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  1. trailer mix
    Amy Ryan Shames Cops, Looks for Her Missing Daughter in Lost Girls TrailerBased on a story from New York Magazine.
  2. trailer
    Beautiful Boy Trailer: Timothée Chalamet and Steve Carell Will Break Your HeartSee it in theaters October 12.
  3. Larry David Casts Every Actor for His Movie – There Are No More ActorsYou want to hang out with Larry David, right? So it should come as no surprise that a lot of people have signed on for Clear History, his […]
  4. casting couch
    Amy Ryan and 50 Cent Join Schwarzenegger and Stallone’s The TombThis is one interesting assembly of actors.
  5. best of 2011
    David Edelstein’s Favorite Performances From 2011And a few of his worsts, as well.
  6. party lines
    Party Lines Slideshow: Amy Ryan at a Screening of ‘Like Crazy’Find out who’s done the long-distance thing.
  7. party chat
    Amy Ryan Talks About Her Cold, Wet Proposal on The Office“There wasn’t a dry eye in the house — literally, from the water pouring down on us and from our emotions.”
  8. party lines
    Paul Giamatti at Win WinPlus: More famous people!
  9. the page meets the stage
    Let the Great World Spin Author Colum McCann Gives Amy Ryan a Reading LessonVulture joined them as he coached her before her public reading of his short story tonight.
  10. clickables
    See Amy Ryan’s Return to The OfficeIt involves silly voices that are somehow heartwarming.
  11. Amy Ryan Is Returning to The Office This SeasonAmy Ryan is returning to The Office this season. This seems to pretty obviously be Michael Scott’s out from the show: “[Amy Ryan’s] first […]
  12. the office
    Amy Ryan Back on The Office by DecemberIt’s all part of the Steve Carell exit plan.
  13. the take
    The Wire Alumni Watch, Part IIWith new movies from Stringer Bell and Jimmy McNulty out this weekend, we take a look at the rest of the cast’s post-’Wire’ activities.
  14. the office
    Amy Ryan Returning to The OfficeTo help Michael Scott say good-bye?
  15. trailer mix
    Jack Goes Boating Trailer; or, the Movie in Which Philip Seymour Hoffman Has DreadsAnd he’s the director! Really not looking out for himself.
  16. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Jeremy Renner, Snow WhitePlus: Neal McDonough to play “Dum Dum” in ‘Captain America.’
  17. the industry
    Tom McCarthy Making Win Win for Fox SearchlightMcCarthy’s new film will star Paul Giamatti and Amy Ryan.
  18. overnights
    The Office Sets Up Amy Ryan’s Return!We have an instant cliff-hanger.
  19. the industry
    Philip Seymour Hoffman to Awkwardly Make Out With Amy RyanPlus: Woody Harrelson battles zombies!
  20. quote machine
    Clint Eastwood: Kind of a JerkPlus: Amy Ryan excited about finally getting roles that call for hair-brushing.
  21. chat room
    ‘The Office’ Star Amy Ryan on Tackling Bears and Romancing Michael ScottRyan spoke with Vulture about rattlesnakes and ‘Office’ hazing rituals.
  22. quote machine
    Helen Mirren Gives the Best InterviewsPlus: Amy Ryan imagines dead puppies, and Daniel Radcliffe wants to play a drag queen.
  23. the early-evening news
    Michael Scott to Get Second Chance With Charming HR RepPlus: Nike finally makes the shoes from ‘Back to the Future 2’ — and completely disappoints in every imaginable way.
  24. the take
    ‘The Wire’ Alumni Watch: It Pays to Be a PlayerBeadie in ‘The Office’! Prez on Broadway! And Michael in Beverly Hills!
  25. overnights
    ‘The Office’: Amy Ryan Inspires Season-Redeeming FinaleCompetent, daffy, diplomatic and, yeah, even a little vulnerable, Ryan classed up every scene she was in!
  26. countdown
    Which Character Will Be Spun Off From ‘The Office’?We hope it’s Kelly Kapur!
  27. quote machine
    Panic at the Disco: Exactly Like the BeatlesPlus: Ed Begley Jr.!
  28. kudos
    Oscar Predictions: The Major CategoriesHow to win your Oscar pool? Pick the chalk.
  29. kudos
    The Oscars: The Best Supporting Nominees Make Their CaseCan anyone beat Javier and Cate?
  30. the industry
    Christian Bale Will Hunt Johnny Depp to the Ends of the EarthPaul Greengrass is just about the last man in Hollywood who could get an Iraq-war movie green-lit at this point.
  31. gossipmonger
    Mary Jo Buttafuoco Fires Back at Amy FisherMary Jo Buttafuoco, who is working a memoir about being shot by Amy Fisher, thinks the Long Island Lolita is trashy for cashing in on the fame she got from almost killing her. Patricia Clarkson and Gone Baby Gone actress Amy Ryan have seen each other “butt-ass naked.”
  32. kudos
    Oscar Futures: ‘Juno’ Is This Year’s Little Movie That CouldPlus: The rise of P.T. Anderson.
  33. kudos
    Oscar Futures: ‘Juno’ Is This Year’s Little Movie That CouldPlus: The rise of P.T. Anderson.
  34. quote machine
    Hilary Swank Appreciates Ireland for Its AlcoholPlus quotes from Amy Ryan, Stephen Colbert, and the ever-quotable Jason Bateman.
  35. kudos
    Oscar Futures: ‘Charlie Wilson’s War’ Stages a ComebackEvery week between now and January 22, Vulture’s Oscar Futures will listen to insider gossip, comb the Oscar blogs, and out-and-out guess when necessary to track who’s up, who’s down, and who’s currently leading the race for a coveted nomination.
  36. kudos
    Oscar Futures: ‘Charlie Wilson’s War’ Stages a ComebackWho’s up? Who’s down?
  37. kudos
    The Coen Brothers Dominate New York Film Critics CirclePlus: Amy Ryan, suddenly a front-runner?
  38. news reel
    Amy Ryan on the ‘Gone Baby Gone’–‘Wire’ ConnectionWhat does season five have in store for Beadie Russell?
  39. the industry
    As Usual, Cate Blanchett Making Everyone Else Look BadPlus industry news on Hellraiser, Benjamin Bratt, and Clint Eastwood’s next film.