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  1. dinner party conversation
    Your TV Small-Talk Is Ruining Dinner PartiesYou’d be better off talking about the weather.
  2. zzzzzzzzz
    Power Women Take Powerful Power-NapsBecause they need them.
  3. fighting words
    This Couple Broadcasts All Their Fights on TwitterAnd they delight us.
  4. closet talk
    The ‘Man’ Shoe: A Love AffairWorking through my feelings about masculine footwear for women.
  5. being serious
    In Defense of Pleated Pants: A RebuttalDon’t let anyone tell you pleats are a bad thing.
  6. modern problems
    Do You Use Your Smartphone to Solve Tableside Arguments?A problematic new trend.
  7. uh.
    Bloomberg Columnist Outraged at Not Being Fondled by TSA“No TSA agent has ever singled me out because of the size and shape of my breasts or any other body part!”