republicans Rejoice.The former president called for reforming the ACA. Republicans, and some media outlets, are pretending he called for repealing the law.
  32. Tim Kaine Declines to Sign Senate Resolution Calling for Public OptionThe public option may be Obamacare’s best hope for long-term success. And moderate Senate Democrats are lining up against it.
  33. America’s Uninsured Rate Hits Historic LowDespite its troubled markets (and lack of death panels), Obamacare is achieving its core aim.
  34. Obamacare Is Reducing Medical DebtSocialized medicine works, according to economists’ estimates.
  35. Company Health Care Still a Draw for EmployeesDespite the Affordable Care Act, people still want company insurance.
  36. Proposal Bans Trans Health-Care DiscriminationThe Affordable Care Act is about to get more inclusive.
  37. Obamacare Is Saving Thousands of Lives. And Americans Will Always Hate It.Just because the law is working, doesn’t mean it will ever be popular.
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    Obamacare Had Another Big Day in Court, But It’s Not Over YetThe Supreme Court could be next.
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    Obamacare Exceeds Sign-up Goal, Thanks to Procrastinating Americans7,041,000 people got health insurance through the federal website. 
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    Obamacare ‘Definitely Saw the Galifianakis Bump’According to Kathleen Sebelius.
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    Obamacare Reached Its (Revised) Enrollment Goal More than 6 million sign-ups.
  42. the supremes
    Supreme Court Leaning Toward Hobby Lobby in Contraception CaseBased on reports from today’s arguments.
  43. the internet
    White House Appeals to Youth With Cat-and-Twerking GIF BracketThe Obamacare push continues.
  44. government 2.0
    Behind the Scenes of Obama’s ‘Between Two Ferns’“At a certain point in the process, we were looking at each other going, ‘I can’t believe they’re letting us do this.’” 
  45. early and awkward
    President Obama’s Sickest Burns on ‘Between Two Ferns’ With Zach GalifianakisAn Obamacare plug that’s actually pretty funny.
  46. early and awkward
    Gohmert Goes Without Health Insurance Not the smartest move.
  47. Exact Change
    FDA to Require Calorie Counts on Snack Vending MachinesHow many calories is that Snickers bar worth to you?
  48. obamacare
    Healthcare.gov Seems to Be Working NowThere were about 29,000 enrollments in two days, more than during all of October.
  49. the supremes
    Obamacare Contraception Case Headed to Supreme Court, ‘by God’s Grace’Craft store Hobby Lobby fights for religious liberty.
  50. pre-existing conditions
    Fox News: Women Should Pay More for Health InsuranceAre we pregnant or are we hypochondriacs?
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