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American History

  1. drunk history
    The Pandemic Has Led to an Outbreak of Terrible Historical AnalogiesTrump and his allies are using the coronavirus to warp history. We can’t ignore their delusions.
  2. american history
    The Riotous Pre-History of American JewsEight of the most critical and contentious turning points, from Steven Weisman’s The Chosen Wars.
  3. controversies
    The First Lady Who Made Her Own Contraband MakeupIn Louisa Adams’s time, beauty was supposed to be pleasant, natural, and chaste.
  4. education
    American Exceptionalism 101 Now Being OfferedAfter complaints, the College Board makes some changes. 
  5. Schomp Family History, by Blythe RobersonThe Schomp family is the most affluent of the Boston Brahmins. The Cushings? Peasants. The Parkmans? Hippie street dwellers. The Lawrences? […]
  6. Food Politics
    Thomas Jefferson: America’s Foodiest PresidentBarack Obama doesn’t even make the list.