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  1. problem solving
    31 Ideas for Renting an Apartment in New YorkCraigslist is a wasteland, Zillow owns everything, so try these slightly off-kilter, in-the-side-door tips instead.
  2. cityscape
    The Challenges of Constructing New York’s Tallest Apartment BuildingA conversation with the architects of the 131-story Central Park Tower.
  3. science of us
    Does Your Apartment Have Friendly Microbes?On the difference between ground-floor microbes and the ones found higher up.
  4. properties
    13 New York Buildings That Stick Out Like Sore ThumbsThe ultramodernist brownstones, teeny townhouses, and Japanese pagodas that aren’t like their neighbors.
  5. properties
    The Turrets of New York — and the People Who Inhabit ThemA survey of the city’s tiny medieval towers on the Upper West Side, in Crown Heights, and on Staten Island.
  6. awful things
    This Is the Worst Roommate Story You’ll Ever ReadOne scheming, sinister man. A dozen unsuspecting victims. The ultimate Craigslist nightmare.
  7. new york 50th anniversary
    We Took 4 Notable New Yorkers to Revisit Their Old ApartmentsWhoopi Goldberg, Martha Stewart, Matthew Broderick, and Lauren Hutton revisit New York City apartments they once lived in.
  8. summer weddings 2017
    How to Have a Wedding in a New York City ApartmentYou’re already sleeping in the city’s best venue.
  9. Airbnb Could Be Making Your Apartment More ExpensiveIt makes finding an apartment harder.
  10. new york real estate
    Taylor Swift’s New York Rent Is Only 26 Times More Than MineShe got a New York apartment for $40,000 a month.
  11. The Weird Socialist Logjam That Gives Stockholmers 20-Year Apartment WaitsMaybe Scandinavia isn’t the best at everything after all.
  12. city living
    What New Yorkers Learned From Actually Having to Meet Their NeighborsFive novelists talk to their neighbors for the first time, nine New Yorkers share their fantasies about the ones they’ve never met, and how to deal with less-than-ideal ones.
  13. video
    I Took My Sunglasses to Coco Chanel’s Paris ApartmentA visit to 31 Rue Cambon.
  14. lifestyles of the rich and famous
    The Original Cosmo Girl’s Bachelorette Pad Is on the MarketYou can live like Helen Gurley Brown for $20 million.
  15. A Preview Tour of New York’s First Micro-Unit Apartment BuildingInside a studio at Carmel Place — all 302 square feet of it.
  16. first person
    4 People, 650 Square Feet: A Love StoryHow I came around to family life in a one-bedroom New York apartment.
  17. real esate
    Brigitte Bardot’s Old Apartment Is for SaleIt’s $8.2 million, or the going price of je ne sais quoi.
  18. things that are scary
    Florida Gunman Killed After Deadly Shooting Spree and Hostage Standoff [Updated]He shot six people before barricading himself in an apartment with two others.
  19. party chat
    Creatures of the Wind Designers Moving to New YorkHave they finally outgrown the “Chicago designers” thing?
  20. How We Live Now: Davidson on Bloomberg’s MicroapartmentsThe modern home was built for the bygone nuclear family.
  21. real estate
    NYC Rent Control Is Safe for NowThe Supreme Court threw out an appeal against rent-stabilization laws today.
  22. how the other half lived
    Coco Chanel’s Apartment Looks Just Like You’d ExpectCourtesy of the Coveteur.
  23. rock you like a hurricane
    New York’s Apartment Managers Prepare for IreneRemove all your balcony furniture, rich people!
  24. vu.
    Meghan McCain’s Apartment Is Full of SkullsWhat, isn’t yours?
  25. real estate
    Manhattan Residential Market Reports: Condo, Co-op, and New-Construction Prices DipAnd apartments are taking longer to sell.
  26. jeepers creepers
    Doorman Naps in Traveling Woman’s ApartmentBut she wasn’t traveling!
  27. jeepers creepers
    Witness One New York Apartment Terror You Didn’t Even Think to be Afraid of: The CreeperA person could be LIVING IN YOUR APARTMENT with you!
  28. vu.
    Manhattan Real Estate: A Decade Screeches to a HaltJust as you probably expected, the amount of residential real estate languishing for sale in the city is higher than it has been in ten years.
  29. For Sale
    Top Chef Condo for RentMaybe Leah left a bra behind! Or Fabio, a thong!
  30. vu.
    Fourth-Quarter Market Reports: The Reckoning Begins, Sort ofThe reporting is still behind the bad developments.
  31. real estate porn
    Natasha Lyonne Proves Obnoxious Real-Estate ClichéThat, of course, celebrities are able to find cheap, fantastic real estate when you can’t even find a place where the toilet is in the same room as the shower.