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  1. A Dancer Discovers Strength in Her Mexican HeritageSara Perez knew she came from a long line of strong women — but she never knew much about them. This is her story.
  2. How a Cartoonist Connected With a Forgotten Family StoryFor years, Jason Katzenstein’s grandmother has told him he reminds her of her own grandfather. This is their story.
  3. Meet the Musician Who’s Determined to Know His AncestorsChristian Sands has some surprising similarities with his 5th great grandfather. This is his story.
  4. Meet the Photographer in Search of His Family StorySam Ortiz is the grandchild of Puerto Rican immigrants on the Lower East Side — this is their story.
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    How a Viral Video of Cybergoths Presaged the Emote Dance CrazeIt turns out the cybergoths were years ahead of their time.
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    Can Spotify and AncestryDNA Really Tell You About Yourself Through a Playlist?Strap yourself into yourself and enjoy the ride!
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    Benedict Cumberbatch, Sherlock Author RelatedBecause all British people know each other.