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  1. occupy wall street
    ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Protestors Claim Excessive NYPD Force in Latest Arrests [Updated]They claim one protestor is in critical condition.
  2. occupy wall street
    Old Anti-Mask Law Foils Wall Street ProtestorsFive have been cited for breaking a 150-year-old rule.
  3. occupy wall street
    Occupying Wall Street With Yoga, Pillow Fights, and Small-Group DiscussionsJust what the mayor was worried about.
  4. hacktivism
    Anonymous No MoreMug shots of fourteen people arrested for their involvement with the hacktivist group Anonymous.
  5. hackers
    Arrested Anonymous Members Plead Not GuiltyTheir computer time will be closely monitored.
  6. hackers
    Anonymous Hackers Wear Corporate MasksTime Warner owns the anti-government Guy Fawkes image.
  7. anonymous
    Anonymous Hacks Syrian Ministry of Defense Website“To the Syrian military: You are responsible for protecting the Syrian people.”
  8. hacktivism
    FBI Raids New York Homes of Suspected ‘Anonymous’ HackersThree homes in Brooklyn and Long Island were searched.
  9. hacktivism
    Fox News’ Twitter Account Doesn’t Have a Very Secure Password [Updated]A hacker tweeted the fake news that President Obama was killed on July 4.
  10. hack to the future
    Anonymous Seizes Some Names and Passwords From AppleGasp.
  11. hack to the future
    LulzSec Says It’s DoneFifty days after the hacker collective started.
  12. lulzsec
    ‘This Is the Internet, Where We Screw Each Other Over for a Jolt of Satisfaction’Inside the rise of the angry young men who call themselves “hacktivists.”
  13. hacktivists
    Cyber Attack Strikes International Monetary FundIt’s currently being investigated.
  14. and party every day
    Gene Simmons Believes His Online Haters Are Just Sad, Smart Young Folks“If you tear down the structure, there’s nowhere to go.”
  15. trailer mix
    Yes, Roland Emmerich Put Giant CG Battle Scenes in His Shakespeare MovieSee the trailer for ‘Anonymous.’
  16. hacktivism
    ‘Anonymous’ Calls for Boycott of Dixie Cups, Quilted Northern Toilet PaperThey’re both owned by the Koch brothers.
  17. Stephen Colbert Winks at Anonymous with a Split-Second Guy Fawkes Mask Group of angry nerds/hackers Anonymous have been in the news lately for battling all sorts of groups, from the enemies of Wikileaks to […]
  18. loose lips
    Stephen Colbert Breaks Down the Case of the Government-Prescribed Corporate Hacker Who Failed to Bring Down WikiLeaksIn a glorious three and a half minutes.
  19. hacktivists vs. monsters
    Watch ‘Anonymous’ Hack the Westboro Baptist Church Live During a DebateThat feels good.
  20. hacktivists unite!
    Five ‘Anonymous’ Hackers Arrested Over WikiLeaksFor hacking MasterCard, Visa, and PayPal.
  21. loose lips
    Twitter Grows a Pair in Fighting Federal Subpoenas for WikiLeaks User InfoBut will that stop the hacktivists?
  22. gawker
    FBI Investigating Gawker Hack“The kind of attention we got — which spiked Gawker.com traffic — is the kind we can do without,” said Denton.
  23. loose lips
    Today in WikiLeaks: Inherent ContradictionsContradictions one through three.
  24. america’s sweetheart
    Sarah Palin Actually Right About One ThingSarahPAC.com is down!
  25. loose lips
    Who Are Those ‘Anonymous’ WikiLeak Hacktivists?Turning up the veil on Operation Payback.
  26. loose lips
    Hackers Take Down Mastercard in Revenge for Blocking WikiLeaksPayPal, Visa, and Amazon … get ready for “Operation Payback.”
  27. much ado about something
    2012 Director Does a Shakespeare Movie?Though, still kind of strange.