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  1. l'amour
    Mitt Romney Says He Voted for His Wife for PresidentBrave.
  2. stuck in the mittle
    Ann Romney Crushes Lingering ‘Mitt 2016’ Hopes“We made the right decision,” to get out of the race, she says.
  3. stuck in the mittle
    Mitt Romney Isn’t Running in 2016, According to Ann RomneyThey’re “done. Done. Done.”
  4. post-stump style
    Ann Romney Was Holding Out on Us This Whole TimeThose FLORALS.
  5. ins and outs
    Reed Krakoff to Leave Coach, Focus on His Own BrandThe company parts ways with its CEO and president of sixteen years.
  6. stuck in the mittle
    Mitt Romney Still Wishes He Lived in the White House “It kills me not to be there.”
  7. stuck in the middle
    Romneys Happy to Be Off Campaign ‘Roller Coaster,’ Still Like Each OtherChecking in with America’s awkward rich uncle.
  8. stump style
    Ann Romney’s Designer of Choice, Alfred Fiandaca, Dies at 72 [Updated]He suffered a stroke on Saturday.
  9. stuck in the mittle
    Tagg Romney Won’t Be the Massachusetts GOP’s New Scott BrownNo word yet from his mom.
  10. reality republicans
    Ann Romney Will Not Dance With the StarsSorry, America.
  11. pants!
    Mormon Women Get Death Threats for Wearing Pants“Wear Pants to Church” Sundays get off to a rough start.
  12. stuck in the mittle
    Mitt Romney Is Just ChillingFriends say he doesn’t know what to do with himself quite yet.
  13. Kenneth Cole Had an Obama Billboard Joke All Ready to GoUp in all its glory bright and early this morning.
  14. four more years of mobama watch
    Michelle’s Victory Dress: She’s Worn It BeforeA repeat!
  15. stump style
    Ann Romney’s Concession Dress: Ending in RedOur final stump style post of 2012.
  16. election 2012
    Beyoncé Sums Up Election Night in Three Words[Dusts off shoulders.]
  17. election 2012
    The Many Cuddle Puddles of Mitt and Ann RomneyAnn’s signature come-from-behind hug will comfort her husband.
  18. stump style
    Ann Romney Put on Her Voting BootsBrown suede ones.
  19. stump style
    Ann Romney Versus Michelle Obama: Two Women, 30 DaysA review of their public appearances over the last month.
  20. true stories
    Meet the Woman Who Styled Ann Romney’s and Paul Ryan’s HairAt the Republican National Convention. And at the White House if Romney wins.
  21. stuck in the mittle
    Mitt Romney Scores Coveted Meat Loaf Endorsement, Ann Romney Makes MeatloafThe singer and the food entered the campaign.
  22. secretary of awesome
    Hillary Clinton on Oscar de la Renta: ‘He Is a True American Original’USA!
  23. stump style
    Isaac Mizrahi Is Willing to Dress Ann RomneyWell, then.
  24. stump style
    Michelle Obama and Ann Romney’s Final Debate Outfits: An AnalysisThe Battle of the A-line Dresses.
  25. suit yourself
    Ann Romney Did Not Wear Her Garments Under Her SwimsuitFrom what we can tell.
  26. early and awkward
    Whoopi Goldberg ‘Read’ That Mormons Don’t Fight in WarsMitt Romney doesn’t fight in wars. That’s not the same thing.
  27. video
    Ann Romney Talks Abortion With Sharp-Tongued Women of The ViewAccounts for her husband’s changing stance on abortion. Kind of. 
  28. stump style
    Michelle and Ann’s Pink Debate Outfits: AnalysisThey’re both observing Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it would seem.
  29. stuck in the mittle
    Mitt Romney Bails on ‘High Risk’ Interview With ‘Sharp-Tongued’ WomenHe’s canceled his appearance this week on The View.
  30. stump style
    Q&A: Ann Romney’s Go-To Designer Alfred FiandacaMitt accompanies her on shopping trips sometimes!
  31. the humanizer
    Exploding Butter Spooks Ann Romney’s Security on GMABut she won the horse vote. 
  32. first ladies
    Michelle Obama and Ann Romney’s Favorite FilmsNo Citizen Kane, no Nora Ephron, no Dark Knight.
  33. stump style
    Ann Romney’s Go-To Outfitter: Alfred FiandacaShe’s been buying his clothes for over a decade.
  34. the great morning tv war
    Ann Romney Lands a JobShe’ll guest-anchor Good Morning America for a day next week.
  35. stump style
    Michelle Obama and Ann Romney’s Awkward Onstage Hug, in GIF FormSome grimacing, and a back pat.
  36. stump style
    Ann Romney and Michelle Obama’s Debate Outfits: An AnalysisMichelle repeated a Preen skirt suit, while Ann Romney wore Alfred Fiandaca.
  37. half baked ideas
    Obama Wins Crucial First Lady Cookie ContestForget November 6. America has voted.
  38. slideshows
    25 Equestrian-Themed Pieces for Classic Fall DressingFor you, Black Beauty and National Velvet fans.
  39. stuck in the mittle
    Mormon Chat Forum Dissects Ann Romney’s ‘Garments’ (or Lack Thereof)Or lack thereof.
  40. stuck in the mittle
    Ann Romney Broke Out Her Biker-Baby Outfit for LenoOh my.
  41. ann romney
    Ann Romney Regales Leno With Tales of Campaign Woes, Mitt’s ThriftinessA leader who will make us switch off all the lights when we go out.
  42. scary things
    Ann Romney’s Plane Makes Emergency Landing After Electrical FireEveryone is okay.
  43. war on women's daytime talk shows
    Romney Lags With Women, Especially Sherri ShepherdABC’s daytime talk show is the latest battleground in the war on women. 
  44. with imagination i'll get there
    WWD Thought Ann Romney Looked Like a RainbowWith twinkling stars and seahorses in the background.
  45. post-convention blues
    Mitt Romney Forced to Continue Talking About Clint Eastwood He also called the budget sequester, which Paul Ryan voted for, a “big mistake.”
  46. party chat
    Designers Not As Excited About Ann RomneyDonna Karan, DVF, Siriano discuss first lady style.
  47. great moments in rnc history
    Romney Campaign Totally Thought Clint Eastwood’s Empty Chair Bit Was a HootAnn went with “unique.” 
  48. rolling in the veep
    Did Janna Ryan Borrow Ann Romney’s Shoes Last Night? [Update: More Evidence]Sisterhood of the traveling peep toes.
  49. wintour wonderland
    Wintour Wanted a Vogue Profile of Ann RomneyNeedless to say, that fell through.
  50. stuck in the mittle
    Red on Red on Red State: Ann’s Makeup and NailsThe dress wasn’t enough.
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