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  1. anonymous
    ‘Things Will Be Fine’: GOP Insiders Doubt Overturning Roe v. Wade Will Cost ThemThey don’t seem all that worried the Supreme Court’s decision to end the right to an abortion will come back to haunt them in the midterms.
  2. anonymous
    ‘Smoked Her.’ GOP Insiders Texted Me Their Honest Feelings on the VP Debate.Republicans got relief from Donald Trump’s disastrous week in the form of Mike Pence.
  3. anonymous
    ‘Just Putrid’: GOP Insiders Texted Me Their Honest Feelings About the DebateA Republican close to the Trump campaign said, “We finally found something that the entire country can agree on: This debate was a complete shitshow.”
  4. anonymous
    ‘Punch a Bully in the Mouth’: What Democratic Insiders Were Saying During DebateA congressman, a Biden adviser, and various party operatives gave me candid perspectives by text on the ugly and chaotic debate in Cleveland.
  5. white house
    ‘Anonymous’ Author of White House Book Promises to Reveal IdentityIn a Reddit AMA, the former senior White House official says they will reveal themselves before the election.
  6. nikki haley
    Nikki Haley’s Skillful and Opportunistic MAGA Balancing ActOnce again, Nikki Haley has figured out how to keep herself in the news as a potential Trump-Pence successor while declaring her Trumpist loyalties.
  7. politics
    Watching Donald Trump Try to Pronounce ‘Anonymous’ Is Physically PainfulAnomass…? Anomanous…?
  8. beta male
    Hacker Covers Pro-ISIS Twitter Accounts in Rainbows and LGBT LoveIn honor of Orlando.
  9. select all
    Everything Upon Which Anonymous Has Declared WarThe latest in a long line of wars.
  10. ISIS Calls Anonymous ‘Idiots’ in Response to Their Declaration of WarFlame war on terror.
  11. My Day on the Front Lines of Anonymous’s ‘Massive’ War on ISIS“Guys where to buy an anon mask?”
  12. anonymous
    Journalist Barrett Brown Given 5-Year SentenceAfter initially being charged for posting a link.
  13. beefs
    Hacker Group Anonymous Threatens to Release Iggy Azalea Sex TapeHere we go.
  14. Grimace
    Alleged Burger King Hacker Also Pilfered Paris Hilton’s Camera-PhoneHe had to have it his way.
  15. Why Superhacker Sabu Walked Free TodayThe man who caused worldwide mayhem was sentenced to time served.
  16. internet fun
    Down, Formerly Bang With Friends, Returns Anonymity to Your CrushingThe hookup-centric app introduces anonymous texting.
  17. crimes and misdemeanors
    Anonymous Hacker Jeremy Hammond Gets 10 Years in PrisonThe government is not playing around.
  18. crimes and misdemeanors
    Missouri Lawmakers Respond to Outcry Over Maryville Rape CaseThe lieutenant governor called for a grand jury to reexamine the evidence.
  19. crimes and misdemeanors
    Anonymous Warns of Steubenville Redux in Maryville Rape CaseThe Internet vigilantes have picked their new battle.
  20. crimes and misdemeanors
    The D.O.J. Has Not Forgotten About Anonymous (Even If You Have)New indictments in a 2010 attack.
  21. media
    Fired Reuters Social Media Editor Says He’s Being ThreatenedWith very Anonymous-like language.
  22. dear leader
    Hackers Post Photo of Kim Jong Un As Pig-ManKim Jong Un as a pig-man.
  23. international intrigue
    Anonymous Tells Kim Jong Un to Step DownIt stole some passwords, if that helps.
  24. the internet
    Indictment Probably Wasn’t a Surprise for Reuters Social Media Editor The FBI searched his home in October.
  25. the internet
    Reuters Social Media Editor Charged With Aiding Anonymous Hack [Updated]Twitter machine Matthew Keys has gone silent.
  26. The Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show: Author Cole Stryker This week on the Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show, Jeff talks to Cole Stryker who wrote the books Epic Win For Anonymous about the hacktivist group […]
  27. Special Sauce
    Burger King Twitter Account Hacked by Apparent Big Mac-Loving Gucci Mane FanAnonymous wants you to follow @BurgerKing
  28. hackers
    The Fed Spent Super Bowl Sunday Getting HackedApparently by Anonymous.
  29. the internet
    Anonymous Hacks U.S. Sentencing Commission Website The collective wrote that “a line was crossed” with Aaron Swartz’s death.
  30. shame-shaming
    Shame Is the New BlackOn the preferred weapon of vigilante hackers, new media insurgents, and misogynist teenagers.
  31. steubenville
    Steubenville Leaders Combat Cover-Up AccusationsAs the town launches a new website, Sheriff Fred Abdalla addresses 1,300 angry protesters.
  32. crusaders
    Roseanne Barr and Anonymous Take on Ohio Rape CaseBarr wants the FBI to step in to investigate the case Anonymous argues has been covered up by local law enforcement.
  33. the internet
    Anonymous Responds to Westboro’s Newtown PlansThey published members’ names and personal information on the Internet. 
  34. the internet
    Anonymous Did Not Hack the FBI for Apple IDs After AllThe data most likely came from an app developer in Florida.
  35. stuck in the mittle
    Hackers Claim Elaborate Heist of Mitt Romney’s Tax Returns, Want $1 MillionAnd the Secret Service has no choice but to check it out.
  36. the internet
    Antisec Hackers Dump 1 Million Apple IDs, Demand Blogger Pose in Tutu [Updated]According to a security researcher, “This is smoke, not fire.”
  37. hoaxes
    Someone Created a Pretty Convincing Fake NYT Op-Ed Defending WikiLeaksBy “Bill Keller.” 
  38. anonymous
    Hackers Did Not Bring Down the Entire Internet TodayYet? 
  39. hackers
    LulzSec Leader Sabu Snitches on Anonymous [Updated]The FBI is charging five hackers thanks to cooperation from a group member.
  40. technology
    Anonymous Hackers Retaliate As Expected After 25 ArrestsThe group had some members rounded up, then they crashed a law enforcement website.
  41. wikileaks
    WikiLeaks Partners With Anonymous to Spill Millions of Security Firm’s E-mailsFor the first time, WikiLeaks collaborated with Anonymous.
  42. the internet
    Does Anonymous’s Friday Routine Make Hacking Seem Dull?The anarchic group have put themselves on a schedule. Is that good for the brand?
  43. the internet
    CIA Website Down, Anonymous Claims CreditIn keeping with their Friday tradition, the hacker group Anonymous claims they crashed CIA.gov.
  44. international intrigue
    Syrian Government E-mail Password Was ‘12345’Those cunning hackers known as Anonymous cracked the code.
  45. the internet
    Anonymous Hacking Spree Targets U.S. Marine Accused of Iraq Massacre [Updated]E-mails from his defense attorneys are now public.
  46. the internet
    Anonymous Hacked FBI Call About Hackers to Prove They Can“The day of m4yh3m is before us.”
  47. not neighborhood news
    Mexico Finds Floating Marijuana, Anonymous Fights Drug Lords [Updated]The drug war just got a lot weirder.
  48. the anticipation index
    Web Chatter Couldn’t Be More Different Over In Time and AnonymousThe Anticipation Index investigates.
  49. party lines
    Party Lines Slideshow: Maxwell and More at a Screening of ‘Anonymous’Shakespeare and Milli Vanilli: frauds!
  50. chat room
    Anonymous Director Roland Emmerich on Doubting Shakespeare, Epic Filmmaking, and His Plans for the Apocalypse“I’m playing it safe and going skiing on the 21st of December.”
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