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  1. nope
    Arkansas Venue to Host First ‘Socially Distant’ ConcertConcertgoers will be required to sit six feet apart.
  2. big tips
    Very Generous Diners Give Server a New Buick as a TipThat’s a little more than 20 percent…
  3. health care
    Federal Judge Rejects Trump Attempt to Attach Work Requirements to MedicaidA D.C. judge rules that the purpose of Medicaid is health coverage, not conservative social engineering.
  4. power
    Arkansas and Utah Have Passed 18-Week Abortion BansIf they’re signed into law, they could become the strictest anti-abortion laws in the country.
  5. black conservatives
    Black Conservatives Could Attract Black Voters If They Treated Them Like AdultsA controversial radio ad in Arkansas showcases why Republicans fail to win black votes — even when they use black spokespersons.
  6. supreme court
    Arkansas Becomes the First State to Effectively Ban Medication AbortionThis Supreme Court decision could also leave Arkansas with just one abortion-providing clinic.
  7. Another Big Primary Night for Democratic WomenPrimaries in three southern states plus runoffs in Texas continued to shape a competitive midterm, with Democratic women doing particularly well.
  8. The Two Staceys Versus GOP Wild Men: A Preview of Tuesday’s PrimariesGubernatorial primaries in Georgia and congressional contests in Arkansas, Kentucky, and Texas are on tap for May 22.
  9. The Clintons Will Keep a Low Profile in the MidtermsFor the first time since the 1980s, Bill and Hillary are not likely to be major factors in a national election.
  10. baby names
    Couple Loves Olive Garden So Much They’re Naming Their First Child After ItOlive Garton was too much — Olivia Garton, though, was just right.
  11. politics
    Arkansas Law Could Require Women to Get Partner’s Permission for an AbortionThe ACLU is challenging the law in court.
  12. capital punishment
    Arkansas Carries Out First Double Execution in Two DecadesThe state has been rushing to put inmates to death before its lethal-injection drug expires.
  13. Gorsuch’s Arrival at SCOTUS Lethal for Arkansas Death-Row InmatesThe new Justice was the deciding vote that allowed Arkansas’s breakneck schedule of lethal injections to proceed.
  14. Federal Judge Blocks Arkansas’s Execution SpreeThe state will appeal the ruling, but may not be able to get its controversial execution schedule back on track.
  15. Drug Companies Join Effort to Stop Arkansas Execution SpreeThe companies say the state broke rules to obtain the drugs, which are not supposed to be used in executions.
  16. Arkansas to Execute 7 Men in 11 Days As Lethal Drug Nears ExpirationThe inmates have sued, calling the rapid pace of executions reckless and unconstitutional.
  17. This New State Law Requires Doctors to Investigate Women Seeking AbortionsHB 1434 purports to ban sex-selection abortions, but requires doctors to go through women’s medical records.
  18. This New Arkansas Law Could Allow Fathers to Block AbortionsEven in cases of spousal rape or incest.
  19. awful things
    This Judge Is Accused of Trading Sexual Favors for FreedomHe resigned before the investigation could be completed.
  20. news you can booze
    Escaped Prisoner Happily Surrenders After Grabbing a Beer at the BarPolice say he was “very cooperative and apologetic” by the time they arrived.
  21. Dumb Criminals
    An Apparent Felony: Filling a McDonald’s Water Cup With SodaThis man probably should have just paid the $1.49, but instead he fought back.
  22. Video Feed
    Waffle House Had to Fire Employees for Washing Their Hair With CookwareOne appalled customer videoed the incident.
  23. investigations
    Arkansas DHS Reportedly Investigating DuggarsAccording to In Touch.
  24. gay rights
    Why Arkansas Lawmakers Claim They Need a Religious-Freedom LawThey say it has nothing to do with LGBT discrimination, but that’s not what they said two months ago.
  25. Pray For Pepperoni
    Yet Another Restaurant Doesn’t See a Problem With Discounts forAtheists cry foul over church-bulletin discount.
  26. hillary watch
    Arkansas Official Explains Hillary Won’t Actually ‘Get Shot’ If She ReturnsThe gun reference wasn’t meant in a “hostile way.”
  27. equal rites
    Same-Sex Weddings Begin in ArkansasProgress continues its march South.
  28. Racist Ribs
    Arkansas Restaurant Posts Racist Sign Calling Affordable Care ActThe owner of Smokin’ Joe’s Ribhouse is in hot water.
  29. crimes and misdemeanors
    107-Year-Old Dies in a Hail of Police GunfireAfter gas fails to subdue him.
  30. shmashmortion
    Arkansas Passed Jason Rapert’s Kamikaze 12-Week Abortion BanGovernor called it “blatantly unconstitutional.”
  31. other states' embarrassments
    Second Arkansas Lawmaker Defends Slavery“If slavery were so God-awful, why …” 
  32. awful things
    Arkansas Lawmaker Concludes That Slavery Was Actually Good for Black PeopleThis is pretty revolting.
  33. early and awkward
    Obama Faces Comparatively Unremarkable Primary Challenger in ArkansasHe isn’t in prison and he has normal hair, so what’s even the point?
  34. it's science
    Greenbrier, Arkansas, Has Experienced 50 Earthquakes This WeekThat’s a lot of earthquakes!
  35. the birds
    5,000 Dead Blackbirds Had ‘Hit Something Very Hard’When they shouldn’t have been out flying in the first place.
  36. the birds
    Thousands of Blackbirds Dropped Dead From the Sky in Arkansas This WeekendHuh?
  37. manderson
    Anderson Cooper Calls Out Another Fully Grown Gay BullyIs Anderson Cooper a new gay-rights crusader?
  38. Mediavore
    Seafood Sourcing on Diners’ Minds; Police Draw Guns at Venice’s RawsomeSeafood restaurants are peppered with questions about food origins, while raw milk brings out police weapons.
  39. we feel like we're taking crazy pills
    Arkansans Somewhat More Ignorant Than the Rest of AmericaAbout seven people there think Obama is a natural-born citizen.
  40. song of the south
    In Arkansas, Chuck Schumer Is Known As ‘That Jew’Oh, South, you are incorrigible.