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    What Other Numbers Might the Yankees Be Retiring in the Near Future?Definitely Jeter. Maybe Posada. Not A-Rod.
  2. the sports section
    Andy Pettitte Is Retiring AgainAt the end of the season.
  3. yankees
    The Yankees Haven’t Been Getting Any YoungerThey’re also not making many commitments beyond 2013.
  4. 2012 alds
    By the Way, the Yankees’ Pitching Has Been Really GoodThe bull pen hasn’t been used much, but it’s been stellar.
  5. 2012 alds
    Yankees Drop Game Two, and the ALDS Is TiedThis series is rather close.
  6. 2012 alds
    The Yankees Are Probably Going to Get Rained On AgainMore precipitation projected for game two.
  7. 2012 mlb playoffs
    How the MLB Postseason Schedule Could Mess With the Yankees’ RotationDo they need a fifth starter?
  8. yankees
    The Yankees Had a Rare (Mostly) Stress-Free NightOh, and Andy Pettitte still hasn’t allowed a run since returning.
  9. yankees
    Ready or Not, Here Comes Andy PettitteThe veteran lefty returns to the rotation tonight.
  10. yankees
    The State of the Yankees Rotation: Are You an Optimist or a Pessimist?Phil Hughes was great last night, and Andy Pettitte and Ivan Nova are on their ways back.
  11. So, What Are the Yankees Gonna Do With Their Rotation?Down their top two guys, what’s next for the Yankees?
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    And Now Andy Pettitte’s Hurt, TooTwo starting pitchers in one day for the Yankees.
  13. yankees
    So, How About Andy Pettitte?The lefty was terrific in a win over the Rays last night.
  14. yankees
    Andy Pettitte Takes Loss, Returns to Locker With Misspelled NameRough night for the lefty.
  15. 2012 baseball preview
    Yankees Season Preview: So Who Exactly Will Be in the Rotation This Year?Our season preview continues.
  16. yankees
    Five Fun Things From Yankees Camp YesterdayWe were at Yankees Spring Training yesterday. Here’s what we saw.
  17. yankees
    Whoa: Andy Pettitte Is Attempting a Comeback With the YankeesHe’s signed a minor-league deal with the Yankees that comes with an invitation to big-league spring training.
  18. yankees
    Can We Retire the Phrase ‘Core Four’ Now?It’s always been kind of misleading.
  19. yankees
    Andy Pettitte Makes His Retirement Official, But Explains ‘You Can Never Say Never’“I believe I’m done.”
  20. yankees
    Reports: Andy Pettitte to Announce His Retirement TomorrowNow even the slightest hope that Pettitte could join the suspect Yankees rotation has evaporated.
  21. yankees
    Brian Cashman to Andy Pettitte: ‘Don’t Brett Favre Us’“You got to be all in and fully dedicated to play.”
  22. yankees
    A False Alarm on the Andy Pettitte FrontIt looked for a moment like the ‘Daily News’ had a bona fide update on the lefty.
  23. yankees
    Andy Pettitte Tells Post Reporter Who Showed Up on His Doorstep That He Still Doesn’t Know If He’ll Pitch Next Year“I’m just chilling out, hanging.”
  24. yankees
    Actually, Brian Cashman Isn’t Expecting to Hear From Andy Pettitte This Week“We’ve been moving forward as if he’s not playing.”
  25. yankees
    Andy Pettitte Might Make Up His Mind This WeekA source tells ESPN New York that the Yankees expect to hear from the lefty this week.
  26. yankees
    Andy Pettitte Phones In His Possible RetirementReport: Andy Pettitte might be done. Source: Mark Teixeira’s in-box.
  27. yankees
    All Right, So What Do the Yankees Do Now?The Yankees are in a tough spot, but they’re not in an awful spot.
  28. yankees
    Did Nolan Ryan Reach Out to Andy Pettitte?Maybe.
  29. 2010 alcs
    Might That Have Been Andy Pettitte’s Last Career Start?It’s possible.
  30. 2010 alcs
    Cliff Lee Baffles The Yanks, AgainThe Yankees lose Game 3 of the American League Championship Series 8-0 to the Texas Rangers.
  31. 2010 alcs
    The Yankees Set Their ALCS RotationSabathia, Hughes, Pettitte, Burnett.
  32. 2010 alcs
    So How Will the Yankees Line Up Their ALCS Rotation?CC Sabathia starts Game 1. Then what?
  33. 2010 alds
    The Inevitable Andy PettitteThe Yankees’ perennial pitcher turned in a 2000 vintage performance for a 5-2 win over the Twins.
  34. 2010 alds
    Carl Pavano Returns to Your Life This Evening[Crowd boos.]
  35. 2010 alds
    The Worrier’s Guide to the Yankees’ PostseasonThis year’s team has real problems.
  36. 2010 alds
    The Yankees’ ALDS Rotation Will Reportedly Look Exactly Like You Thought It WouldSabathia, Pettitte, and Hughes.
  37. yankees
    This Might Explain Andy Pettitte’s Terrible Outing Last FridayHe says his back was “pretty stiff” throughout the game.
  38. yankees
    The Yankees Starters Had a Weekend to Be Proud OfAndy Pettitte returns. Finally.
  39. yankees
    Here Comes Andy Pettitte, FinallyHe’s on track to start Sunday.
  40. yankees
    Andy Pettitte Pitched in a Real Baseball Game YesterdayMost important, he pitched in a real game and came away healthy.
  41. yankees
    Joe Girardi Has Some Thinking to DoAbout his rotation, not the Cubs job.
  42. yankees
    Cross Your Fingers That Andy Pettitte’s Bullpen Session Goes WellThe last one didn’t go so well.
  43. yankees
    A.J. Burnett’s Gem Somehow Not As Good As Bryan Bullington’sThe fomer first overall picks wins his first big-league game.
  44. injuries
    What Will the Yankees Do Without Andy Pettitte?The lefty will miss four to five weeks with a left groin strain.
  45. yankees
    Dan Haren’s Pitching, Hitting Not Good Enough to Beat YankeesNot that it matters when your bullpen allows six runs in an inning.
  46. injury report
    Today’s Elderly-Yankee Injury UpdateChecking in on Andy Pettitte, Mariano Rivera, and Jorge Posada.
  47. injury report
    The Core Four Are Dropping Like FliesAndy Pettitte left this afternoon’s game against Baltimore after five strong innings.
  48. opening day
    Everybody Loves Hideki (Especially When He Loses)The Yankees get their rings and win their home opener.
  49. yankees countdown
    Yankees Countdown: No. 14, Andy PettitteOur look at the twenty most important players of the upcoming Yankees season continues.
  50. yankees
    Learning to Trust Andy Pettitte, Elder StatesmanWe’ve already doubted him twice this calendar year. But not again.
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