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  1. discrimination
    Woman Wearing ‘Hail Satan’ Shirt Ordered to Get Off PlaneThe flight crew reportedly told her she had to change because her shirt was “offensive.”
  2. travel
    Everyone Is Vaping on the Plane“If teens were flight attendants, I’d be screwed.”
  3. travel
    Oops, Airplane Lands in Completely Wrong CountryRelatable.
  4. vulture guides
    A Guide to December’s Best In-flight Movies, Sorted by AirlineWhat to watch while sitting in an upright position.
  5. under the sun
    Why You Should Wear Sunscreen on a PlaneAnd why dermatologists only choose aisle seats.
  6. sexual assault
    Man Allegedly Groped Sleeping Woman on Plane While Seated Next to His WifeThe woman told investigators that she woke up with the man’s hand inside her unbuttoned pants.
  7. yes king!
    Barry Jenkins Hilariously Livetweeted Notting Hill From a Plane“Oh god oh god watching a quasi love making scene between Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts over someone’s shoulder is like CRAZY AWKWARD!!!!”
  8. the aviator
    Jennifer Lawrence Sounds Like a Horrible Person to Be Stuck on a Plane With“I’m not afraid of the airplane, I’m afraid of me on the airplane and losing control of myself.”
  9. crime
    Airline Passenger Helped Save Kids From Sex Abuse After Seeing Man’s TextsShe reportedly saw a man texting about abusing kids while sitting on a plane.
  10. transportation
    The Pilot Who Says the Cockpit Is a Confessional“You name it, man. I’ve probably heard it all.”
  11. airplane!
    Harrison Ford Will Keep His License After Airplane Landing IncidentFord inadvertently landed on an active taxiway rather than his assigned runway on February 13.
  12. aviation theory
    Harrison Ford Could Get His Pilot’s License Suspended After Near MissThe FAA is investigating what occurred.
  13. airport mishaps
    JetBlue Put Two Children on the Wrong Airplanes, OopsA New York mother was not pleased when the airline handed her a completely different 5-year-old.
  14. Attention Passengers: The Baldwin Brothers Are Sitting on the Wing of the […] 5:43PM Attention passengers, this is your captain, Jeremy Calhoun. We will be taking off for our flight to Milwaukee shortly. Please place […]
  15. twitter beef
    Russell Crowe Battles Airline Over HoverboardsThe boards’ lithium battery has been linked to fires.
  16. star wars
    This R2-D2 Plane Is the Droid You’re Looking For*Bleep bloop*
  17. fled zeppelin
    Fear Not, America: That Renegade Army Blimp Is DownWho will surveil the surveillance blimps?
  18. foam and diamonds
    How Will We Get Drunk on the Way to Ibiza Now?Ryanair thwarts rowdy vacationers.
  19. A Comprehensive Collection of Comedians Tweeting About Their FlightsFasten your seat belts, turn off all electronic devices, and get ready for a lot of turbulence.
  20. bad behavior
    Jeremih Charged With Trying to Force His Way Onto a Plane Right Before TakeoffHe really didn’t want to miss that flight.
  21. islamic state watch
    ISIS Is Trying to Fly Fighter JetsUsing pilots left over from the Saddam Hussein era, according to a new report.
  22. ebola
    There Could Be a No-Fly List for EbolaThe CDC is reportedly considering it.
  23. unfriendly skies
    Second Flight Diverted This Week Due to Fight Over Seat ReclineThe Knee Defender wasn’t involved.
  24. unfriendly skies
    Fliers Booted From Plane After Brawling Over Seat ReclineThey got all the legroom they wanted, and then some.
  25. mysteries
    A Piece of a Commercial Plane Ended Up in a Long Island Yard, SomehowNot comforting.
  26. For Your Comfort and Safety, by Dan DillaboughThank you for choosing to fly with us today. Before we take off, we ask that you please pay close attention to the following safety […]
  27. cable news news
    Flight-Simulator Instructor Fired for ‘Shaming’ Canada on CNNThe network’s nonstop Malaysia Airlines coverage finally claims a victim.
  28. knives
    Amanda Seyfried Is Armed and DisappointedA celebrity is shocked the rules don’t apply to her. 
  29. Letter to the TSA, by Roger TaylorDear TSA, I must take issue with your rules about the transportation of liquids, posted on your website and at airports around the country. As […]
  30. parenting
    Airline Offers Magical ‘Flying Nannies’Trained in child psychology, origami, and magic.
  31. the friendly skies
    Airplane’s Newark Bellyflop Didn’t Hurt AnyoneBut it sounds pretty scary.
  32. the friendly skies
    People Pretty Much Ignoring the FAA’s Cell Phone RuleSome 30 percent don’t power down while flying.
  33. airplane fashion
    Vivienne Westwood Now Designing Airplane UniformsShe’s adding style to Sir Richard Branson’s fleet.
  34. dummies
    Reminder: You Can’t Take a Loaded Gun on a PlaneIt keeps happening.
  35. scary things
    Newark Airport Had a Rough SundayAn injured employee and a plane off the runway.
  36. Patton and Maron Sittin’ in a Plane, T-W-E-E-T-I-N-GThis morning, Patton Oswalt and Marc Maron happened to be on the same flight from NYC to LA. They couldn’t sit together, as Patton was in first […]
  37. Man Tries to Board Flight With a Knife Hidden in a Mayo JarPolice confiscated the knife and mayo and let the man board his flight.
  38. future lawsuits
    It Rained Poop on Long IslandThe day can only get better after that.
  39. Alec Baldwin Got Kicked Off a Plane For Playing Words With FriendsNot only did Alec Baldwin get yelled at for playing Words With Friends on his phone while on a plane, he also got removed from the plane? This […]
  40. clickables
    Watch Taylor Swift Perform ‘Airplanes’ With B.O.B.It’s her latest hip-hop cover collaboration.
  41. the worst form of travel
    Seriously, Turn Off Your Cell Phone While the Plane Is LandingYou don’t want to end up in jail.
  42. cold case
    DNA Test Negative for D.B. Cooper Suspect; a New Sketch EmergesWith limited samples, eliminating suspects through DNA evidence is just as hard as finding them.
  43. clickables
    Watch a Hypnotic Time-Lapse Video of Planes Taking OffAnd away they go.
  44. movies
    Airplanes and Cars May Finally Get the 3-D Movies They’ve Always NeededIn two years, it may be commonplace to watch 3-D in-flight movies.
  45. why they hate us
    Commuter Plane Kills One Bird in Apparent AltercationThe battle continues.
  46. air travel
    Man Boards Plane at JFK With Three Box CuttersRemember box cutters? The reason we have the TSA in the first place?
  47. Left Handed Radio: ‘Jocaster is Busy’On this episode: New England’s greatest mariachi band, a war-torn future that should never be, changing a flight reservation gets a little […]
  48. airplanes
    Law Enforcement Officer Forgot to Take His Loaded Gun Magazine With Him When He Left the AirplaneA young kid found it on the next flight, though.
  49. badass birds
    Passenger Jet Emergency-Lands at JFK, Bird Attack SuspectedA Delta passenger jet heading for Moscow this evening blew an engine upon takeoff.
  50. don’t scan me bro!
    Obama: TSA’s Nude Screening a Necessary InconvenienceThough the president has not actually experienced it.
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