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  1. Trump Lawyer Hints Comey Part of ‘Deep State’ ConspiracyAfter calling Comey a liar, Trump attorney identifies him with the leakers some Trump fans believe are trying reverse the election.
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    Alex Jones Says He’s Not Just Interviewing With Megyn Kelly Because She’s PrettyJones is set to appear on Kelly’s new NBC show.
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    Stephen Colbert Mocks Alex Jones’s Forced Apology by Issuing His Own ‘Apologies’“I am now legally required to understand those words to be wrong.”
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    Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones Admits Defeat in Battle Against ChobaniThe Infowars host settled with Chobani on Wednesday.
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    Alex Jones’s Infowars Media Empire Is Built to Sell Snake-Oil Diet SupplementsHow does Alex Jones make money? It’s not advertising, and it’s not subscriptions.
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    Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones Loses Custody Battle With Ex-WifeKelly Jones now has joint custody and can decide where the children will live.
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    Here’s Why Chobani Yogurt Is Suing Far-Right Radio Host Alex JonesAlex Jones’s latest legal battle is against a yogurt company.
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    4 Psychology Experts on Why Alex Jones Is Always Taking His Shirt OffAfter it emerged that conspiracy theorist Alex Jones allegedly took his shirt off during family therapy, we got curious.
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    Stephen Colbert and Alex Jones Find Common Ground With Right-Wing CharactersSay hello to Tuck Buckford.
  10. Stephen Colbert’s ‘Brain Fight with Tuck Buckford’ Gives ‘Performance […]Infowars founder and radio host Alex Jones is in the news this week, but not for another dangerously insane rant on his show. This time it’s […]
  11. Alex Jones Is Just ‘Playing a Character,’ According to His LawyerThe conspiracy goes deeper than we thought.
  12. After Trump’s Syria Air Strikes, the Alt-Right Is Not Alright“I guess Trump wasn’t ‘Putin’s puppet’ after all, he was just another deep state/Neo-Con puppet.”
  13. Alex Jones and Roger Stone Are Starting to Think Jared Kushner Is IlluminatiTrump’s longtime ally tells the Infowars host that Kushner has been feeding anti–Steve Bannon stories to MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough.
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    Alex Jones Is a Very Rude Lunch HostIn a new Der Spiegel profile, we learn what eating barbecue with Infowars conspiracy theorist Alex Jones looks and sounds like.
  15. Stephen Colbert Plays the Greatest Hits of Infowars’ Alex JonesSorry, America. We all have to know about Alex Jones now.
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    Trump Is All-in on an Infowars-Approved Voter-Fraud Conspiracy TheoryUp until now, Trump and his staff have generally pointed, misleadingly, to mainstream studies to support the claim. Not anymore.
  17. Alex Jones Says He’s Been ‘Offered’ White House Press CredentialsThe chief nut at Infowars has a relationship with President Trump.
  18. Alex Jones Says Our Next President Will Soon Be on His ShowThe radio host — who has claimed that the Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax — says Donald Trump will appear on his show in the “next few weeks.”
  19. InfoWars’ Alex Jones, King of All Trolls, Relishes His Moment“My life’s purpose has been completed,” said a misty-eyed Jones. “I will continue on. But for now, I realize, I have won.”
  20. Report: Clinton Linked to Satanic Ritual Involving Children and Marina AbramovicThis may be the far-right’s most unhinged misreading of a WikiLeaks email yet.
  21. The Internet’s Conservative Fever Swamps Aren’t Going Away, So We Need to AdaptIt’s probably time for everyone to give up on the idea that any level of denunciation or fact-checking can counter online gonzo media.
  22. Alex Jones’s Debate Meltdown Makes Trump Look PoliteHillary Clinton is a “frickin’ lying whore,” the conspiracy theorist said.
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    ‘Citizen Journalism’ Is a Catastrophe Right Now, and It’ll Only Get WorseIn theory, the internet could be a great place for crowdsourced journalism, analysis, and debunking. In theory.
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    Here’s Eric Andre Trolling Alex Jones and the Entire Republican Convention“I want you to have sex with my wife.”
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    Donald Trump Joins Alex Jones’s InfowarsDonald Trump finally found a journalist whose theories about 9/11 are even more discredited than his own. 
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    Paul’s GOP Hostile Takeover Gets More HostileAn audacious, heretofore successful plot meets its first resistance.
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    Alex Jones: America’s Top Conspiracy TheoristThe mouthpiece of domestic paranoia speaks.
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    Does the Media Encourage Conspiracy Theories by Reporting on Them?It’s a symbiotic relationship.
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    Bombing Truther Crashes Boston Press ConferenceAsks Governor Patrick if attack was a ‘false flag.’
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    White House Officially Refuses to Deport Piers MorganJay Carney finally responded to the petition asking for it.
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    The Man Who Would Deport Piers Morgan Goes Nuts on His Show [Updated]Alex Jones calls Morgan a “hatchet man of the new world order.”
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    Rise of the Deathers: Cataloguing the Emerging Bin Laden ConspiraciesThree different schools of crazy.
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    The Dumbest Deather TheoryBin Laden’s dead body has been preserved, on ice, for nearly ten years.