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  1. the great british chatting show
    U.S. vs. U.K.? An Anglophile and an America Fanboy DebatePodcast host Roger Bennett has written a new memoir, Reborn in the USA, detailing his youthful fascination with all things American.
  2. religion
    Americans Who Belong to a House of Worship Are Now a MinorityThe 21st century has seen a rapid decline in religious membership. But the country has been even more “churchless” in the not-so-distant past.
  3. asians in america
    Swallowing Our BitternessThe burden of swallowing anti-Asian racism is making America and me sick.
  4. close reads
    Yellowstone Is the Most (Anxious, White, Male) American Show on TVIt’s no coincidence that a story about outside threats to an insular way of life is one of cable’s biggest dramas.
  5. sadboi suf
    Sob Through the 3rd of July with Sufjan Stevens’s New Track, ‘America’Time for a 12-minute sob sesh.
  6. america
    Anti-Vaxxers March on California Capitol Singing ‘We Shall Overcome’No.
  7. controversies
    Neil Armstrong’s Sons Defend First Man From ‘Anti-American’ CriticismDon’t worry, the American flag gets plenty of screen time.
  8. fall fashion 2017
    A 43-Day Fashion Road TripHolly Andres started taking pictures in Portland, circled the nation, and ended in Montana. Along the way, she met these women — and their Americas.
  9. studies
    7 Percent of American Adults Believe Chocolate Milk Comes From Brown CowsThe real question: Where do they think strawberry milk comes from?
  10. The Complete Oral History of “The Star Spangled Banner” (Fictionalized […] The following is the complete oral history of Francis Scott Key’s “The Star Spangled Banner.” Certain quotes and other elements have been […]
  11. select all
    This Memorial Day, Watch 7 Hours of Golden Tee World ChampionshipsCelebrate Golden Tee. Celebrate America.
  12. the darkest hour
    America’s Bacon Reserves Are at a ‘50-Year Low’You might want to find a new comfort food.
  13. class
    Two Big Lessons a Star Sociologist Learned by Studying Trump Country for 5 Years“The seriousness and reality of that discontent, it doesn’t just reduce to racism.”
  14. The Possessive Your Guys’ Is American English at Its Rough-Spun BestThe language evolves.
  15. the chain gang
    McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast Still Americans’ Only Comfort During Awful ElectionSales continue to grow, thanks to afternoon McMuffins.
  16. America Is Built to Breed Elite Workaholic MenAs American as apple pie.
  17. Going to Work When You’re Sick Is a Very Dumb and Very American IdeaPresenteeism: Sound familiar?
  18. america
    Woman Hospitalized by Chipotle Demands Free Burritos AnywayNever underestimate the appeal of free food.
  19. vmas 2016
    Black Women Dominate the VMAs, and Pop CultureBeyoncé and Rihanna were at the center of last night’s awards, much like Simone Biles at the Olympics.
  20. America’s Baby-Making Rate Is the Lowest EverThe big question: Why?
  21. Dutch Are Huge, Guatemalans Were Tiny, and Other Facts From 100 Years in HeightTo see human history, consider the human body.
  22. The United States Has the Largest Parental Happiness Gap in the Developed WorldNote to self: Having kids won’t make you happier (in America).
  23. america!
    This Silly America’s Got Talent Weirdo Is Silly and WeirdThe American we deserve.
  24. Youngs Live With Parents More Than Partners for the First Time in Modern EraWho else could they live with?
  25. Animal Americans Nearly Killed to Extinction Now a National SymbolThe U.S. has its first national mammal: the bison.
  26. america!
    Watch Lady Gaga’s Hi-Res Super Bowl PerformanceSo gallantly streaming.
  27. metaphors
    Uncle Sam Went to Donald Trump’s Office and Messed Up His HairUncle Sam is a 27-year-old bald eagle. 
  28. America Celebrated Black Friday by Stockpiling a Record Number of GunsThe FBI processed a record number of background checks for firearms purchases on Black Friday.
  29. Very Important Causes
    Guy Explains That He Was Just Joking About Petitioning Cracker Barrel to ChangeRyan Koch was surprised that his “satirical” petition got such a huge response.
  30. Uh, There Was a Mock Wake on The BacheloretteForget the sex. Kaitlyn was in a coffin being eulogized.
  31. do-si-do
    Pippa Middleton Danced With a Bunch of GeezersSpotted country dancing. 
  32. america!
    Sinkholes Are Now Hotter Than CorvettesTourists just want to see the National Corvette Museum’s giant hole.
  33. america!
    Ted Cruz Renounces Canadian Citizenship, Becomes 50 Percent More AmericanThanks a lot, Canada.
  34. america!
    Washington Monument Reopens Three Years After EarthquakeMore than 150 cracks have been repaired.
  35. america!
    France Bans Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears From Daytime TVAnd ScarJo says that Parisians are being rude to her.
  36. Duck Dynasty Guns Now AvailableEach purchase comes with an American-flag bandanna.
  37. america!
    2013 Domestic Box Office Might Be the Biggest EverDepending on how the next few days go.
  38. america!
    Sandy-Damaged Ellis Island Reopens Next WeekBut repairs won’t be completed until the spring.
  39. child beauty pageants
    Let the French Children Have Their Pageants “This isn’t America.”
  40. america!
    Ted Cruz Doesn’t Want to Be a Canadian AnymoreThat should make birthers happy.
  41. weddings!
    Study: Love Is for the Rich Marriage is a status symbol, not a rite of passage. 
  42. america!
    Rhubarb Lady: The Complete TranscriptThe only video you ever need to see. 
  43. america!
    Battery Park to Host Lady Liberty’s Huddled Masses Indefinitely Ray Kelly and Chuck Schumer win this round.
  44. america!
    Statue of Liberty Still Bound by Security Squabbling Schumer and Kelly restart the feud.
  45. america!
    Don’t Plan on Visiting Ellis Island Anytime SoonRepairing the damage from Hurricane Sandy will take all year.
  46. america!
    Dinesh D’Souza Is Making Another Movie It’s described as a sequel to 2016: Obama’s America.
  47. america!
    On Any Given Day, at Least Two Kids Are Bringing Guns to SchoolA terrifying stat.
  48. america!
    Which Quixotic Conservative Utopia Is Right for You?There are so many to choose from.
  49. Ke$ha Dresses Like Wonder Woman at a Business MeetingGlitzy ribbon headpiece and all.
  50. america!
    Two Rocket Launchers Turned In at No-Questions-Asked L.A. Gun BuybackWe have so many questions, though.
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