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American Royalty

  1. american royalty
    Miley Cyrus’s Brother Is Dating Her Boyfriend’s SisterSibling rivalries. 
  2. american royalty
    Here Is Video Proof That Ethel Kennedy Likes Taylor SwiftDo you know what dragging is?
  3. american royalty
    Taylor Swift Totally Didn’t Mean to Crash That WeddingBut she pretty much admits that she did.
  4. american royalty
    Kathie Lee Gifford Can Confirm That Taylor Swift Crashed That Kennedy WeddingAnd Conor definitely did not RSVP.
  5. american royalty
    Taylor Swift Gets Her First No. 1 Single, Also Gets Trashed by a KennedyAnd she crashed a wedding.
  6. the most important wedding in the world
    Al Gore to Skip Chelsea Clinton’s WeddingSo was he even invited?
  7. rubba bubba
    Jenna Bush Interviews Bill ClintonWe’re betting her dad had two reactions to this.