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  1. you’re fired
    Armond White Kicked Out of New York Film Critics CircleHeckling directors while you’re awarding them is apparently a no-no.
  2. from the archives
    Read New York Magazine’s 2009 Profile of Armond WhiteThe idiosyncratic film critic was expelled today from the New York Film Critics Circle.
  3. bad manners
    Steve McQueen Heckled at Critics Award DinnerArmond White (& Co.) did not like 12 Years a Slave.
  4. Who Did Armond White Heckle Last Night?The famously contrarian critic shouted out a few things.
  5. Armond White Loved Jack and JillHe compared it to Lubitsch, of course.
  6. ranters and ravers
    Armond White Will Now Have a Whole Magazine in Which to Tell You Why Your Favorite Movie SucksCongrats, Armond.
  7. controversy
    Armond White’s NYFCC Rebuttal: Actors Were ‘Naive,’ Fellow Critics Were ‘Racist’“They pretend to be hip and ladylike, but they’re simply the type of class oppressors unique to the bourgeoisie.”
  8. awkward
    Armond White Reminds Filmmakers Why They Hate Critics at the NYFCCInsulting winners ‘The Social Network’ and ‘The Kids Are All Right,’ White made for an uncomfortable evening.
  9. contrarians
    What Did Armond White Think of the Year’s Most Critically Acclaimed Movies?“Each scene in ‘The King’s Speech’ is so poorly staged that its ineptitude sometimes borders on the avant-garde.”
  10. movies
    Armond White: The Social Network Is No Soul ManDavid Fincher’s acclaimed Facebook movie finally gets the pan you knew it would.
  11. reception
    Is Inception the Anti-Avatar?Yes.
  12. toy story 3
    Armond White Writes the First Bad Toy Story 3 ReviewBut did he mention any tears?
  13. ranters and ravers
    Armond White: Sex and the City 2 Not As Good As Jay-Z“[’Sex and the City 2’] lacks the insightful love-hate ambivalence that emerges so crucially when Jay-Z’s hip-hop cynicism contrasts Keys’ soaring, unstoppable aspiration.”
  14. armond white
    Armond White Rushes to Miley Cyrus’s Defense“Cyrus’ acting ability makes Veronica’s emotional make-over work.”
  15. ranters and ravers
    ‘Scoundrel-Czar’ Responds to WhiteJ. Hoberman on Armond White: “Imagine if I had written something about him rather than making available something he wrote.”
  16. ranters and ravers
    Armond White’s Greenberg Review: As Epic As You’d HopedObviously you’ll want to read this whole thing, but here are some highlights.
  17. armond white
    Relax, Everybody! Armond White Will Get to See GreenbergAn anonymous e-mail to the rescue!
  18. ranters and ravers
    Good News for Avatar: Armond White Hated It“The corniest movie ever made about the white man’s need to lose his identity and assuage racial, political, sexual and historical guilt.”
  19. ranters and ravers
    Armond White: Precious Worse Than Norbit“Not since ‘The Birth of a Nation’ has a mainstream movie demeaned the idea of black American life as much as ‘Precious.’”
  20. ranters and ravers
    Roger Ebert Retracts Defense of ‘Troll’ Armond WhiteLast night, on his blog, Ebert posted a thoughtful defense of White. This morning he took it back.
  21. outliers
    Guess Who Wrote the First Negative Review of Up?Armond White!
  22. pans
    Not Everyone Hearts Star TrekRoger Ebert and Armond White take the film to task.