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  1. the sports section
    Alex Rodriguez Gives Up, Accepts SuspensionThe Yankees third baseman has withdrawn his lawsuit against MLB.
  2. the sports section
    Did Alex Rodriguez Really Try to Pay a $49,901.51 Bribe to Tony Bosch?60 Minutes aired the claim, but documents obtained by New York cast doubt on it.
  3. photo op
    Fat A-Rod Is the New Fat JeterAlex Rodriguez looks a bit different in a new photo.
  4. the sports section
    Alex Rodriguez Sues Baseball to Un-Suspend HimNot very likely.
  5. the sports section
    With 2014 Suspension, A-Rod Joins ArmstrongBud Selig gets his man.
  6. the sports section
    A-Rod Suspended for 2014 SeasonThe longest doping suspension in MLB history.
  7. Detroit Newscast Uses Photo of Alex Rodriguez for Nelson MandelaAnd yes, it looked ridiculous. 
  8. the sports section
    Alex Rodriguez Is ‘Like the Marathon Bombers’The inevitable apology came quickly.
  9. the sports section
    A-Rod Storms Out of Appeals Hearing, Rips Bud Selig on WFANIt’s been a busy day.
  10. the most important people in the world
    A-Rod Reportedly Had Three-Ways With ProstitutesThat is all. 
  11. scandal-stained wretches
    Alex Rodriguez’s Juicy Lawsuit Against MLBHe’s seeking unspecified damages for having his reputation destroyed.
  12. the sports section
    What Other Numbers Might the Yankees Be Retiring in the Near Future?Definitely Jeter. Maybe Posada. Not A-Rod.
  13. the sports section
    Brooklyn’s ‘A-Rod Grocery’ Changing Name to Something Less Steroid-y“Some customers are boiling mad.”
  14. the sports section
    A-Rod Drilled by Pitch in Boston, Then Homers Two At-Bats LaterOne of the best Yankees–Red Sox games in recent memory.
  15. the sports section
    Did Alex Rodriguez Snitch on Other Players?CBS says he did.
  16. A-Rod Juices Up Legal Team With High-Powered Private Eyes Who Worked for DSKCan’t hurt …
  17. the sports section
    On the Perception of a Yankees PED CultureThere are a few names familiar to Yankees fans on today’s list of suspended players.
  18. the sports section
    15 Hilarious Quotes From 2009 A-Rod Interview“The most important thing for me in my career is to be honest and forthright.”
  19. the sports section
    A-Rod Suspended Through 2014, Can Play While He AppealsSelig finally had someone he could make an example of in order to create his defining moment of the Steroid Era.
  20. the sports section
    Monday Promises to Be a Big Day for A-RodHe’ll get suspended, and play for the first time in six months.
  21. the sports section
    A-Rod and Brian Cashman Now Communicating Via Press ReleaseCashman also spoke to reporters and said A-Rod wouldn’t be back before August.
  22. the sports section
    Doctor: A-Rod’s Quad Is Just FineMeanwhile, the Yankees are reportedly looking into whether A-Rod violated the CBA by getting a second opinion.
  23. the sports section
    Why Ryan Braun’s Suspension Is Bad News for A-RodMajor League Baseball is going after its white whales.
  24. the sports section
    Keeping Track of All of Today’s A-Rod ReportsInsurance shenanigans abound!
  25. the sports section
    Brian Cashman Isn’t Trying to Be Nice to A-Rod AnymoreHe told a reporter that the injured third baseman should “shut the fuck up.”
  26. the sports section
    Why A-Rod May Never Actually Serve a Suspension Because of BiogenesisIt mostly hinges on Tony Bosch.
  27. MLB Will Seek Suspensions for A-Rod, Twenty Other Players in PED ScandalBiogenesis clinic founder Tony Bosch is cooperating with the investigation.
  28. the sports section
    Today in Alex Rodriguez Being ShadyA-Rod bought documents from a drug clinic to keep them from the MLB.
  29. the sports section
    A-Rod Should Absolutely Not Go on TVPlease, A-Rod, don’t go on television and apologize.
  30. the sports section
    What’s This About the Yankees Maybe Seeking to Void A-Rod’s Contract?Yeah, no.
  31. the sports section
    A-Rod, Others Linked to HGH SupplierSo this should be fun over the next few days.
  32. yankees
    The A-Rod Timeline of Events Doesn’t Really Explain Girardi’s Decision-MakingWe’re as confused as we were when the playoffs ended.
  33. yankees
    A-Rod and the Yanks’ Complicated 2012 PostseasonThe third baseman needs hip surgery and will likely be out until June.
  34. yankees
    There’s Going to Be a Broadway Show About the YankeesThe folks behind Lombardi and Magic/Bird will produce.
  35. 2012 alcs
    The Unnecessary Circus That Was the Yankees’ PostseasonThe Yankees didn’t lose this series because of Joe Girardi. But …
  36. alex rodriguez
    Say the Yankees Trade A-Rod — Then What?There aren’t a lot of third basemen, you know.
  37. 2012 alcs
    A-Rod SpeaksA-Rod isn’t very media savvy, but he nailed it.
  38. yankees
    The Yankees Deny Keith Olbermann’s A-Rod Report“Not true.”
  39. 2012 alcs
    The New, But Not Improved, Joe GirardiThe Yankees manager swears he’s not panicking. But he is.
  40. 2012 alcs
    Yankees Bats Vanish Yet Again in ALCS ShutoutThe Yankees fall behind to the Tigers 2-0 with a 3-0 loss.
  41. 2012 alcs
    The Yankees Lose Game One … and Derek JeterThis time, a miracle Raul Ibanez homer backfired.
  42. 2012 alds
    Alex Rodriguez Is Not in the Game 5 Starting LineupOh, boy.
  43. 2012 alds
    Yankees Pushed to the Brink as Bats Go SilentThe Orioles win Game Four in 13 innings, and it will all be decided tomorrow.
  44. 2012 alds
    What Happens Now With A-Rod?That was the beginning of the end.
  45. yankees
    Ibanez’s Homers, Girardi’s Madness Win for YanksThe Yankees win 3–2 in twelve innings to take a 2–1 ALDS lead over the Orioles.
  46. 2012 alds
    Five Things to Remember When Considering Dropping A-Rod in the OrderJoe Girardi hasn’t ruled it out.
  47. slideshow
    As Requested, Here’s a Slideshow of A-Rod Going to Town on Some Sunflower SeedsA-Rod really likes sunflower seeds.
  48. yankees
    Maybe the Yankees HAVE Made It 2002 Again Through Science or Magic!Derek Lowe gets a save.
  49. yankees
    The Yankees’ Former Mariners Had a Better Day Than the Current MarinersEven A-Rod was in the house.
  50. injuries
    A-Rod Broke His HandHe’s likely to miss at least a month.
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