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  1. the more you know
    Val Kilmer Has a Shady Take on Johnny Depp, and More Great Bits From His AMASomeone’s been sitting beneath the shade tree …
  2. choice cuts
    The Best Lines From Anthony Bourdain’s Reddit AMA“I’d like to do a show with Keith Richards.”
  3. Jerry Seinfeld Will Not Sully the Legacy of Bee Movie With a SequelUn-bee-lievable.
  4. select all
    Wyclef Deleted His Reddit After an AMA DisasterSeriously. Bad idea.
  5. ama
    Here Are the Best Answers From Aziz Ansari’s Reddit AMAFeaturing some updates about his new Netflix show.
  6. ama
    Here Are the Best Answers From Channing Tatum’s AMAYes, his penis has a nickname.
  7. ama
    Gilmore Girls’ Logan on Why Rory Rejected HimMatt Czuchry breaks down Rory’s reasoning in a Reddit AMA.
  8. ama
    Here Are the Best Answers From Vince Gilligan’s Reddit AMAHe would really like it if people stopped throwing pizzas on that lady’s roof.
  9. ama
    Here Are the Best Answers From Chris Pratt’s Reddit AMA“Anna and I are meant to be together. Our relationship has made me believe in divine intervention and destiny.”
  10. ama
    Here Are the Best Answers From Will Forte’s Reddit AMAAlso, for what it’s worth, he said #thedress was “blue and grey.”
  11. ama
    Here Are the Best Answers From Rainn Wilson’s Reddit AMAHe has a zonkey.
  12. ama
    Here Are the Best Answers From H. Jon Benjamin’s Reddit AMA“I would FMKE (f*ck marry kill eat) Pam.”
  13. ama
    The Best Answers From Chris Rock’s AMA“I remember a midget girl hit on me one night.”
  14. ama
    Here Are the Best Answers From Nick Offerman’s Reddit AMA“[Chris Pratt is] a magnificent beast.”
  15. Jon Stewart Says He Felt ‘Somewhat Herculean’ Making Stephen Colbert Break […]“My greatest joys on the show were trying to make Stephen break, or the other correspondents. Because you felt as though you had accomplished […]
  16. reddit ama
    The Best Answers From Daniel Radcliffe’s Reddit AMAIncluding what his Horcrux would be.
  17. reddit ama
    Sir Mix-a-Lot Loves How Nicki Minaj Made ‘Baby Got Back’ Her Own “For a guy who likes butts, how can I look at the video and say I don’t like it?”
  18. reddit ama
    The Best Answers From Idris Elba’s Reddit AMAHe loves Mary Poppins.
  19. reddit ama
    The Best Answers From Sean Bean’s Reddit AMAHe called Jon Snow a “little bastard.”
  20. The Best of Weird Al’s Reddit AMATo coincide with the release of his new album Mandatory Fun, “Weird Al” Yankovic did a question and answer session on Reddit, which was full of […]
  21. The Best of Nathan Fielder’s Reddit AMANathan for You star Nathan Fielder did a Reddit AMA with fans yesterday that’s full of great responses on everything from how he keeps a […]
  22. reddit ama
    The Best Answers From Tilda Swinton’s Reddit AMA“Working with both Jim Jarmusch and Wes Anderson is like the summer camp of dreams.”
  23. Martha Stewart Still Considers Herself a ModelIt’s a really, really good thing.
  24. Matt Damon Approves of Matt Damon in ‘Team America: World Police’“I thought it was brilliant! I mean, I never understood it, and then I heard an interview with them and they said the puppet came in looking […]
  25. Will Ferrell’s First Reddit AMA Was All JokesSNL legend and comedy film superstar Will Ferrell dropped by Reddit for his first AMA with fans this afternoon to support the charity Cancer […]
  26. The Best of Bill Murray’s Surprise Reddit AMA from FridayWhen it seemed like all the news had run out on Friday night, Bill Murray showed up on Reddit for a surprise AMA to promote his new film […]
  27. best of
    Read David Edelstein’s Best Responses From His Reddit AMAHow the Internet has affected criticism, why he left 12 Years a Slave off his year-end best list, and more.
  28. Highlights from Will Forte’s Reddit AMAWill Forte dropped by Reddit on Friday for an AMA to promote his new film Nebraska, and he answered plenty of interesting questions about SNL, […]
  29. mommy and me
    Rihanna’s Heartwarming Mommy/Daughter AMA MomentShine bright like a dia-mom.
  30. best of
    Read Jerry Saltz’s Best Responses From His Reddit AMAThey’re great.
  31. captain phillips
    Read Paul Greengrass’s Response to Captain Phillips Complaints“And I’m 100% satisfied that the picture we present of these events in the film, including the role playing by Captain Phillips, is authentic. I stand by the picture I give in the film, absolutely.”
  32. Highlights from David Cross, Bob Odenkirk, and Brian Posehn’s Reddit AMABob Odenkirk, David Cross, and Brian Posehn have a new book out today called Hollywood Said No!, and they’re doing a six-city comedy tour this […]
  33. Highlights from Bill Hader’s Reddit AMARecently-departed SNL cast member Bill Hader sat down for an AMA question-and-answer session on Reddit yesterday to promote The To Do List, a […]
  34. The Best of ‘Futurama’s David X. Cohen’s AMAIn honor of Futurama ending its run on Comedy Central this month, executive producer David X. Cohen took to Reddit yesterday to answer […]
  35. Highlights from Mitch Hurwitz’s Reddit AMAArrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz took to Reddit today to answer “questions, complaints, criticisms, etc.” and thank fans for […]
  36. Highlights from The Lonely Island’s Reddit AMATo promote their latest record, The Wack Album, comedy rap group The Lonely Island took to Reddit to take questions from strangers. The Dudes […]
  37. Highlights from Patton Oswalt’s Reddit AMAPatton Oswalt did an AMA question-and-answer session on Reddit yesterday afternoon, and a lot of important comedy stuff came up. From his […]
  38. Gallagher Aftermath, and More Highlights from Marc Maron’s Reddit AMAMarc Maron Is Everywhere Week continues as the comedian is popping up all over the place to promote his new book and IFC show. Maron did a […]
  39. Highlights from Louis C.K.’s Reddit AMA TodayLouis C.K. did a question-and-answer session over at Reddit today to promote his new stand-up special, Louis C.K.: Oh My God, which premieres […]
  40. Highlights from Reggie Watts’s Reddit AMA Comedian/musician Reggie Watts is currently filming the second season of IFC’s Comedy Bang Bang, and he just released two music videos for […]
  41. Nick Offerman Made a Crazy Video with Famous People and Did a Reddit AMA To promote a new indie comedy he’s starring in called Somebody Up There Likes Me, Nick Offerman made this ridiculous video with Adam Scott, […]
  42. Highlights from Eddie Pepitone’s Reddit AMA You may know comedian Eddie Pepitone from WTF with Marc Maron, Conan, Last Comic Standing, or the brand new documentary that he’s the subject […]
  43. Tony Tony Tony
    The Highlights From Anthony Bourdain’s Reddit Ask Me Anything“Bradley Cooper as me? It was strange. I thought — this guy’s going nowhere.”
  44. Ask Splitsider Editor/Founder Adam Frucci ANYTHING on Reddit TodaySplitsider editor and founder (and my boss) Adam Frucci will be doing a Reddit AMA question-and-answer session at 2pm EST/11am PST today, so […]
  45. Eugene Mirman’s Reddit AMA Session Got Really WeirdComedian Eugene Mirman did a question-and-answer session on Reddit today, and things instantly got super weird. Right off the bat, Mirman was […]
  46. All the Best Moments from Maria Bamford’s Reddit AMAComedian Maria Bamford answered fans questions in a Reddit Ask Me Anything (or AMA) yesterday to promote her new standup special, the special […]
  47. The Best Moments from Key & Peele’s Reddit AMAThe very funny Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, stars of the titular Comedy Central sketch show Key & Peele, did a Reddit AMA […]
  48. Highlights from Rainn Wilson’s Reddit AMA: Mistakes on Last Season of ‘The […]The Office’s Rainn Wilson logged onto Reddit for an AMA question-and-answer session with fans yesterday. In it, he reflected honestly on The […]
  49. Highlights from ‘The League’ Cast and Crew’s Reddit AMAThe cast and creators of FX’s The League took to Reddit today to answer fan questions in between filming an episode from the new season (which […]
  50. A Cute Baby Picture and All the Best Parts from Aziz Ansari’s AMAAziz is no stranger to Reddit AMAs, so he navigated his one last night like a real pro. He answered questions about Parks and Recreation, […]
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