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  1. extremely online
    YouTube and Reddit Put Their Foot Down, Ban Far-Right ContentYouTube took down six accounts, while Reddit banned over 2,000 subreddits.
  2. the far-right
    Virginia Gov. Declares State of Emergency Before Pro-Gun Rally in RichmondTaking no chances after Charlottesville, Gov. Northam declared a state of emergency ahead of Lobby Day, which has attracted far-right demonstrators.
  3. politics
    Stephen Miller Sure Seems Like a White NationalistLeaked emails show that Miller is immersed in the alt-right.
  4. steve bannon
    Report: The Church Really Doesn’t Want Steve Bannon’s Alt-Right Academy in ItalyA top cardinal warned Bannon not to set up his “gladiator school for culture warriors” in a 13th-century monastery.
  5. cowed boys
    YouTube Bans Hate Group Founder Gavin McInnes for … ‘Copyright Infringement’McInnes had already been de-platformed by all other major social-media companies.
  6. trump tweets
    Trump Echoes Neo-Nazi Propaganda About South Africa (That He Heard on Fox News)Data show there is no “large scale” killing of white farmers in South Africa. But the alt-right, neo-Nazis – and now, the U.S. president – disagree.
  7. charlottesville protests
    Study: 24 Million White Americans Have Alt-Right Beliefs. What’s That Mean?A new study suggests that 12 percent of white Americans pass a test for adherence to white identity politics. That’s a lot of people.
  8. DI Politics Chat: Kanye Goes MAGAFour New York staffers talk about Kanye West’s full-throated endorsement of the Donald Trump and alt-right turn.
  9. select all
    Kanye West, Galaxy BrainLet’s unpack what Kanye West’s been doing on Twitter, rubbing elbows with the far right.
  10. video
    Here’s How an Alt-Right Troll Auditions for SurvivorAfter he was banned from Twitter, Chuck Johnson auditioned for Survivor. He was not cast.
  11. We’re About to Find Out If Bannonism Is a ThingThe Breitbart chairman has a chance to trade pro-Trump sycophancy for an ideologically coherent brand of far-right populism.
  12. select all
    The Storm Is the New Pizzagate — Only WorseA new conspiracy theory called “The Storm” has taken the grimiest parts of the internet by, well, storm.
  13. select all
    Sam Seder’s Firing Shows Corporations Can’t Stop Getting Rolled by the Far RightIt’s just the latest example proving that since corporations have no idea how far-right outrage works, they will grant it victory after victory.
  14. select all
    4channers Are Eating Onions to Be More ManlySoy Boys, Onion Lads, and 4chan’s never-ending quest for testosterone.
  15. select all
    Twitter Is Un-Verifying Alt-Right AccountsLaura Loomer, Richard Spencer, and Jason Kessler have all lost their blue check marks.
  16. There Have Been So Many Bad Lefty Free-Speech Takes LatelyJust because the right and the alt-right make silly, hypocritical arguments about free speech doesn’t mean those on the left should follow suit.
  17. the chain gang
    Papa John’s Forced to Deny It Makes the ‘Official Pizza’ of the Alt-RightA neo-Nazi website gave the chain props for bashing the NFL protests.
  18. select all
    This Might Be the Most Insane and Depressing Fake-News Story YetNo, Columbia students didn’t march in open defense of pedophilia. Yes, tens of thousands of people — at least — thought they did.
  19. select all
    This YouTuber Is Figuring Out How to Counter the Right’s Dominance of the SiteContraPoints’s videos are funny, gonzo, and smart — and follow a format specifically designed to fight the far right’s dominance of YouTube.
  20. Bannon’s Populist ‘New Right’ Pretty Similar to the 1970s New RightThere were right-wing nationalist/populist culture warriors battling the Republican Establishment in the ’70s, too. Some of them are still around.
  21. The Republican Roots of TrumpismJonathan Chait interviews conservative former talk-radio host Charlie Sykes on the rise of Donald Trump.
  22. Alt-Right Blogger Posts Names From ‘Shitty Men in Media’ ListMike Cernovich, a man charged with rape himself, has begun outing men from the once-secret list.
  23. he did nazi that coming
    Florida Bar Offers to Trade Beer for Unused Tickets to Richard Spencer’s SpeechNaturally, his supporters responded with death threats.
  24. neo-nazis
    State of Emergency Declared in Florida Ahead of Richard Spencer’s SpeechGovernor Rick Scott issued an order days before Spencer’s speech at University of Florida.
  25. select all
    4 Key Takeaways From the Monster Milo Yiannopoulos Document LeakA distressing number of journalists tipped off Yiannopoulos during his Breitbart days.
  26. select all
    Pepe’s Creator Is on a Legal Crusade to Take the Frog Away From the Alt-RightPepe strikes back.
  27. protests
    Tens of Thousands March Against Hatred and White Supremacy in BostonBoston’s police commissioner applauded how 99.9 percent of the roughly 40,000 protesters were “standing tall against hatred and bigotry in our city.”
  28. charlottesville
    I Lost My Son to the Alt-Right MovementA mother reflects on her son’s descent into hate.
  29. charlottesville
    Men’s-Rights Activism Is the Gateway Drug for the Alt-RightBoth movements appeal to those with fantasies of violent, sometimes apocalyptic redemption.
  30. Alt-Right Organizers Cancel the March on Google, Citing ‘Terrorist Threats’The planned defense of a fired Google employee and his sexist memo is off, for now.
  31. Trump Says ‘Alt-Left’ Deserves Blame for Violence in CharlottesvilleThe president condemned “neo-Nazis” and white supremacists — but defended the right-wing protesters who simply wanted to preserve their history.
  32. Richard Spencer’s Domestic Press ConferenceSpeaking to the media from the suburban D.C. apartment he calls an office, the white nationalist had some thoughts on the White House.
  33. Yikes: Alt-Right Demonstrations Are Scheduled for Nine Cities Next WeekendUpdate: Organizers have announced the cancellation of the marches, citing ‘Terrorist Threats’
  34. charlottesville
    Tiki Brand Does Not Condone the Use of Its Torches by White Supremacists“We do not support their message or the use of our products in this way.”
  35. How the GOP Can Prove It Isn’t a Party for White SupremacistsRepublicans need to do a lot more than say the right words about Nazis to atone for their role in the revival of the racist right.
  36. lists
    Things President Trump Has Condemned Other Than White NationalistsThe president declined to condemn white nationalists on Saturday, but he’s sure summoned the will to condemn just about everything else.
  37. White Nationalists March on UVA Ahead of Saturday RallyAn inauspicious beginning to the weekend.
  38. irony
    An Anti-Refugee Ship Had to Be Saved by a Refugee-Rescue GroupThe alt-right YouTubers have been trying to prevent refugees from getting into Europe, but ran into some trouble themselves.
  39. silicon valley
    Alt-Right Protesters Are Planning a ‘March on Google’Organizer called James Damore’s dismissal a “flashpoint.”
  40. select all
    Steve Bannon Learned How to Use Gamer Rage Via Gold Farming in World of WarcraftHow the “rootless white males” of World of Warcraft once inspired the White House chief strategist.
  41. select all
    Where Did the Alt-Right Come From? This Book Finds Some Uncomfortable AnswersAngela Nagle’s Kill All Normies is among the best examinations of the origins of the alt-right.
  42. alt-right fashion
    Fred Perry Wishes the Alt-Right Didn’t Love Their Polo ShirtsThe brand issued a statement denouncing the “Western chauvinist” group.
  43. alt right
    Milo Yiannopoulos’s Book Is a Love Letter to HimselfAccording to a draft obtained by BuzzFeed.
  44. select all
    The Online Radicalization We’re Not Talking About“Red-pilling” is radicalizing by another name.
  45. select all
    Chuck Johnson’s WeSearchr Is Having a Bit of a MeltdownWith Chuck Johnson and Pax Dickinson parting ways, it’s worth asking: Who’s funding all this ultraright content?
  46. select all
    The French Don’t Get the Alt-Right’s MemesEven the country that loves Jerry Lewis doesn’t get the alt-right.
  47. hot shot
    See a Girl Scout Stare Down a Neo-Nazi at a Rally in the Czech Republic16-year-old Lucie Myslíková stood up to a neo-Nazi demonstrator at a May Day rally.
  48. alt-right
    Cuckolding’s Wild Journey From Porn to the West WingHow “cuck” explains the neurotically masculinist world of the alt-right.
  49. select all
    The Whole World Is Now a Message BoardAnd its moderators are the meme vanguard of the alt-right.
  50. the new far right
    Andrew Sullivan: Why the Reactionary Right Must Be Taken SeriouslyAn open-minded inquiry into the close-minded ideology that is the most dominant political force of our time — and can no longer be ignored.
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