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  1. google
    Can Google Be More Than an Advertising Company?The company continues to make hundreds of billions each year, but nearly all of that is from advertising revenue — and that’s a problem.
  2. whizzzz
    The Drones Are Coming — They Will Probably Be Carrying SushiWhy food drones could pave the way for a future filled with flying deliveries.
  3. the techoning
    Alphabet Exec Resigns After Exposé and Ahead of Planned Employee Walkout“Director of mad science” Paul DeVaul has been ousted after a New York Times exposé and ahead of a planned walkout by hundreds of Google employees.
  4. select all
    Eric Schmidt Steps Down From Leading GoogleHe’ll remain as a technical adviser though.
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    Amazon Prime Video Finally Arrives on Apple TVIt’s so heartwarming when two massive companies can get along.
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    The Juiciest, Most Groan-Inducing Details From the Uber vs. Waymo Court DocsUnicorns, a lot of shredding, and embarrassing Google searches come to light in a due-diligence report by Stroz Friedberg.
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    Google Has Started Testing a Built-in Ad-Blocker for ChromeThe built-in ad-blocker is now available to Chrome Canary users.
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    Google Has Paid Thousands to Academics Writing About GoogleSome of the incentives were as high as $400,000.
  9. So Much for ‘Don’t Be Evil’: Google Moved 11 Billion Euros to Tax-Free BermudaIt’s sunny there.
  10. Alphabet Now the Most Valuable Public CompanyKnocked out (a still very flush) Apple.
  11. star wars
    Check Out an Adorable Series of Star Wars Alphabet PrintsWell, we might just have to go out and get pregnant for this.
  12. alphabet
    Watch ABCinema, an Alphabetic Journey Through FilmLook at all the letters! So pretty!
  13. clickables
    Play a Quick Game of Superhero AlphabetCan you guess them all?