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Apocalypse Now

  1. tribeca film festival 2019
    Francis Ford Coppola Still Remembers When You Clowns Mocked Apocalypse Now“I was very, very frightened and very depressed.”
  2. apocalypse now
    I Have Amassed Compelling Evidence That We Are in the End TimesHot-dog bees, horny dolphins, and the other plagues of 2018.
  3. Every Francis Ford Coppola Movie, RankedWe ranked every Francis Ford Coppola movie, including The Godfather, Finian’s Rainbow, Apocalypse Now, and, er, Jack.
  4. kong: skull island
    So, Why Does Kong: Skull Island Take Place During Vietnam?As director Jordan Vogt-Roberts explains, it all has to do with satellites.
  5. a rare post on gaming
    Apocalypse Now Might Get Its Own Video GameThe developers want to make an “horror experience” instead of a first-person shooter.
  6. apocalypse how
    Kong: Skull Island Will Be Set During VietnamKong will take on Vietnam War–era disillusionment.
  7. Apocalypse Now
    Great Basements (Or: Where to Hide Out During the Next Micro-Burst)This is where you want to watch the world end.
  8. Crime
    Man Prepares for End of the World at Whole FoodsA shoplifter is cuffed after swiping aloe-infused socks and other necessities.
  9. apocalypse now
    Watch a Supercut of ‘I Love the Smell of Napalm in the Morning’ ReferencesYou know your movie line is iconic once it’s been interpreted by computer-animated guinea pigs.
  10. Charlie Sheen Drags President Bartlett Down With Him Charlie Sheen finally managed to rope Martin Sheen into his twisted, delusional headspace, Apocalypse Now fantasies and all. Gotta say, I feel […]
  11. contests
    Vulture’s Apocalypse Now Blu-ray Contest: We Have Winners!“A grocer’s Errand Boy … Snail across Razor … “
  12. contests
    Watch Francis Ford Coppola Talk Pot Cookies, Win the 3-Disc Apocalypse Now Blu-rayCoppola on pot cookies at the Oscars: “I’m supposed to say my lines and then I get this inspiration … “
  13. apocalypse now
    So Was That a Tornado? Aftermath of the StormOne woman was killed and 30,000 residents were without power last night.
  14. apocalypse now
    Slideshow: Many Trees Fall in BrooklynThe sky was angry this day, my friends.
  15. apocalypse now
    Webster Hall: Where Human Contact Goes to DieIt’s so obvious: Why interact with the hot guy sitting next to you when you could just tweet at him instead?