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  1. mar-a-lagator
    Trump Has Been Obsessed With Alligator-Filled Moats for (at Least) 35 YearsIn 1984, he planned a “castle” on Madison Avenue that had a drawbridge and you-know-what swimming around under it.
  2. the cut opinion pages
    Personally, I Wouldn’t Taunt the MonsterThe best and worst line in Crawl is a classic trope of the genre.
  3. huh
    Live Alligator Stars in Extremely Metal Gender-Reveal PartyT-Mike Kliebert (a.k.a. “The Gator King”) revealed the sex of his unborn baby to friends and family with the help of a watermelon and an alligator.
  4. impressive feats
    A 10-Year-Old Girl Escaped a Gator Attack by Prying Its Jaws OpenOnly in Florida.
  5. modern day social media
    Bippity Boppity Boo: Disney Intern Fired, Rehired Over Alligator TweetIt’s a sensitive subject.
  6. asking for a friend
    Is This Motorcycle-Riding Alligator Single? Asking for a FriendHe’s dreamier than your dream man.
  7. later gator
    Alligator Is Arrested After Seen Swimming in Queens Park“Jaws” is no longer on the loose.
  8. stand clear of the exotic pets
    Just an Alligator Wandering Around a Long Island Supermarket Parking LotWhat’s the deal with all these gators?
  9. swamp people
    How Not to Market a TV Show, From the Makers of Swamp PeopleI see you, gator, creepin’.
  10. clickables
    See Robert Pattinson Chilling With an Alligator on the Vanity Fair CoverWho has the better side eye?
  11. reptiles
    Small Alligator Makes Public Debut in Queens“He was really small, but mean looking.”
  12. eff the recession
    Louisiana Overrun With Alligator Skins, Since No One’s Making Handbags With Them AnymoreOne farm hasn’t sold a single skin in a year.