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Air Conditioning

  1. summer in the city
    That Office AC System Is Great — at Recirculating VirusesDeep breaths may not be calming.
  2. gender equality
    Men Finally Forced to Face the Wrath of Office Air-ConditioningAn upside to men wearing shorts.
  3. Too Much Time in Air-Conditioning Is Warping Your Ability to Handle HeatMaybe your apartment doesn’t need to be a frozen tundra.
  4. Why the Air-Conditioning Wars Will Never EndThe science of temperature perception explains why the same room can feel hot to one person and freezing to another.
  5. De Blasio Just Made It Illegal to Run the AC With a Door or Window OpenIf you’re a small business.
  6. In Defense of Office Air-ConditioningThe cold never bothered me anyway.
  7. brrr
    Air-Conditioning Really Is a Sexist Conspiracy It turns out most office thermostats are calibrated with the comfort of a 40-year-old man in mind.
  8. Why Won’t Italians Have Cappuccino After Dinner?And seven other mysterious health beliefs examined.
  9. the sports section
    Reactions: AC Goes Out at NBA Finals“LeBroning” gets a new definition.
  10. summertime
    FDNY Makes Thrilling House Call to Prevent Falling Air ConditionerSomebody’s gotta do it.
  11. Hot Hot Hot
    Hot Stuff: Today’s Scorcher Takes Its Toll on Ice Cream and Fried ChickenIf you can’t take the heat…
  12. neighborhood news
    Air Conditioner Drippings Aren’t As Gross As You Might ThinkYou could even drink them. But don’t, really.
  13. intel
    Where Do You Go to Stay Cool When It Is 102°?Here are some of our secret air-conditioned oases. What are yours?