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Animal Rescue

  1. let us give thanks
    For This Year’s Thanksgiving Miracle, Kaley Cuoco Helps Save a Baby Sea LionWatch for The Thanksgiving Sea Lion, hitting theaters next November.
  2. get a hobby
    The Best Hobby Is Something That Has Nothing to Do With Your JobI spend my free time with stray cats, and it’s great.
  3. great escapes
    Queens Bull Escapes to College, Gets Rescued by Jon StewartThe comedian’s war on runaway bullshit takes a surprising and heartwarming turn.
  4. puppies!!!!!!
    Now Tom Hardy Is Trying to Eat His PuppyNo, Tom Hardy.
  5. kevin nealon
    Watch Kevin Nealon Raise Awareness“Texting while scuba diving.”
  6. the industry
    Rachel Weisz’s Dream Is More Like a NightmarePlus: Lehane to finally write for big screen.