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America’s Sweeheart

  1. america’s sweeheart
    Sarah Palin Almost Remembers the White House Address1400 Pennsylvania Avenue? So close.
  2. america’s sweeheart
    Sarah Palin Loves the Lamestream Media When It Defends Her HonorAmerica’s Sweetheart responds to Martin Bashir’s resignation.
  3. feuds
    Now Tell Us What You Really Think of Her, Aaron SorkinAaron Sorkin is angry about ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska.’
  4. america’s sweetheart
    Sarah Palin Kills a Frolicking Caribou on the Arctic TundraThis is a sad thing.
  5. america’s sweetheart
    Metal Concept Band Gwar Provides New Imagery for the Words Nailin’ PalinThey’re really not a fan.
  6. america’s sweetheart
    President Obama: ‘I Don’t Think About Sarah Palin’Pretty sure that’s impossible, but okay.