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  1. thank u next
    Allison Williams, Ricky Van Veen Are Getting DivorcedThank u, next.
  2. horror
    Let’s Talk About the Insane Ending of Netflix’s The PerfectionWe unpack the horror movie’s go-for-broke finale with its director and stars.
  3. beauty
    This Makeup Artist’s Inspiration Was a Ham SandwichYum.
  4. trailers
    Allison Williams, Logan Browning, a Meat Cleaver Star in The Perfection TrailerThis is going to get brutal.
  5. oral history
    How Get Out, the First Great Movie of the Trump Era, Got MadeIt began as a rebuke to Obama-inspired dreams of racial harmony and became a conduit for fears reignited by the rise of the new president.
  6. trailer mix
    Showtime’s Patrick Melrose Trailer: Benedict Cumberbatch Hates Being Lucid!What a great cast.
  7. Allison Williams Joins Horror-Thriller The Perfection [Eats one celebratory dry Fruit Loop.]
  8. last night on late night
    Allison Williams’s Face Is the Only Thing That Calms Ellie Kemper’s BabyHere’s a parenting tip for you.
  9. careers
    Which Girls Actor Got the Biggest Career Boost From the Show?A rundown, from smallest to biggest.
  10. the future
    What’s Next for the Stars of Girls?Lena Dunham has a lot planned.
  11. last night on late night
    Allison Williams on Sex-Scene Excitement: Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don’t“We found the one way I have more experience than Samuel L. Jackson.”
  12. the black body
    What Get Out Gets Right About American Culture and Black BodiesIts literal depiction of racism, appropriation, and the fetishization of black people is its brilliance.
  13. last night on late night
    Allison Williams Wants Marnie to Get Into a Marriage of Convenience With Elijah“Their mutual hatred and envy and love will keep them together.”
  14. white people
    In Get Out, Allison Williams Makes ‘Good White People’ TerrifyingIn her first film role, the Girls actress plays with her impossibly Caucasian star image.
  15. Allison Williams and More on the Scenes in Girls They Are Proudest Of“There were no real lines for it, and that was really challenging.”
  16. goodbyes
    A Final Vent Session With the Girls of Girls“I feel like I’m finally ready to blow it up a little bit and be like, ‘You know what, fuck all y’all.’”
  17. career paths
    Allison Williams Says Her Generic Name Stopped Her From Being Greta Gerwig“I think if I’d used my middle name professionally — Howell Williams — I’d have a totally different career.”
  18. trailer mix
    Girls Season 6 Trailer: Time to Maybe, Finally Grow UpReturning February 12.
  19. unhappy endings
    Watch a Teaser for the Final Season of GirlsThe gang’s all (reluctantly) here.
  20. Talking to David O. Russell About Past Forward, His Dreamy Film for PradaThe director held court at a Los Angeles screening of the film.
  21. trailer mix
    Get Out Trailer: The Dark Side of Jordan Peele “If there’s too many white people I get nervous.”
  22. party pics
    Rose Byrne and Allison Williams Partied TogetherPlus Chanel Iman, Gloria Steinem, and Elizabeth Olsen.
  23. beauty is pain
    Allison Williams Pierced Her Ear With a Safety PinAnd other celebrity piercing horror stories.
  24. all choked up
    We Asked Celebrities If the Choker Should DieRose Byrne, Allison Williams, Amandla Stenberg, and more on the trend.
  25. not watching
    Allison Williams’s Dog Has an Attitude That Sums Up the 2016 ElectionJust can’t even look anymore.
  26. health matters
    Read This Open Letter to Lena Dunham’s UterusFrom Allison Williams, to Lena’s endometriosis.
  27. What’s That? An Award for Allison Williams? Maybe not. 
  28. chat room
    Allison Williams of Girls on Her Big Episode“Basically there is no difference between Girls and Game of Thrones. It’s time everyone noticed.”
  29. last night on late night
    Allison Williams on How Tom Hanks Married Her“We just wanted someone with charisma, who was good at reading a crowd.”
  30. superfans
    Allison Williams Got Engaged During an Episode of The BachelorLife imitating ABC.
  31. casting couch
    Allison Williams to Star in Peele’s Horror FilmShe’ll play the girlfriend of the main character.
  32. Allison Williams Will Star in Jordan Peele’s Horror Film ‘Get Out’Jordan Peele has found the star of his upcoming horror film. Deadline reports that Girls’ Allison Williams has officially signed on to star in […]
  33. snooze button
    Can Any Celebrity Be Interesting for 24 Hours Straight? A feat of endurance.
  34. superlatives
    The Best, Worst, and Most Rihanna Looks at the Met GalaGiant headdresses, occasional plumage, and so many trains.
  35. the industry
    All of the Girls From Girls Will Be on The SimpsonsSpringfield’s about to get very hip.
  36. scandals
    Allison Williams on Dad’s Suspension: ‘I Can’t Wait Until He’s Back on TV’She addressed the scandal during a talk at the 92nd Street Y.
  37. 21 questions
    Allison Williams Is Friends With the Dinosaurs at the Natural History MuseumThe Girls actress takes on 21 of our questions.
  38. party pics
    Amy Adams and Cara Delevingne Partied TogetherJennifer Lopez, the Broad City women, and more highlights from this week’s parties. 
  39. tv
    Girls’ Marnie Was Based on Tracy Flick“Lena says ‘Tracy’ a lot when she’s directing me.”
  40. gender roles
    Allison Williams Says She Always Asks to Play Male RolesNo going back after Peter Pan
  41. year in review
    The Fug Girls: The Best and Worst Red-Carpet Moments of 2014Bibs, sheer jumpsuits over hot pants, and so much more. 
  42. what goes up
    Ratings: NBC’s Peter Pan Didn’t Fly Too HighIt drew half the audience as last year’s big show.
  43. theater review
    Theater on the Tube: A Review of Peter Pan Live!A theater critic watches TV.
  44. highs and lows
    The Highs and Lows of Peter Pan Live!Not too shabby, NBC. Not too shabby.
  45. hate-watching
    Allison Williams Would Rather You Not Hate-Watch Peter Pan Live!Hmm, would you rather us not watch it at all?
  46. will the promo never end?
    Hear Allison Williams Sing in This New Peter Pan Live! PromoShe’ll never grow up. (Or use Auto-Tune.)
  47. it’s a hard-knock life
    Allison Williams Once Had a Really Bad HaircutThankfully, she muscled through it.
  48. video
    Christopher Walken Loves His Tambourine in This Peter Pan Live! PreviewWe personally cannot get enough. Of the flying.
  49. video
    Peter Pan Live!’s First Promo Is Full of Magic and Fake WindShe flies!
  50. the british are coming
    The Young British Fashion Star With an Old SoulEmilia Wickstead has succeeded with a retro approach to both business and style.
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