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  1. my (ai) single is dropping
    Don’t Freak Out But a Digital Agency Created an AI Version of Travis ScottIntroducing Travisbott.
  2. fame
    Billie Eilish Tells a Bot About the Time She Disguised Herself As a NormieHuman interaction hits different when you’re famous.
  3. the future issue
    In 2029, AI Will Make Prejudice Much WorseIf you think structural bias is bad now, just wait until the machines take over.
  4. food tech
    Robot Drive-throughs Are the Future of Fast FoodAt least at one restaurant in Denver, Colorado.
  5. the internet
    Scarlett Johansson Ruminates on All the Deepfake Porn Made From Her Image“I think it’s a useless pursuit, legally, mostly because the internet is a vast wormhole of darkness that eats itself.”
  6. technology
    Google Duplex Still Cant Get Its Disclosure RightGoogle said Duplex, its AI system that makes phone calls for you, would disclose it is a robot at the start of all calls. It’s not doing quite that.
  7. no thank you
    Sorry, But This Robot Painting SucksAnd it just sold for $432,500.
  8. select all
    Google Can’t Understand Me Unless I Speak Spanish in an American AccentJust as train conductors are taught to pronounce local destinations, voice assistants have a responsibility to understand a variety of accents.
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    Don’t Worry, IBM’s AI Debater Can’t Beat Humans … YetThe AI also wanted to warn us humans about the dangers of mass surveillance.
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    Glitch Capitalism: How Cheating AIs Explain Our Stagnant PresentAmerican society has come to follow the same logic as glitch-hunting AIs, and in the process become vulnerable to huge inequalities and injustices.
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    This Is What Robots Think Nudes AreAI porn is awful, but AI nude portraits are nice!
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    AI-Created Celebrity Porn Is Getting Erased From Its Favorite Image-Hosting Site“Deepfakes” will have to find a new home.
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    AI-Generated Fake Celebrity Porn Is Realistic, Easy to Create, and TerrifyingImagine having your face swapped — very convincingly — into a porn video. That’s what AI can do.
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    Anthony Levandowski Thinks His AI Church Worshippers Will Need Their Own CountryThe ex–Uber engineer believes technology is something that should be worshipped.
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    MIT Researchers Developed an AI That Writes Horror Stories Based on Your TweetsJust in case you weren’t already scared of technology.
  16. science
    Now Computers Can Tell If You’re Gay or Straight Just From a Pic of Your FaceA study found AI can guess your sexual orientation from analyzing a photograph.
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    Apple, Breaking Years of Secrecy, Jumps Into AI ConsortiumApple, lagging badly behind its competitors in artificial intelligence, decides to join them.
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    Obama on the Risks of AI: ‘You Just Gotta Have Somebody Close to the Power Cord’The president sat down with MIT Media Lab director Joi Ito for an interview about the future, in Wired.
  19. Gmail Understood My Breakup Better Than I DidHow Google built an algorithm to peer into my soul.
  20. select all
    How I Built a Bot to Write Full House EpisodesSitcoms are America’s greatest renewable resource for weird projects online.
  21. not close enough encounters
    Four Ways Steven Spielberg TV Shows Feel Like Bad Spielberg Knockoffs’Terra Nova,’ ‘Falling Skies,’ and ‘Seaquest DSV’ share all the themes of a Spielberg movie, but with none of the flair.
  22. michael jackson
    Michael Jackson ReplacedWith a Japanese woman.
  23. vulture lists
    10 Best Movie Destructions of NYCFrom Ghostbusters 2 to The Day After Tomorrow.