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  1. 2011 tour de france
    Eight Reasons Why This Was the Best Tour de France in Recent MemoryFrom fallen champions to Cadel Evans’s well-deserved win.
  2. tour de france
    TDF: Still a Toss-upContador can’t quite do it; Evans and the Schlecks still in it.
  3. tour de france
    TDF: Aussie Makes Bold MoveCadel Evans, goin’ for it.
  4. tour de france
    TDF: Schlecks Reveal (Successful) StrategyThat is: both being really good cyclists.
  5. Can a Battered Contador Mount a Comeback?As we go into Stage 12, where do things stand in this most crash-tastic Tour de France?
  6. tour de france
    Bloody Crashes Mar TourMany injured; contenders affected.
  7. tour de france
    Contador’s Crash Shakes Up Tour FieldA Brit steps up.
  8. alberto contador
    A Point-by-Point Case That the Tour de France Champ Almost Certainly DopedAnd is almost certainly screwed.
  9. tour de france
    Final Weekend of Tour de France Could Be Incredibly Thrilling (or Kind of Anticlimactic)Schleck isn’t expected to win, but he wasn’t expected to be this close, either.
  10. tour de france
    Tour de France: An Epic Battle Amid Fog and Malevolent SheepContador fends off attack.
  11. tour de france
    Schleck Bides Time; No Stage Win for LanceTomorrow’s stage will be crucial.
  12. tour de france
    Today’s Tour Stage Leaves Contender With ‘Stomach Full of Anger’He promises revenge.
  13. tour de france
    Tour de France Contenders Bide Time Before PyreneesToday’s ride up the side of a freaking mountain was apparently not tough enough for anything surprising to occur.
  14. tour de france
    Tour de France: Two Favorites Emerge From a Pile of CarnageThis bicycle race is significantly less pleasant than the one with the naked women in the Queen song.
  15. tour de france
    Read This Article and You Will Find Yourself Following the Tour de FranceThe Spanish have a good shot at keeping up their winning streak.
  16. party lines
    Lance Armstrong Only Allowed Scones a Bit LongerThe Tour de France legend talks to us about his rides around New York.
  17. the sports section
    With Tour de France Over, Spoke-Slapping Starts Between Contador and Armstrong“Hey, pistolero. There is no ‘I’ in team.”