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  1. animanhattan
    Poor Little Alligator’s Last Act Was Crossing the RoadThe reptile found wandering Inwood on Thursday has died.
  2. animanhattan
    NYPD Ruins Coyote’s Battery Park City JogIt’s not clear if this is the same animal spotted in Riverside Park earlier this week.
  3. animanhattan
    Cops Catch Another Coyote in Manhattan The second one this month.
  4. animanhattan
    NYPD Takes Down ‘Feisty’ Upper West Side Coyote Unusual, but not unheard of. 
  5. animanhattan
    Horse Leads NYPD on Medium-Speed Car Chase Around ManhattanIt ran away during a cold bath.
  6. animanhattan
    Washington Square Park Snake Has a New, Indoor HomeShe’s said to be “very, very friendly.”
  7. animanhattan
    Washington Square Park Snake Was Either 2 Feet or 6 Feet or 10 Feet Long!?Depends on whom you ask.
  8. animanhattan
    Local Man Really Wishes Wife Would Let Him Get an Illegal Tiger“I told her I will when I get the money.”
  9. animanhattan
    New York’s Mute Swans May Have Escaped Mass Death Sentence Thanks to a public outcry.
  10. animanhattan
    Horse in Midtown Decides It Hates Carrying Around TouristsAgain.
  11. Gus, the Depressed Central Park Polar Bear, Dead at 27Now we’re depressed.
  12. animanhattan
    Central Park Rightly Afraid of ‘Frankenfish,’ Which Can Breathe AirIt is terrifying.
  13. animanhattan
    Times Square Barker Finds a Lost Long Island CatTwo years later.
  14. animanhattan
    Don’t Mind the Camels Walking Around MidtownThey’re just visiting.
  15. Someone Is Killing Animals in the Bronx With Blow DartsBlowdarts!
  16. Video Feed
    See a Mouse Scamper Through Fairway’s Olive BinsIt would be adorable if it weren’t so disgusting.
  17. animanhattan
    A Carriage Horse Ran Four Blocks Through Midtown After Colliding With a Car It then “slowed to a stop right behind the cars and waited for the light.” 
  18. crimes and misdemeanors
    Ferret Scandal Sinks City EmployeeDamn those creepy creatures.
  19. Feed the Animals
    Wait, Now We Have to Deal With Raw-Foodist Pets?Harrumph, next these critters are going to invade our yoga classes.
  20. animanhattan
    NYC Won’t Stand for Elephant AbuseTwo local jewelers have pleaded guilty to peddling ivory.
  21. the most important birds in the world
    New York Times Gets a Little PornographicWith its hawk obsession.
  22. animanhattan
    Rare New York City Dolphin Found DeadLet’s have a moment of silence.
  23. Reopenings
    Welcome Back, MatildaIt’s almost reopening day for the Algonquin.
  24. animanhattan
    NYC Overrun by Infestation of Winged CreaturesButterflies!!!!
  25. feline puppies!!
    Manhattan Cat Goes Berserk on Owner, CopsInternet implodes.
  26. easter puppies!!
    Bunny Stolen in SohoThe thieves were wearing cowboy hats.
  27. animanhattan
    Things Snakes Don’t Mind: All-Natural Bathroom Cleanser A Staten Island man learned this the hard way.
  28. Animanhattan
    Daily Intel Solves the Mystery of Pizza GoatThe one spotted chowing down at Famiglia yesterday.
  29. animanhattan
    The Pizza Goat of New York FAQFrequently asked questions about a goat that was eating pizza at a Midtown pizza place. 
  30. animanhattan
    New York Times All Over Hawk Sex BeatThe City Room blog continues its obsession with the circle of life, as lived by local birds.
  31. animanhattan
    Bronx Zoo Animals Have New Head Keeper, New OpponentDr. Cristián Samper will take over the society that runs the Bronx Zoo and its cousins.
  32. Animanhattan
    Algonquin Lobby Cat Can Roam Again — With ConditionsMatilda is midtown’s latest electroshock patient.
  33. animanhattan
    Today in Bad RoommatesThis Redditor’s roommate brought home a rooster.
  34. animanhattan
    Central Park Horse Carriages Still Getting Everyone Worked UpThe industry is experiencing “unprecedented turmoil”.
  35. animanhattan
    Another Carriage Horse Went DownThe Horse and Carriage Association has a simple explanation.
  36. animanhattan
    Seal Sunbathes Behind Gracie MansionConsider that sunny rock occupied.
  37. animanhattan
    There’s a Coyote Roaming Central ParkJoggers beware.
  38. animanhattan
    Cat Lost by American Airlines Found Alive at JFKAfter two months.
  39. animanhattan
    Central Park Carriage Horses Now Have a Proposed Machine ReplacementSay hello to the “faux-vintage electric car.”
  40. animanhattan
    A Deer Named Rudolph Died in Brooklyn YesterdayTwo survived.
  41. animanhattan
    Three Deer Showed Up in Brooklyn TodayOne of them was “bound by its legs, in the water.”
  42. animanhattan
    Willow the Cat Reunited With Colorado FamilyA heartwarming story comes to an end.
  43. animanhattan
    Runaway Horse Terrorizes the Upper West SideIt ran into the park!
  44. animanhattan
    Willow the Cat Didn’t Walk From Colorado to New YorkShe got on a plane.
  45. animanhattan
    Willow the Cat Pulled a ‘Reverse Homeward BoundShe had a good run.
  46. animanhattan
    Documentary Short Explores the Majesty of the Bodega CatBodega cats are finally getting their due.
  47. terrorists of the sky
    The Flewgitive Returns to CaptivityOur minutes of terror are finally over.
  48. terrorists of the sky
    Loose Peacock Terrorizes Upper East SideThe Flewgitive!
  49. why they hate us
    Terrifying Turtle Stampede Delays Flights at JFKThis again?
  50. terrorists of the sky
    One Day, These Will Grow Up to Try to Eat the Yorkie Right Out of Your HandbagThe MTA released another round of photos of baby falcons on our bridges.
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