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  1. movie review
    A Heist Movie Like No OtherIn The Delinquents, two men rob a bank not to get rich but to free themselves of the demands of modern life.
  2. vulture sports
    Drake’s $1 Million World Cup Bet Is His LossIt was God’s plan for Argentina to win … just not as quickly as the rapper had hoped.
  3. world cup
    The Biggest World Cup Upset in History?Saudi Arabia beat Argentina on Tuesday, in one of the great soccer shockers of all time.
  4. abortion rights
    At Last, Argentina Has Legalized Abortion“Never again will there be a woman killed in a clandestine abortion,” the author of the law told reporters through tears after the vote.
  5. catholic church
    What Does the Pope’s Support for Civil Unions Really Mean?It’s unclear whether he’s blurring the line against same-sex marriage or drawing it more clearly.
  6. the urbanist
    A Winemaker’s Guide to MendozaLife-changing steak, intimate hikes in the Andes, and where Bono stays in Uco Valley.
  7. cannes 2019
    Cannes’s Argentine Abortion Doc Had Audience in Tears Before It StartedQue Sea Ley, about the raging fight for safe and legal abortions in Argentina, tells the stories of women killed by clandestine abortions.
  8. in translation
    Samanta Schweblin’s Deliberately Slow, Perfectly Timed Rise to American FameThe Argentinian author’s writing is astonishing more readers every day, but she’d rather not talk about it.
  9. abortion rights
    11-Year-Old Rape Victim Given C-Section After Being Denied AbortionOne of the doctors who performed the C-section says she “almost became sick” when she first saw the girl.
  10. travel
    The Argentine Jungles’ Lessons on Sustainable TourismIn open-air public schools and rainforest cabins, considering whether sustainability can be more than a brand-favorite buzzword.
  11. travel
    The Argentine Jungles’ Lessons on Sustainable TourismIn open-air public schools and rainforest cabins, considering whether sustainability can be more than a brand-favorite buzzword.
  12. A First-Timer’s Art-and-Design Guide to Buenos AiresArt Basel Cities Week is just around the corner. Here’s what to eat, see, do, and buy when you’re not working the festival circuit.
  13. abortion rights
    Woman Dies From DIY Abortion a Week After Argentina’s Abortion VoteLast week, the Argentine Senate rejected a bill that would have legalized abortion. This week, a mother of two died following an illegal procedure.
  14. reproductive rights
    ‘A Huge Step Backward’: Argentina’s Senate Rejects Bill to Legalize AbortionThousands of women had marched in support of abortion rights leading up to the vote.
  15. aborto legal ya
    Women Around the World Protest With Argentina Ahead of Historic Abortion VoteProtestors took to the street in Dublin, Rio de Janeiro, and more.
  16. abortion rights
    Everything You Need to Know About Argentina’s Major Abortion VoteWill abortion soon be legal in Argentina?
  17. excuses
    Police Officers Fired After Claiming Mice Ate 1,000 Pounds of Missing WeedAn adorable, but not scientifically sound, story.
  18. video feed
    Burger King Gave Disabled People 3-D-Printed HandsA much more thoughtful gesture than hacking their Google Homes.
  19. Ivanka Joined Trump’s Phone Call With Argentina’s PresidentIt’s the latest sign of the president-elect’s tangled web of business and political dealings.
  20. violence against women
    Hundreds of Thousands in Argentina Are Protesting Violence Against WomenThe protest was prompted by the murder of a 16-year-old girl.
  21. international intrigue
    Prosecutor Drafted Arrest Warrant for KirchnerHmmm. 
  22. Argentina’s President Says Prosecutor’s Suspicious Death Was No SuicideAlberto Nisman was set to present evidence against President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.
  23. news
    There’s a Tampon Shortage in ArgentinaTwo weeks and counting of a short supply. 
  24. What Argentina’s Default Saga Means for YouFirst Argentina loses the World Cup final, now this.
  25. the sports section
    GIF Recap: Germany Wins the World Cup in Extra TimeArgentina weeps. 
  26. the sports section
    A World Cup Final Primer for the Vaguely InterestedGermany and Argentina square off.
  27. the sports section
    World Cup Glossary: Useful Phrases for the Temporary FanYell these things during Sunday’s game. 
  28. the sports section
    Argentina Midfielder: ‘I Tore My Anus’Who says soccer players aren’t tough?
  29. the sports section
    GIF Recap: Argentina Advances to World Cup Final With Shoot-out VictoryThe finals are Sunday afternoon.
  30. Can’t Ketchup
    Ketchup Shortage Hits McDonald’s in ArgentinaThe chain says it’s “bringing in other sauces to replace it while we try to fix the problem.”
  31. in production
    Get Ready for a Pope Francis BiopicThe Argentinian production was announced in Venice today.
  32. resort week
    Destination Argentina: 25 Items Worth PackingChoose your own South American adventure.
  33. london games
    USA Basketball Pounds Argentina to Reach FinalBring it on, Spain.
  34. london games
    It’s Semifinal Time for Team USABring on Argentina.
  35. london games
    Team USA Wins Group A and Readies for QuarterfinalsWhat do they need to work on?
  36. clickables
    Watch Doc Brown’s Odd Commercial for an Argentine Electronics StoreThe DeLorean is in South America now.
  37. Mediavore
    LAUSD Gears Up To Make Food Donations; Coffee Causes HallucinationsThe Los Angeles School District will start donating its significant stock of unused food to local non-profits starting next week.
  38. things people say
    Reminder: Rich People Had Problems During the Recession, Too“You don’t know how hard it is to sell a $200,000 vineyard when the financial world is crashing.”
  39. Mediavore
    Bison Meat Booming in Popularity; Time to Try KombuchaBison farmers have trouble meeting the demand, two identical stories hit on the exotic tea.
  40. clickables
    Watch a Remarkable and NSFW Clip From Argentina’s Dancing With the StarsWow.
  41. equal rites
    Argentina Legalizes Gay MarriageIt is the first Latin American country to do so.
  42. world cup
    Nationals, Descendants, Choral-Singing Japanese Immigrants Enjoy German VictorySupporters of Die Mannschaft start early, finish strong.
  43. world cup
    ¡Dios Mio! Europe Lives!Spain and Germany advance to the semifinals.
  44. world cup
    Moving On, Without Team USAWe’re all dealing with the loss.
  45. world cup
    Four Teams Are Through: Now It’s AMERICA’s Turn!Argentina and South Korea are in, and now the U.S. prepares for tomorrow morning.
  46. world cup
    Les Blues, Merde! Messi! Red Cards! And Now: USA! USA! USA!France is pretty much done, and hey: USA! USA!
  47. world cup
    South Korean Sunrise Party Marred Only Slightly by LossA 6:30 a.m. beer can change your way of looking at things.
  48. world cup
    Maradona Seems to Have This Under ControlArgentina is pretty fantastic.
  49. world cup
    World Cup Preview: Group BOur look at Argentina, Greece, Nigeria, and South Korea.
  50. chat room
    Juan José Campanella on The Secret in Their EyesThe director talks about ‘The Secret in Their Eyes,’ learning the lessons on Argentina’s past, and how his movie is like ‘Law & Order: SVU’ “on steroids.”
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