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  1. the war in afghanistan
    Friendly Fire Airstrike Kills 5 U.S. Soldiers in AfghanistanA bomber accidentally hit them after they called for air support.
  2. Bowe Bergdahl’s Parents Receive Death Threats As Son Begins Recovery Bob and Jani Bergdahl still haven’t spoken to Bowe.
  3. Bowe Bergdahl Was Known to WanderThe Army’s classified report reveals new details about the former POW
  4. Taliban Video Shows First Footage of Bowe Bergdahl’s ReleaseAmid reports that he looked “alarming” in a recent video.
  5. Republican Strategists Are Helping Bowe Bergdahl’s Critics Get Their Stories OutDiscussion about the American POW is becoming increasingly partisan.
  6. Fellow Soldiers Criticize Bergdahl They say his actions led to the deaths of his fellow troops.
  7. Not Everyone Is Happy With the Release of American POW Bowe BergdahlSome members of the GOP worry that the Obama administration negotiated with terrorists.
  8. Taliban Releases Captured American Soldier After Five YearsIn exchange for five Afghan prisoners.
  9. White House Publicizes CIA Chief’s NameOops.
  10. President Obama Sneaked Over to AfghanistanIn a leather jacket.
  11. Three Americans Killed by Hospital Guard in AfghanistanAt least one of the victims was a doctor.
  12. AP Photographer Killed in Cold Blood by Policeman in AfghanistanA reporter was also injured in the attack.
  13. Taliban’s Latest U.S. Hostage Is a Military Dog, Taliban SaysPoor thing.
  14. Explosion, Gunfight Near U.S. Consulate in AfghanistanAt least one killed.
  15. Soldier Apologizes for Afghan Massacre, Calls It ‘an Act of Cowardice’But still has no explanation.
  16. Obama Loses Patience With Karzai, May Pull All Troops From AfghanistanRather than leaving a “residual force.”
  17. Military Marks Afghan Withdrawal by Destroying $7 Billion of Its Own EquipmentThey can’t leave it by the curb with a Post-it note.
  18. Staff Sgt. Bales Describes Afghan Massacre, Offers No ExplanationThere’s not a good reason in this world for why I did the horrible things I did.”
  19. Young American Diplomat Killed in Afghan AttackAnne Smedinghoff was 25 years old.
  20. Taliban Greets Chuck Hagel With BombNine people were killed outside the Afghan defense ministry.
  21. Afghan Corpse-Urinating Marine Pleads Guilty, Will Have Rank ReducedIt’s a much lighter sentence than the judge wanted.
  22. notes from abroad
    Shooting a Film in Afghanistan Takes Courage, Creativity, and a Dead GoatThe fascinating tale of how an American directed the Oscar short-listed film Buzkashi Boys, about two boys trying to play a unique sport.
  23. Army Seeks Death Penalty for Sgt. Robert BalesHe’s accused of killing sixteen Afghan civilians.
  24. the actual war on women
    Afghanistan Still a Scary Place to Be a WomanTwo women’s-affairs officials have been murdered in the last year.
  25. There Are Cool Young Girls Skateboarding in AfghanistanThe cool kids are in Kabul.
  26. scandal
    Rich: Petraeus Scandal Won’t Draw Focus to WarAfghanistan will be ignored after Real Housewives of Tampa blows over.
  27. Anti-U.S. Protests Spark Up Again in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Beyond [Updated]After a brief calm, violence is again raging across the Middle East.
  28. prince harry
    Taliban Targets Prince Harry in Attack on Afghan BaseTwo U.S. Marines were killed.
  29. U.S. Declares Afghanistan a ‘Major Non-NATO Ally’The last country to get that designation was Pakistan, in 2004.
  30. Obama Fails to Settle Pakistan Dispute at NATO SummitSupply lines remain closed.
  31. U.S. Strategic Release Program Trades Insurgents for Information, Vow of Peace The U.S. has released an unspecified but reportedly low number of detainees in this fashion.
  32. Frank Rich on the National Circus: A Noun, a Verb, and Osama bin LadenObama couldn’t sink to Bush’s low of politicizing 9/11 if he tried.
  33. Explosion Shakes Kabul After Obama Visit [Updated]President Obama left prior to the blast that killed at least six.
  34. President Obama Will See Your Firehouse and Raise You ... Afghanistan!He made a surprise visit to Afghanistan today.
  35. Long Island’s 92-Year-Old Movie Bootlegger Is Untouchable Because he’s basically a saint.
  36. U.S., Afghanistan Reach Pact on Post-Withdrawal RelationsThe pact covers the decade following the 2014 troop withdrawal.
  37. the war in afghanistan
    U.S. Troops Posed for Pictures With Dead Suicide Bombers in AfghanistanThe Los Angeles ’Times’ has released the photos despite requests from the government not to publish them.
  38. Taliban Kick Off Their Spring Offensive With Explosions and a Prison Breakout In Kabul, attacked embassies; in Pakistan, nearly 400 inmates freed.
  39. Sergeant Robert Bales’s Wife: ‘This Is Not Him’In her first public statements, Karilyn Bales defended her husband.
  40. Why Is Mitt Romney Allowed to Have Herman Cain’s Afghanistan Policy?Which is, basically, “I don’t know.”
  41. Staff Sergeant Robert Bales’s Family Life Revealed on Wife’s BlogJoys of fatherhood, hopes for a transfer.
  42. U.S. Soldier Who ‘Snapped’ and Killed Sixteen Afghan Civilians I.D.’edRobert Bales was described by neighbors as a patriotic, mild-mannered, family man.
  43. Suspect in Afghan Shootings Had Been DrinkingHe just snapped,” a U.S. official said.
  44. Live-in Divorce: Afghanistan EditionWe don’t want to be together, but we can’t live apart just yet. 
  45. American Soldier Kills Sixteen Afghan Civilians, Motive Still Unknown [Updated]Hamid Karzai: This “cannot be forgiven.”
  46. Americans Apologize for Burning Korans in AfghanistanProtesters were not pleased in the slightest.
  47. CNN Analyst Dana Loesch Wants ‘A Million Cool Points’ for Peeing SoldiersThe conservative commentator had some extreme words on the incident during her radio show.
  48. Taliban Handling Corpse Urination Video Surprisingly WellThey hardly seem surprised, really.
  49. Video Allegedly Shows Marines Peeing on Taliban CorpsesUgh. 
  50. The Death of Pvt. Danny ChenNew details emerge as eight of Chen’s fellow soldiers — mostly NCOs — are charged.
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